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The Mole: Exposed!

June 16, 2008 09:58 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on the Mole, the first item on the agenda was the death threat that Nicole made to Paul last week during the execution. Paul was especially taken aback by it, but decided to use it to his advantage to keep the other players off their game, while Ali thought that Nicole was just nuts!

While mistrust consumed some of the players, Mark, Clay and Bobby had been working together to form a coalition. They made an agreement to share their information to figure out who the Mole was. Together they discussed the other players and how they felt about them in the game. Meanwhile Nicole continued to go on about her comment to Paul and how she felt nothing for him andwas going to remain focused in the game regardless of how he feels.

The players met host Jon Kelley, at a fruit stand for their first mission. He talked openly about the fact that therewere major trust issues going on amongst the players and explained that the first mission is all about trust.

He told the group to break up into two with one being a non-trust group and the other a group of people who trust blindly. Immediately the players began to raise their hands shouting out which group they felt they should be in. After they have made their group decisions Jon told them that the missionwas called, “Fruit of the Luge.” He showed the players a steel luge, thatcould go up to forty-five miles an hour and then pairs the group up again, this time into groups of two, one from the can’t trust squad and one from the trust blindly crew with the can’t trust person sitting up in the front controlling the speed with a hand break and wearing a blindfold. The trust blindly person would be barking out the directions from behind, hoping to get to the bottom safely.

Throughout the course were seven pictures of fruit, grown specifically in Chile. The backrider would have to tell the front player what they wereand hope that they remembered them in the correct order. At the finish line the players were to run up to the Chilean market and pick out the items and place them in the proper order earning them two thousand dollars per correct item into the pot, with potential earnings of seventy thousand dollars. The last detail given to the players was that they were not to talk to each other after they crossed the finish line, until the order was put into the fruit market.

First up to the luge was Clay and Bobby, with a final reminder not to talk to each other when they crossed the finish line. Clay was blindfolded in the front and was afraid he was going to kill himself on the luge. Bobby yelled out the fruits to him and they seemed to have difficulty getting into sync with each other. As Clay went through the table of fruits, he realized that there were no pears on the table as Bobby had instructed, so he picked up an avocadomaking a lucky, but goodguess. They ended up with a total of five out of seven items correct and ten thousand dollars added to the pot.

Paul and Aliwere next, and Paul being blindfolded really showed his inability to trust as he was very fearful on the ride down. Ali calmly called out the fruits to him and when he lined up the fruits at the end of the mission he scored five out of seven, receiving another ten thousand dollars for the Mole pot.

As Craig and Victoria rode the luge, Victoria felt that she was safe as she was engulfed by Craig’s body. Craig and Victoria worked well as a team, but at the bottom of the finish line, they continued to talk to each other, making Paul angry enough to want to throw an apple at their heads. Their chatter paid off, earning them a perfect score at the end.

Mark and Kristen thenwent next, with Kristen being blindfolded. They also got seven out of seven correct and add fourteen thousand to the pot.

As Alex and Nicole approach the luge, Mark begins to comment on how Nicole is sabotaging the whole game for everyone. Nicole appeared to be confused by the fruit and repeated herself a couple of times on the descent to the bottom. Mark placed the fruit on the table after their ride and had two green apples on the table beside each other causing them to end up with only one fruit correct and two thousand dollars added to the pot. The whole group couldn’t understand how Nicole and Mark could mess up that badly.

Jon then added up the score and explained to the players that they placed twenty five fruits correctly which could have earned them fifty thousand dollars, but because of the suspicious activity between Bobby and Clay and Victoria and Craig discussing the fruit when they crossed the finish line, they earned zero dollars for their attempt, lowering the amount added to the pot to twenty-six thousand, which surprised everyone. The grand total in the pot was eighty-nine thousand dollars.

Mark felt that Victoria’s behaviour was suspicious and Clay felt that he might be in a coalition with the Mole and was now not trusting Bobby as much as before. Mark and Clay discussed their feelings for Bobby and although Mark still trusted Clay, Clay was now only trusting himself.

The next day, Jon told the players to dress in their Sunday best as he had a nice surprise for them. Victoria was suspicious of Jon and commented that this was probably a lead in to the next mission. Jon had booked the players a spa day as the game as been so tough and he would come by to check on them later to make sure everything was top notch. The players mixed both business with pleasure and their focus went back to the “Fruit of the Luge mission.” Kristen thought that something weird was going on and that Nicole wanted everyone to think she was the Mole, making it very hard to know who she was. Even Alex’s namewas brought up and the fact that he may have been sabotaging the last mission.

Even though the players were pampered with spa treatments,they were unable to let go of the game. Alex joked that you always had to stay on your toes, even when they were rubbing them. Bobby realized that his relationship with Mark had changed and tried to convince him that he was still a team player. Bobby made some strange comments making Mark feel that he was on another planet.

While the players tried to relax, but remained suspicious, Jon exposed their next mission by taking all of their clothes. The group met up with Jon and he told them that he had sent their clothing out to the cleaners and unfortunately they would not be ready for them to wear anytime soon. The good news was that they had an opportunity to add a lot more money to the pot, quickly getting them to organize themselves into two groups of two and two groups of three.

Jonexplained that he had made reservations for them across town at the restaurant Telar for six-thirty that evening and for each player that made it there in the allotted time they would earn five thousand dollars to the pot.

