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Last Comic Standing Hits Minnesota and Nashville!

June 12, 2008 09:10 PM by Lisa Stauber

This week on Last Comic Standing, it’s the last week to scout out the raw talent for the semi-finals in Las Vegas. “Only America’s funniest will survive,” host Bill Bellamy says. The winner gets their own Pilot – Honda Pilot, that is, plus fame and fortune. Comedy legends George Wendt and John Ratzenberger are keeping an eye out for funny Southerners, while more Office staff is looking in the midwest.

Minneapolis Auditions

Kate Flannery and Brian Baumgartner have left The Office and are scouting out Minneapolis. They’ve found a live one right off the bat, passing Pete Lee onto tonight’s Showcase. Alex Thomas is up with some clubbing humor, and Kate loves his act too. Jared Logan falls flat, and then we are treated to a robot impression. Amazing Arthur is interesting, but not funny. Dan Cummins kills with his brief bio, and his act is funny. He’ll be back. Stan Chen doesn’t impress, but he’s followed by Doug Mellard is the funniest person so far.
Tim Harmston is up, and makes old dating jokes seem fresh. He gets a pass to the Showcase. Next up is Karla Smith who is just weird. It’s like a poetry slam via cell phone. Darlene Westgore is hoping the show will change her fortunes as a single mom and waitress. She convinces Brian to give her a spot in the Showcase. John Evans gets a pass, too, and is followed by Tracey Ashley, who’ll be joining him. Carl Lee has been busting his butt doing standup around the country for seven years, and Brian gives him a chance to impress them at the Showcase.

Minneapolis Showcase

“I’m really impressed with the comedians I’ve seen,” Brian says, “and I’m laughing a lot”. Sounds like the Showcase is going to be a close call! Tim Harmston is on first, then Dave La

ndau makes the audience laugh with jokes about Chuck E. Cheese. Tracey Ashley, Alex Thomas, and Dan Cummins all have solid acts. Fearne is missing out on the backstage chit chat this week, so the comics have to amuse themselves!

Carl Lee does a piece dogging North Dakota, Texas, and other states. Darlene Westgore hates parent teacher conferences, and and Doug Mellard jokes about door mats. John Evans just got married, Pete Lee takes on the war, and now it’s time to choose. The best comics in Minneapolis are Pete Lee, John Evans, and Dan Cummins. They’re headed to Vegas!

Last Comic Driving
Eddie Pence is riding shotgun with bird jokes, and Fearne turns up driving the Honda Pilot. His passengers are laughing, and he totally owned the set.
Nashville Auditions
Fearne Cotton is back to encourage the hopefuls and walk the line while Norm and Cliff scout out the funnies. Dale Jones is up first with a hillbilly accent and some good jokes. He’s coming back tonight. Another hillbilly is up, complete with guitar, but he left his humor at home. There are little old ladies, sword swallowers, and pimps. A giant banana gets a no, but Mary Mack has a great act and is coming back. Heath Hyche a prop character comedian, and despite costumes and puppets gets to come back for the Showcase.

Pat Godwin has a musical act, and does an impression of Bono that has George Wendt in stitches. He’s coming back. Killer Beaz has been doing stand up for 26 years, and all that practice has paid off. He gets a pass for tonight as well. Meanwhile, Fearne is out trying to mingle with the locals. Gretchen and Egbert is an odd act, that incorporates costumes and dancing. Sorry, nothing could overcome those comedic handicaps. Next up, a puppet. C’mon, surely you can do better for John Ratzenberger! Taylor Mason and his dummy actually get a pass to tonight’s showcase, and Erin Jackson will be back too. They find a few more funnymen and it’s time to select the final few to fly to Vegas.

Nashville Showcase
Drew Thomas opens and talks about getting married, and is followed by Erin Jackson joking about strippers. She gets the first hug of the night from Fearne. Taylor Mason has a pig puppet and Heath Hyche got fit using Tae Bo. “You cannot win if you do not play,” Pat Godwin says, and he plays well! Killer Beaz has a great set of redneck humor, and he’s followed by Mary Mack and her tiny voice. Keith Alberstadt jokes about his mom. He’s got great timing. Dale Jones is hilarious and hyper and it’s a good thing he was up last. Who could follow that?

Heath Hyche, Erin Jackson, Mary Mack, and Dale Jones will be heading to Sin City to compete. Next week will be a global talent search from 20 different countries, and then we’ll get to see the semifinalists.

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Photos courtesy NBC.

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  1. Lisa_Stauber Says:
    June 14th, 2008 at 7:13 am

    Hey Arthur!

    I actually thought you WERE pretty amazing. Too bad America’s Got Talent has already cast! Thanks for your insight into the “reality” of Reality TV!

    I always wondered if that music played while the contestants performed or if it was dubbed later.


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