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Celebrity Circus: Bye Bye Blu!

June 18, 2008 08:19 PM by Candace Young

Celebrity Circus rolls into its second night with the first elimination round looming! Joey Fatone takes the stage in a black velvet ringmaster jacket and introduces the celebrity performers! Before the competition continues, Joey leads a look back at last week’s performances and judging. Going into tonight’s episode, after the judges’ scores, Stacey Dash is first and Blu Cantrell is in last place.

Next, Joey is set to reveal the names of the first three stars that are safe after the audience voting is factored in. They are Stacey Dash, Antonio Sabato Jr., and finally, Janet Evans!

Stacey, who is still performing with broken ribs, will be up first in the second show. She says she felt a lot of pressure in practice, being a perfectionist and all. Also, she set the bar high in the first week’s show! Stacey begins her performance – she is 40 feet above the ground, without a net, on a swinging hoop! Set to the tune “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” she gives a heart-stopping acrobatic display, hanging upside down from the hoop by her knees, and from one foot-strap! The crowd claps along and goes wild as she concludes her act! The judges now weigh-in. Louie is thrilled with Stacey’s effort, calling it fabulous and dynamic! Aurelia tells Stacey she seems to be a natural – she’s amazed! Mitch finishes by telling her she is definitely the person to watch out for! The scores are 9 (Aurelia), 9 (Mitch), and 9 (Louie) – Stacey is amazed!

Antonio Sabato Jr. is up next doing a Hand Balancing routine – one of the most difficult acts in the circus. Antonio admits he struggled with it in practice and it was scary balancing his partner and being responsible for her life! Joey introduces Antonio, and his partner Christine. Under green laser lights they exhibit amazing physical strength and prowess, combined with astonishing balance as they perform their routine to ‘No One” by Alicia Keyes! The judges are up! Aurelia compliments his technique and discipline, Mitch says he was impressed – they looked fantastic! Louie tells Antonio that the standard he is setting is exceptionally high. He notes however, that he may have briefly lost focus. The scores are 8′s across the board!

Janet Evans will do her act next – on the Silks! She says she is focusing on fluidity and grace this week, since that is where she came up short the previous week! Joey introduces Janet, performing with Sebastian, 40 feet above the ground with no harness or safety net! Set to “I’m Going Home” by Chris Daughtry, Janet performs her routine, working hard to bring across an intimate love story scenario while still focusing on her tricks! The judges speak to Janet and Aurelia tells her she saw the artistry, but feels that she lost focus on the technical side – she needs to see both! Mitch disagrees – he claims that he saw both. Louie’s opinion is that she still needs to work on her grace, but she may still be the dark horse as he predicted last week! The judges’ scores are 7 (Aurelia), 8 (Mitch) and 7 (Louie) – giving her an average of 7.3!

Joey Fatone is now prepared to name the next two stars continuing on in the competition. They are Christopher Knight and Wee Man! Which leaves Rachel Hunter and Blu Cantrell on the chopping block.

Fresh off his performance on the high wire the previous week, Christopher will be a Fire Clown on this second episode! Chris’s trainer had to warn him repeatedly in practice of the danger he was facing dealing with fire and explosives, saying the over eager student needed to realize he could get hurt! Joey introduces Christopher, who is posed as a clown sitting on a fiery park bench! Soon he does a fiery dance with his hat, shoes, and umbrella alight! Set to “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys, Christopher even detonates an explosive in his pants! The judges are very appreciative, with Louie stressing the real danger of what Christopher was doing! The scores are 7 (Aurelia), 7 (Mitch), and 7 (Louie) – resulting in an average of 7!

Jackass’s Wee Man is performing next, this week paired with the largest man in the circus as he learns the German Wheel – the apparatus on which Christopher Knight broke his arm! Wee Man has even had his own smaller size German Wheel constructed! Joey introduces the act and Wee Man appears onstage to the sounds of “Alright Now” and instantly begins working the German Wheel like a pro! He is in it, on top of it, clapping, and even falls out of it once! He finishes the act, however, with an impressive coin spin that has the audience on their feet – including Justice and Militia from American Gladiators! The judges however, aren’t moved. Aurelia accuses Wee Man of becoming a bit lazy, and Mitch warns that he can’t get by on attitude alone! Louie is also disappointed in his technique, so Wee Man goes back to the German Wheel to prove his abilities. Doing another coin spin doesn’t make the judges happy enough though – they give him 4 (Aurelia), 6 (Mitch) and 4 (Louie) – for an average of 4.7! Wee Man says he’ll keep on moving forward!

Now down to the last two, Joey is set to announce which celebrity is going home. It’s Blu Cantrell! Meaning Rachel Hunter will have another opportunity to perform in the circus! Blu says she enjoyed herself and can now say she joined the circus in her lifetime – something not a lot of people can say. She also challenges the judges to sing one of her songs as a parting shot!

This week, the show will conclude with Rachel Hunter performing in the Hammock! She says they had to create a special Beach Hammock for Rachel because she wasn’t the typical size. Her trainers say it was a frustrating ordeal getting the act together because Rachel was so hard on herself. Joey introduces Rachel, doing her act high above the audience without a net. She hangs suspended from the hammock looking quite agile and performing plenty of splits! Aurelia tells Rachel she can see the hard work that she put into her act this week, and Mitch tells Rachel it was fantastic! Louie says there were a few moments where she got tangled up, but she should be proud of herself! Her scores from the judges are 7 (Aurelia), 8 (Mitch), and 7 (Louie) – for an average of 7.3!

At the conclusion of the second episode, Stacey Dash is once again the leader with an average score from the judges of 9, and Wee Man is low-man on the totem pole with an average score of only 4.3!

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