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Farmer Wants A Wife, Gets Hay Baled!

June 14, 2008 11:15 AM by Lisa Stauber

Farmer Wants A Wife is the latest British reality import, airing on the CW. 10 pretty young city slickers vie for the heart of Matt, a handsome farmer who claims he can’t find a wife in America’s breadbasket. It’s The Bachelor meets Green Acres.

Of course, being reality TV, things are not what they seem and Matt is not only rumored to have a steady girlfriend but he also doesn’t raise animals. The producers have that covered, trucking in chickens, goats, and pregnant cows.

The women have challenges to complete, and the prize is one-on-one time with Matt. One episode features the women having a race on tractors to bale hay, and the girls learn the hard way that stilettos are not farm-friendly footwear.They bake pies In another challenge, the women must check cows for pregnancy. There are no pee sticks here, the girls have to check the old fashioned way – through the “back door”.

There is the usual scheming, with some girls sweetly asking Matt when the next church service is. Other contestants get vile, claiming that just because one girl is a virgin, she shouldn’t advertise that fact as it gives her an unfair edge.

This week, Matt’s going to bring the ladies to meet his family and make a home cooked meal. Can they please his folks?

Farmer Wants A Wife airs on the CW Wednesdays, 9/8 Central.

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Photos courtesy CW.

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