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Rayven Armijo Talks About So You Think You Can Dance Elimination

June 14, 2008 01:23 AM by Joe Reality

Rayven Armijo And Jamie Bayard

Rayven Armijo was the first female dancer eliminated from the top twenty finalists on So You Think You Can Dance 4. Her partner, Jamie Bayard, in the couples’ performance was also eliminated from the competition. In a press call, Rayven talked about her performances, her elimination, and her future plans.

When asked how she felt when she found out she was going to be the first female dancer going home, Rayven Armijo said, “I was definitely, first, I was proud of myself and everything. I thank myself for actually pushing forward to keep moving and doing this, but after that thought went through, you’re disappointed because I wanted to work with all the choreographers. I wanted to keep the experience going. I wanted to show America my potential, and I know they would have fallen in love with me.”

When asked if she was nervous performing in front of an audience, Rayven said, “No, I felt completely at home. It was amazing that I felt so comfortable. I was just completely excited. I didn’t mix the feeling of excitement with the feeling of fear, you know? I was completely happy, and I know that I practice and I know that I did well, and so the audience was really feeding off of me. I mean, they made me feel good, screaming out my name the whole time and yelling for me. I felt the connection with their eyes, so I knew that I had it, so that’s no problem for me.”

When asked her opinion on Nigel Lythgoe’s comment about her and Jamie going first possible hurting them in the viewer vote, Rayven said, “It’s possible. Timing is everything, right? It’s possible that the timing just wasn’t there for us. I definitely know that we did an excellent job. We obviously were well-rehearsed. We worked all night to get that to perfection, and I thought we did really well as a ballroom dancer and a ballerina. I think we hit those like hip-hop dancers would.”

Even though Rayven’s hip-hop dance routine with Jamie put her in the bottom three couples, it was her solo routine that resulted in her elimination by the judges. Nigel Lythgoe was critical of Rayven’s solo routine, but Rayven defended it. Rayven said, “I thought I executed everything really well. I danced with all my heart, and I really had a connection with the audience, I’m sure. I felt it, and so I thought I did an excellent performance.”

When asked about her future plans and if she would go back to the dance studio that she owned with her mom, Rayven replied, “I don’t own it with my mom. I offer my help with her because I think it’s important for my community to do that and help people there in my community to move forward in their dreams and their careers that maybe otherwise they wouldn’t. But I want to be successful in dance, and I was almost going to leave it for a moment and move on to another career, and I just thought I’d try it one more time, and I think I was completely successful. And I want to move forward with it, so I’m going to keep doing other things and pursue this career for awhile.”

When asked if she was going to continue to pursue dancing, Rayven said, “Yes. All these things cross your mind after you finish this, and it’s that point where you say, ‘Is this it? Should I just stop? Are my dreams crushed? No way.’ I think it’s the beginning of my dream, and I’m going to go next summer and audition for more things out there. I think I have it, I really do.”

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Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

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