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Nashville Star Results: Third Town Voted Off

June 16, 2008 07:52 PM by Joe Reality

Third Town

On the second episode of Nashville Star 6, the eleven finalists were divided into three groups: men, women, and groups. John Rich mentored the women, Jewel mentored the men, and Jeffrey Steele mentored the groups. One by one, host Billy Ray Cyrus called forward the eleven remaining acts.

Laura & Sophie sang “Rockin’ With The Rhythm Of The Rain.” John Rich said, “That was really good.” Jewel said, “I’m just wanting to see you guys step it up and not do something you’re already comfortable with.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I kind of still feel like I’m at a slumber party.”

Ashlee Hewitt sang “Ring Of Fire.” Jeffrey Steele said, “There was a lot of fire on that ring of fire.” Jewel said, “Great way to take your notes and step it up.” John Rich said, “I expected something good, and that was even better.”

Justin Gaston sang “Hey There Delilah.” Jeffrey Steel said, “That was your best performance to date, but I’m just not sure yet.” John Rich said, “You come off very, very, very sweet, not in a good way.” Jewel said, “It’s not that you can’t sing. You have to get better control of your singing.” Then, John Rich added, “I think you shouldn’t be on the show. I think you snuck in. I think you snuck in through the back door.”

Alyson Gilbert sang “Every Breath You Take.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I’ve seen two different people on two different weeks.” Jewel said, “That was much improved.” John Rich said, “Those are I just nailed it tears.”

Pearl Heart sang “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.” John Rich said, “That was a vast improvement from last week.” Jewel said, “Here’s what I need. I need you to not act like a front person.” Jeffrey Steel said, “I want you to sing these words and make these words mean something.”
Tommy Stanley
Tommy Stanley sang “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy.” Jeffrey Steele said, “You are such a kiss-ass.” Jewel said, “Make sure that you’re not rushing your phrases.” John Rich said, “You have a lot of potential. That was the best I’ve personally seen you do.”

Gabe Garcia sang “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” Jeffrey Steele said, “I still feel like you’re a little bit of a deer in a headlight there when I look at you.” Jewel said, “Slow and steady wins the race, keep that up.” John Rich said, “You’ve got to turn your Texas on a little bit more.”

Shawn Mayer sang “He Stopped Loving Her Today.” Jewel said, “Your problem from one girl to another is going to be how to be kind to yourself, be forgiving of yourself, so you can go out there and shine.” Jeffrey Steele said, “Hey, I wasn’t sold on this.” John Rich said, “You tackled Mount Everest basically tonight. I thought you climbed half way up it.”

Coffey sang “Waiting On The World To Change.” Jeffrey Steele said, “That was a little flat for me.” John Rich said, “I like your singing a lot, but I don’t think it sounds like you yet.” Jewel said, “I felt like you were a little uncomfortable still.”

Trace Adkins

Special guest star Trace Adkins performed “You’re Gonna Miss This.” Melissa Lawson sang “Natural Woman.” Jewel said, “I think you’re one of our better singers.” Jeffrey Steele said, “You started slow, you ended big.” John Rich said, “I think you could get a gig on Broadway like that. Making a great country record, a great American music record, being the next Nashville star, you looked a little bit like you’re acting.”

Third Town sang “Mountain Music.” John Rich said, “I asked Randy Owen from Alabama to watch this program tonight, and I think he probably just switched the channel.” Jewel said, “You guys got the crowd going, but I’ve also seen the crowd get going for Japanese karaoke singers.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I think this is your best one yet.”

Billy Ray Cyrus called the bottom two finalists, Melissa Lawson and Third Town, to center stage. Billy Ray Cyrus said, “The finalist receiving the least amount of America’s votes and whose Nashville Star dream is coming to an end right now is,Third Town, you’re eliminated.”

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Photo Credit: Reality TV Magazine

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One Response to “Nashville Star Results: Third Town Voted Off”

  1. AmyF1978 Says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Why does it not surprise me that John Rich got to mentor the girls. Not to mention that creepy comment about taking off the pajamas that was weird. Funny but weird. It’s sad to say but maybe that’s the only reason this particular judge was chosen but I really only watch the show or should I say parts of the show to see John Rich. He is easy on the eyes but the rest of him is just sooo annoyily cocky. I’m sure he will just be another guy who starts off great, then over saturates the market becomes a pain and dies.


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