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So You Think You Can Dance Reduces Their Ranks to Eighteen

June 12, 2008 08:02 PM by DA Southern


No one likes this part of So You Think You Can Dance, unless it is totally deserved. This season, however, has already produced dance routines that we are used to seeing in later episodes of seasons past. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to the dancers that America and the judges have deemed not worthy to carry on, but we must. Whatever happens, we know that this year’s winner will be spectacular.

In a funny start to the show, the Top 20 did a very stylized contemporary dance from choreographer, Wade Robson, and kidnapped Nigel, took him to the stage and deposited him into a swivel chair, all tied up, of course. After Cat untied Nigel, Nigel proclaimed that this year’s dancers were “Evil” and that they should be nice to them.

Cat then explained that two dancers would be leaving tonight, one guy and one girl, leaving just eighteen to thrill us next week as she got right to the results. Three couples were paraded out to center stage to receive the results and first up were Kherington and Twitch to find out their fate. Cat immediately said that America loved their dancing and that they were safe.

The next couple’s performance to be recapped was Thayne and Chelsea as we watched their critiques from the judges and their “Smokin’ Hot” performance. Cat teased them with the results as she showed couple, Chelsea H. and Mark’s performance before revealing the “Danger” couple who would be “Dancing for their lives” tonight. In a dramatic reveal, both couples were safe, meaning that the next group was in trouble or maybe the final three were the ones having to dance it out.

Cat pulled out several more couples to find out their fate for the big dance-off later in the show. Matt and Kourtni, who did a Jazz routine, discovered that they were the first couple in the bottom three and judge, Mary Murphy, said that with the caliber of dancers this season every week will “Hurt.”

Next up was Susie and Marquis, who danced a beautiful flowing contemporary dance that was “Sexy and smooth,” according to Dan Karaty and America agreed with Dan and put them through to next week. Comfort and Chris were next up to be critiqued, by the judges and they did struggle a bit due to Comfort’s shoulder injury but managed to put together a nice performance. Before telling them their fate, Cat said we would see Rayven and Jamie’s Hip-Hop routine. Nigel was worried about the performance and if it would be “Memorable.” Cat read the results and indeed Nigel was right about Rayven and Jamie as the couple learned that they had landed in the bottom and they would be dancing later.

The final three couples were lined up as Cat delivered the bad news to one of the couples. Katee and Joshua’s flawless Hip-Hop routine from last night was first reviewed and immediately the couple found out they were safe for another week. The Tango routine by William and Jessica was next to thrill as he judges were very satisfied with the performance of the two and Cat, again, teased as we watched the performance of Courtney and Gev’s Disco performance, which was probably the weaker of the performances between the two couples.

In a shock, America sent Jessica and Will to the final spot to dance for their ever lovin’ lives. Based on the heaps of praise the judges gave Will and Jessica, I sincerely doubt they are in trouble, but this is SYTYCD and you just never know. A “Poppin” routine by “Poppin Pete” was showcased as the dancers readied themselves for their solos that would determine if they stayed in the competition for another week based on the judge’s final say.


It is always tough to watch these dancers perform at this stage. Many times they are there because of a bad partner and it is sad to see the nerves play out as the audience counts down their time left to dance. Kourtni was out first with her solo, to be followed by Matt, Rayven, Jamie, Jessica and then Will before turning it over to the judges to decide. As the judges were sent off to decide, our senses were then filled with the gentle sounds of the Pussycat Dolls performing a song from their new CD coming out in September. OK,maybe not as gentle as first reported as the girls were robust in their performance, to say the least.


The judges were back with their difficult decision and first told the girls who was safe. Nigel informed Kourtni that she was safe and in a unanimous decision, sent Rayven home, saving Jessica. Then to the guys, Will was first to step forward as Nigel told him that he was brilliant and did not deserve to be in the bottom three leaving Matt and Jamie to worry. In another unanimous decision, Nigel said that they chose technique over personality and Matt was allowed to continue on, sending Jamie home.

It will not get any easier as we continue on and next Wednesday we will start it all over again.

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