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Jamie Bayard Explains So You Think You Can Dance Pants Pulling Down Controversy

June 14, 2008 01:06 AM by Joe Reality

Jamie Bayard And Rayven Armijo And Cat Deeley

Jamie Bayard was the first male dancer eliminated from the top twenty finalists on So You Think You Can Dance 4. During the couples’ performance round, Jamie Bayard performed a hip-hop routine with Rayven Armijo, who was also eliminated from the competition. During the routine, Rayven pulled down Jamie’s pants. During the So You Think You Can Dance results show, Nigel Lythgoe suggested the pants pulling down could have offended a number of people and cost them votes. In a press call, Jamie talked about his experience on the show, including the pants pulling down controversy.

When asked what he learned from doing hip-hop dancing (which wasn’t his area of expertise), Jamie Bayard said, “I learned a lot. It was really, really difficult, especially coming from ballroom. That’s definitely not anything close to what hip-hop is, and we had a really, really fun routine, which I think played into both of our abilities too.”

Jamie continued, “We had so much fun with it. We learned a lot of new technique, and myself, I built a really great relationship with Napoleon and Tabitha. And I think that’s really, really important too, and that’s one of the biggest things that I’ve gotten out of it. I think it was a really, really challenging experience, but we both worked really, really hard on it, and we spent a lot of extra time in the gym in the evening through the night, working on it. And we went out there and we did our best, and I think we both did really, really well for a ballet dancer and a ballroom dancer doing hip-hop.”

When asked why they included the pants pulling down in their routine, Jamie said, “You know what, the choreographers, obviously, they came up with the idea, and we just do what the choreographers tell us to do, so pretty much, in the dance world, that’s the whole business there. You can’t really tell them, ‘No,’ and so I have no shame, obviously.” When asked if he pictured the audience naked to make it easier, Jamie replied, “Oh, yes, yes. That’s exactly what I was doing.”

In addition to pointing out the pants pulling down, Nigel Lythgoe also mentioned that Jamie and Rayven going first could have had an affect on the viewer votes. When asked what he thought of the going first comment, Jamie said, “I think it has a lot of truth to it. If you look at past seasons, the first people to go, they always have a hard time with America. We didn’t have much airtime at the beginning, so when we went out, that was the first time America had ever seen us. We both went out there out of our elements and did a completely different style, and at the end of the show, that’s when everyone votes, so Nigel obviously knows how the show works. He’s the creator of it, so he has a lot of validity when he’s talking about how first people have the hardest time, so I think that played a lot into both of us obviously being in the bottom three.”

When asked if he was surprised he was one of the first two eliminated, Jamie replied, “I think, yes, I was a little surprised. I know that somebody has to go, that’s the reality of the competition and the judges did definitely tell us that afterwards, so they said that someone had to go and it just turns out that it was us.”

When asked about his future and his girlfriend (who is also a dancer and was eliminated during Vegas week), Jamie said, “Yes, so we’re definitely going to push forward, both of us, and we have each other. And that’s the cool thing in our relationship is that we both do the same thing, and so we’re both going to support each other all the way and continue going. We’re both really young and we both have a lot of time and we’re both going to succeed even farther than this.”

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Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

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