It was after four o’clock, so he hustled the groups along and gave them a card with the address of the restaurant on it. He explained the strict dress code of the restaurant and that the only way they would get into the restaurant would be to convince the towns people to give them the clothes off their backs, literally! Craig quipped that no one in that town would be the same size as him, which brought much laughter from the group.

Jon went through what was required to enter the restaurant and then took their robes, telling them they would have to run in their underwear. Jon was kind enough to give the players without undergarments “Mole gear” to wear; the girls booty shorts and a crop top and the guys Mole underwear. As time was ticking, he sent them on their way, with one last comment; if they didn’t make it to dinner, then they would not be eating! The group all looked at each other unbelieving.

Right away Clay and Mark dropped out of the game due to their self-respect, which caused some raised eyebrows amongst the group toward Mark. He was the first one to drop his robe when he heard the challenge, but now was worried about his self-respect? Paul of course made comments about losing two thousand dollars.

Craig, Bobby and Nicole were on one team and Craig felt that him and Bobby looked like the number ten walking together with a super diva on their side. They felt that there was no chance in hell that people would give them their clothes and one lady even told Bobby he didn’t need clothes, but needed to eat!

Victoria, Kristen and Ali were on one team and walked around looking like Charlie’s Angels. They received more comments and whistles than any help from the town and ran into a bus full of Catholic school boys who followed them for two blocks, drooling over them. Although, they commented that they could getthe boysshirts and ties,they walked away without anything?

Alex and Paul were the final team and once again lucked out with Alex’s language abilities, getting them shirts right away from local taxi drivers.

The groups continued on, getting clothing here and there from the townspeople. Nicole was the first player dressed, while Victoria, Ali and Kristen got more laughs than anything else and even felt like they should quit at one point. They finally meet a group of American men, who give them the shirts that they need and then meet up with a woman from a restaurant and the lady runs out with three pair of pants for them.

Alex and Paul are the next players completely dressed thanks to meeting up with a tourist from New York who left pants in a youth hostile. They arrived at the restaurant firstand after being assessed by the doorman, they are granted entrance into the restaurant. Victoria, Ali and Kristen arrive next and also pass inspection.

Bobby and Craig are still lacking the clothing they need until they stumble upon a theatre company, unfortunatelyfor Craig, nothing fits him, but a shirt. Bobby is now completely clothed and as they leave henotices a Laundromat andCraig enters, seeing an envelope with Alex’s name on it and asks the store clerk for the clothing. They left with everyone’s clothing and a feeling like hero’s for once in the game. They arrived at the restaurant with Nicole and four minutes left on the clock. Alex rudely asks them what they are doing and the guys show them the clothing as Nicole models hers. Victoria is so thrilled for them and comments on how cute Bobby was and how he probably felt by contributing to the group.

Mark and Clay come to the door of the restaurant and are turned away, while inside Jon told the group that because eight of the team accomplished the mission earning them five thousand dollars each, that they had earned forty thousand dollars to the pot with a grand total of one hundred and twenty-nine thousand dollars.

The group cheers, and Jon explains that the mission was called, “Dress Code” and points out that on the cards that he handed out there was the address of the dry cleaners that Bobby, Craig and Nicole stumbled upon during the mission.

Jon asks the group who they think has really stepped up to the plate in the game and Paul once again takes on an attack mode pointing out Mark this time, who is writing in his journal. Mark explains that he plays well or he goes home, but Paul won’t let up on him about it. The whole group then began to argue and bicker with Paul who says he would rather have money than friendship. Almost every player cuts Paul down, but he looks at this argument as his way of throwing the players off so that they will be frazzled during the quiz andif he fires them up, maybe they won’t do so well.

The quiz:

1. Is the Mole male or female?

2. During the “Fruit of the luge mission” which group did the Mole choose?

3. Who was the Mole paired with during the “Fruit of the luge?”

4. In the “Fruit of the luge mission” did the Mole put two apples in their fruit line up answer?

5. How much money did the Mole’s team ultimately add to the pot in the “Fruit of the luge mission?”

6. In the spa portion of the “Dress code mission” what kind of speciality massage did the Mole receive?

7. Did the Mole participate in the “Dress code mission?”

8. What was the composition of the Mole’s team during the Dress code?”

9. In what order did the Mole’s group enter the restaurant in the “Dress code?”

10. Who is the Mole?

Jon met up with the players after the quiz at the Old Central Train Station which was designed and built by the same architect that designed the Eiffel tower. He explains to the group that all ten of them are up for execution and then offers them a bribe of twenty thousand dollars for one of the players to leave the game. Not one player moves for the money so he continues on with the execution, showing Kristen, Mark and Victoria’s screen.

All three playerswere safe, and Jon then raised the offer to thirty thousand dollars for the remaining seven players. At first it seemed that no one was going to take the money, but then Alistood upsaying that she would take the money because she was nervous about the quiz. Alex thought that is was a smart move, but Bobby felt that is was a cop out and he would never take the money as he was there to win the game. When Jon asked her what was the best part of the game Ali told him the jump over the waterfall was great, but she was missing her family and that they would feel really great about her decision.

Jon then approached the group and told them that Ali would have been safe and that now shewas gone, they were going to continue with the execution making two players leave the game tonight. He showed Alex’s screen, and then moved onto Bobby’s screen which turned red. Bobby felt that he “was got good” and Victoria began to cry as she was going to miss him. Paul of course, being the instigator that he is, was happy to see two more people gone as it would bring him that much closer to the money!

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