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The Bachelorette: To Kiss Or To Be Kissed

June 17, 2008 06:11 AM by Candace Young

The Palm Springs Adventure
Chris explains to the guys that from there on out there will be no roses on the dates. He tells them to pack their bags because DeAnna is taking them all to Palm Springs! They arrive and are blown away by the ‘amazing, massive’ house DeAnna has chosen. The date box arrives and in it the card says, “Sean let’s take our relationship to new heights – DeAnna.”

Sean turns up for their date and she informs him that they are going up in a cable car. Sean is thrilled when she grabs a hold of him and gets close in the cable car. During dinner, Sean is very open about where he stands, and how excited he is that she may meet his family. DeAnna feels good about the date and invites Sean back for to her place for ‘sweets’!

At DeAnna’s they discuss his hometown and how he lives one street over from his parents. DeAnna says if she were giving out roses that night, Sean would definitely get one. Sean tells her that she is the missing piece in his life, and they get close in a hammock under the stars.

Back at the house, the date box arrives once again. It’s a group date for Jessie, Jason, Graham and Twilley. “Looking for a man that can get down and dirty and have some fun in the sun!” DeAnna arrives to get them in the morning and a helicopter lands nearby! She explains that Twilley will go with her and the rest will be picked up in another helicopter. Graham predicts that Twilley’s motion sickness will impede his efforts in the helicopter with DeAnna.

Up in the helicopter, DeAnna admits she was worried that Twilley was going to throw up on her – other than that it was great! They all arrive in the desert and discover that they are going four wheeling! Jessietalks abouthow hot it was to see DeAnna excited about riding in the high winds in the desert. DeAnna notes that Jessie definitely had the most fun, and she found him very attractive! She is also stunned that Twilley totally went off on his own – all day!

Back at the house, Jeremy gets a card in the date box, “Let’s take a trip back in time with Ol’ Blue Eyes.”

That afternoon, they all enjoy a pool party back at the guys’ house. DeAnna makes a point of taking Jason aside to ask him about Seattle and about meeting his son. He tells her he thinks it would be fun, and she agrees. When Jessie comes and steals her away, she admits to him that she was physically attracted to him today because he was so into the four wheeling. They hold hands under the table and she smiles at him.

Jason tells the other guys about Jessie taking DeAnna away, and Graham goes and does it to Jessie! Jason and Twilley, meanwhile, worry about her connection with Graham. DeAnna and Graham lay together in the hammock and he tries to charm her and discuss the possibility of her meeting his family. They share a kiss, and DeAnna admits that she turns into a giddy schoolgirl around him! Later, she says goodbye to all of them and goes to prepare for her first one-on-one date with Jeremy!

When DeAnna meets Jeremy for their date, she takes him out in a vintage convertible for dinner! He is impressed that she is driving. He says that he hopes DeAnna opens up to him that night. Jeremy is amazed when they arrive at the home Frank Sinatra once shared with Ava Gardner! The original recording equipment from the 1940′s is still in the living room. DeAnna spins some vinyl and they sing, having a lot of fun! They dance beside the pool and kiss more than once!

Back at the house, the other guys speculate on how tired DeAnna must be that night, and they make fun of Jeremy! Still on the date, Jeremy and DeAnna chat and he tells her that she may not be perfect, but she is perfect for him! She is flattered and says that when she is with him, she feels loved and could definitely see herself falling in love with him! They end the date kissing in the pool.

Later that night, DeAnna must decide which two guys must go home, and which four will take her to meet their families. The guys are surprised to arrive in their suits for the cocktail party and see that DeAnna is not there. Chris comes in and announces that DeAnna has decided there will be no cocktail party. The guys are taken aback. Chris wishes them all luck and DeAnna comes into the room. She tells the guys how much fun she has had in Palm Springs. She tells them she didn’t think it would be fair to have them all chatting her up at a cocktail party when she has already made up her mind.

DeAnna calls Jeremy over and gives him a rose. She then calls Jason and asks him to accept the second rose. The third rose goes to Graham, and the fourth and final rose, DeAnna gives to Jessie! Twilley and Sean are given a moment to say goodbye. Sean says he took a risk and still believes that DeAnna is a woman he could propose to! Twilley says the experience has been hard on his heart, but he embraces her and wishes her happiness. DeAnna tells the remaining four that she is really excited to meet their families next week!

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