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Lindsay Lohan To Be a “Gay Hero”?

June 13, 2008 04:02 PM by Amanda Christensen

Media outlet Gawker definitely has their opinion about the relationship between Lindsay Lohan (sister of Ali Lohan starring in Living Lohan) and DJ Samantha Ronson. Oddly enough, not muchof the rest of thepress is asking many questions about the relationship betweenLohan and Ronson.

Is the reason no one is hounding the duo because as Lindsay’s dad put it,that thenature of their relationship is “evident to anyone with half a brain.” Regardless of if that is true or not, the rumors do have some substance to them. The pair were seen kissing (and not hiding it) at a party on P. Diddy’s yacht in Cannes. Lohan and Ronson have also been seen together in LA, New York, and Chicago.

It’s not uncommon for a young Hollywood celebrity to dabble in such activities. We have seen lots of picture of Paris Hilton locking lips with girls, and Hollywood press generallychalks it up to experimentation and perhaps attention seeking behavior.

What would be truly interesting (and career risking inHollywood)is if this isn’t just such dabbling and Lohan is involved in a genuine, bi-sexual, romantic affair with Ronson. It’s not common for young celebritiesto have such openness, it’s more common for them to hide their personal lives until they are older and perhaps their career opportunities are behind them. Even though Lohan has had some very public personal troubles, in no means is her career behind her. She is very young still and very talented. If this is the case, her openness, could make her a “gay hero”.

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Photo Credit: People Magazine, Gawker

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