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The Bachelorette: DeAnna Tells All!

June 16, 2008 07:30 PM by Candace Young

DeAnna Tells All!
Chris asks DeAnna how this experience has been for her. She says she has enjoyed seeing the guys bonding while also developing their relationships with her. She says the most surprising thing so far was finding out that Ryan is a virgin!

DeAnna dishes about the chef, Rob, and how his cooking for her really won her over. Chris then asks if she is satisfied with what really happens as opposed to what is shown on the program. DeAnna says she definitely is – it’s all real! Chris next asks about the kiss incident with Graham at the racetrack. She says it surprised her, and although she feels drawn to him, she really doesn’t think he is opening up the way the others are. She goes on to say that Sean really connected with her at the racetrack because he took the time to get to know her.

They discuss the fact that Jason has a son, and that DeAnna opened up to Jason about losing her mom. She explains that she has never opened up to anyone like that about her mother’s death, and there was a bond of trust established with Jason. Chris notes that she has 6 very different relationships going on right now, and asks if she believes that one of them is her husband. She says she has faith that one of the final six will be the man she chooses to marry!

Next, Chris asks about some of the guys who didn’t work out. DeAnna explains that she sent Richard home because she just knew she couldn’t fall in love with him. She didn’t want to lead Richard on the way Brad did with her! Chris then asks her what really happened at the barbecue at the guys’ house. She says she felt alone and like she didn’t matter. She explains that she didn’t feel like they were putting in the same effort that she was at that point, which is why she became so upset.

Chris next asks her about the two-on-one date. DeAnna confirms that they were both great guys, but she just wasn’t feeling it with either of them. She tells Chris that it was hard because she knew Fred thought he was getting the rose, but again, she didn’t want to lead him on!

Trista and Ryan Sutter Update
In Vail, Colorado, Ryan explains that his and Trista’s relationship has blossomed since the Bachelorette, and Trista confirms that she is in love with her life – having a sexy firefighter for a husband and being a stay-at-home mom! Trista relives her Bachelor rejection, and also her falling in love with Ryan on the Bachelorette. Next, the couple describes how much they love their baby son, Max, and how much they enjoy being parents.

Trista talks about DeAnna, saying she feels connected to her. She can relate to the rejection she suffered, and is looking forward to seeing who DeAnna takes on her exotic date, since that is when she fell in love with Ryan! Trista says DeAnna is getting a second chance at love. “I hope that it works out for her as well as it did for me!”

A Closer Look at the Final Six Men
– Describes how he is into extreme snowboarding (he’s a Pro Snowboarder) and has broken many bones, including his ‘big’ nose! He says he wants DeAnna to see him as the genuine guy that he is. He finds it hard to open up, but is trying very hard. He explains that his feelings are as real as it gets!

Twilley – Says he knows he’s an idiot sometimes, but that’s just who he is! He says he’ll continue to try to get DeAnna to notice him as much as possible. He describes how he is into art, unlike his pro football-playing father. He says it’s important that DeAnna realize that there is more to him than just an outrageous guy!

Jason – Says he is the ‘perfect’ man for DeAnna because of his passion for life and family. He says as a single dad, the only thing missing from his life is someone to share it with! Jason says he is glad he put his life on hold to come there, and says he is happy he told DeAnna about Tyler. He hopes she would be ready to become a part of his son’s life.

Sean - The Martial Arts Master says he likes the finer things in life like clothes and cars. He explains that he tans and takes saunas to look thinner. He also says that the other important woman in his life is his mother – and DeAnna would have to accept that! He describes himself as a ‘southern gentleman’, and notes that DeAnna has everything that he is looking for!

Graham – Claims that he and DeAnna share an ‘unspoken’ bond. He says he would be a very, very lucky person if it works out between them. He admits that he is not as vocal about his feelings as the other guys. He says it disturbs him that she is sharing things with the other guys. The Pro Basketball player says he thinks they are leaning toward a healthy relationship!

Jeremy - loves racing and extreme sports, but is also a very busy attorney who finds it hard to find time to meet anyone. He admits that there is a huge void in his life, and that DeAnna is making him want to take things to the next level. He feels that they bonded when they discussed his parents (who passed away) and says he wants to spend the rest of his life with DeAnna!

DeAnna Sums It Up
DeAnna explains that the six remaining guys are all very different and she has a very different relationship with each of them. She says she came into this feeling that she knew exactly what she was looking for, but guys like Jessie have proved to her that things might not be as cut-and-dried as she thought! She tells Chris that she has cried on every episode so far, and it gets harder and harder each time. “It’s nerve-wracking, but also exciting!” She reiterates that she is hoping to find true love!

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