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Hell’s Kitchen: Babies and Burns!

June 17, 2008 08:49 PM by Lisa Stauber

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, Christina was a star and Bobby was sent home. Jen, and her bad attitude, are still going strong in the kitchen and the other three chefs just want to get rid of her. “I know it’s crunch time,” Corey says. “Everyone’s kind of out for themselves at this point.”

The First Challenge
“One of you is going to become executive chef here in my new kitchen,” Ramsay tells the group. “Everything you do is critical.” Ramsay promises that this is the mother of all challenges. Each chef must come up with a dish, and serve it to 80 people with only an hour to prep. Jen starts fantasizing that the special guest might be a celebrity, or a musician. Christina’s hoping that the surprise guests aren’t children, as she has a curried avocado dish on her menu – not exactly a kid favorite! Corey’s cooking up a salmon sandwich. Petrozza chooses Monte Cristos with a chipotle sauce, and Jen is serving grilled grouper. She’s the only one not making a sandwich for this lunch service.

Corey is cussing up a storm as she tries to skin her fish, and Christina is cheerfully singing away at her station. With two minutes to go, Corey still hasn’t even gotten food on the plates. She’s definitely behind this week! The food is plated and presented to Chef, and it’s time to meet the guests. Ramsay wasn’t kidding when he said it was the mother of all challenges – the diners are all pregnant!

Corey’s not ready, and the women have to wait while she finishes cooking the meal. Christina steps in with a tray full of food, and Petrozza schmoozes the crowd. Jen, of course, thinks her dish is the most complicated because it’s not a sandwich. Corey ranks dead last, Jen is third, and Petrozza barely comes in second. Christina won the challenge by two votes, and she gets to go shopping in Beverly Hills with Ramsay providing the spending money.

As punishment, the other three must clean the dining room, polish the glasses and silver, and then do food prep. Christina is admittedly fashion challenged, and she lets her grandmother pick her clothes. Lisa Kline, the designer and owner of the boutique, is personally going to pick out the clothes so Christina will be looking good!

The Dinner Service
Christina comes down to help prep, but no one will even speak to her. “It definitely feels a little icy in the Red kitchen!” she says. Petrozza’s the first to warm up, and gives her a few tips on getting the garnishes ready. “Unite as a team, emerge as individuals,” Ramsay tells the chefs.

Jen’s on hot appetizers, and Corey’s on fish. “Nicely cooked, the scallops,” Chef compliments Corey. “Stunning risotto!” he tells Jen. “This is the best start we’ve ever had!” Chef’s happy – so far. Jen serves up mushy rice, though, and Ramsay steps up to the stove to show her how it’s done.

Christina flames up while making garnishes, and serves up a hot pot. Ramsay burns his hand on her mistake. “I just burned Chef Ramsay!” Christina’s shocked. She’s not doing so well any more! She serves up another pot of sauce, and again she left the handle over the flame. Chef’s been burned twice – does he have the patience to let her stay in the kitchen?

“I’ve had enough!” Ramsay yells, but he lets Christina stay. Jen says she doesn’t have time to drop the eggs for the appetizer, so Christina steps in to help out. Jen’s supposed to take care of that, but she’s turned her back on the team and keeps her head down with the risotto. Chef’s yelling for the entree, and Corey serves it up even though it’s not quite cooked through. Ramsay doesn’t catch it, and it goes out to the table. Jean Philippe is forced to bring it back to the kitchen. Petrozza’s just glad to be out of the firing line. The ladies are taking all the heat tonight!

Petrozza’s on meat station, and he’s still a pig. His cooking is excellent, though, and Ramsay notices. The final four have completed their dinner service, but the nights not over yet. “Tonight was extraordinary!” Chef says, and he’s proud of the crew. “The best service so far in Hell’s Kitchen.

The Elimination
Ramsay tells them to go upstairs and come to a consensus on which two people should be put up for elimination. They try a secret ballot, but someone’s cheating. “I think we all know who that person was,” Corey says. Corey, Christina, and Petrozza definitely want Jen gone, and Petrozza offers to go up to make sure that happens. The girls aren’t sure that’s fair, though.

Jen is nominated for elimination, and so is Corey. Corey plays up her ability to be part of a team, and points out teamwork is a big part of leading a kitchen. Jen says this is a big chance and she really wants it. Corey gets nasty, letting Ramsay know that Jen lies and cheats. Jen promises Ramsay how much she wants to win. Ramsay chooses Jen to go home. Finally! It’s about time she got sent home.

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Photos courtesy Fox/Greg Gayne.

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