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Farmer Wants a Wife: First Comes Love!

June 18, 2008 09:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

On “Farmer Wants a Wife” tonight the girls are surprised by visitors from the city; their best friends, but along with the surprise comes a catch…cooking for Matt’s whole family, all 45 of them!

The girls start the day by making themselves pretty for farmer Matt.Soon the doorbell rings and Matt’s friend David is standing at the door. He explains to them that because they have been away from the city for so long, that Matt thought that it would be nice to bring a little bit of it to them.

Matt has brought all of the girls best friends to stay at the farm for one evening. Soon, the cattiness comes alive. Christa shows her friend who the people are that she especially doesn’t like and guess who is number one? Brooke! The friends begin to size up the competition and try to figure out where the girls stand in the mix.Christa’s friend brings her some ammunition to help her snag the guy, a slinky negligee which she can pick eggs in!

Matt walks in andintroduces himself.He tells the girls that he has invited his family over for dinner this evening…forty five of them and the ladies would be cooking for them. Matt comments that from here on in there is no sitting pretty and that he has gotten down to the last few women and wants to pick and choose where his heart leads him.

Matt not only is going to test their cooking skills, but he feels that this is a great opportunity for him to get to know the girls through the company that they keep. Matt leaves and the girls get down to work, with a little back stabbing added in for good measure.

After they are finished cooking, the team heads outside and sets everything up in the barn and then head back in to make themselves beautiful for the family, but before they can, the doorbell rings. Matt’s family has arrived, all at once!

Kanisha realizes that someone has to get the door and rushes down to greet everyone. She has the family follow her to the barn and feels like superwoman trying to do too many jobs at once as the girls remain inside to finish getting ready.

Soon Matt arrives, and introduces his family to all of the girls andthe eating begins! The family enjoy the buffet and the girls compliment Matt’s family on raising a great son. Matt’s sister stands up, with a cowboy hat in hand, and lets the girls know that the family will be asking them individual questions.

Kanisha was asked why she couldn’t find a man in the city and replied that where she comes from the guys either have a girlfriend or a boyfriend in the past or are dads and she just hopes that everything works out with Matt. Did she say, “The guys have boyfriends in the past?”

Amanda is asked what Matt farms and she doesn’t have any idea! Matt looks shocked and the whole crowd laughs.

Christa’s friend is put on the spot next and is asked why her friend wants to marry a farmer, to which she states emphatically, that chivalry is dead in the city and Matt is a genuinely caring, hard working man and that Christa doesn’t want anything more than someone who is just real. Matt is thrilled with the answer and feels that Christa is definitely there for the right reasons.

Brooke is asked the one thing that she would like to change about Matt and she replies, him dating three other ladies and hopes that he just date her.

After the question period, Kanisha asks Matt’s mother if she sees a farmer’s wife sitting there. Matt’s mother pauses for a moment but then answers yes that she does, one hundred percent and she would welcome each and every one of them there. This makes the girls cry, and their friends too.

Matt says goodnight to the girls and tells their friends to think about the farm boys. Kanisha tells her friend that that she is in love with Matt and she is teased with the old rhyme, “First comes love, then comes marriage.”

The next morning Davidarrives and takes the girls back to the city, but not before Christa’s friend tells her that she brings class to the country and Kanisha’s friend tells her to put it all out there because she has picked out the wedding colours.

After the girls leave, Matt takes theladies on a group fishing date. Amanda is bored by it all, but Christa is consumed and it pays off for her as she catches the first fish.Matt thinks that being out fished by a lady is sexy. Brooke is jealous and then challenges the group to a fishing competition, the girls against Matt. As the girls start to put the worms on the hook, Kanisha begins to squirm herself and all of a sudden the boat is taking on water. Of course, super sexy Matt comes to the girls rescue, taking off his shirt, making Christa drool.

The group enjoys the swimming party and as theyreturn to the farmMatt lets the girls know that today is elimination day and would like to spend some time with the them to see if they want to talk a little bit. All the girls freak out and really want to show Matt how much they want to stay with him.

The first girl Matt gets to sit with is Kanisha and she tells him that she feels she has changed so much since coming to the farm. As Matt tries to flirt with her, she tells him time is up and plants a big kiss on his lips.

Brooke asks him if he feels a connection with her and he replies that he has more of a country connection with her, but each of the girls bring something special to the mix. She tells him she really likes him and likesbeing there and then kisses him.

Christa spends a lot of time kissing and cuddling with Matt and tells him that he won’t send her home because he really wants her there and she really wants to continue going with it. Hmmm, not shy is she?

Amanda tells Matt that she has found the situation hard to let Matt know how she feels, but that she has been able to a little bit and knows that if she were to stay that it wouldget better.

Matt felt that some of the girls opened up to him and some of them not so much, but was finding the decision ahead of him difficult.

For elimination, Matt takes theladies to a group of hay bales with canspiled up in front of them. He has guns set up in front of each set of cans and told the girls that behind the cans was a sign, “sitting pretty” or “back to the city” and that someone would be going out with a bang tonight! The girls were to load their guns, with some of Matt’s friends help,and shoot the cans to find out who was staying.

Kanisha had never touched a gun in her life and just wanted someone to give her a bullet proof vest, but at the rate the ladies were going, I was thinking that the guys should really be suited up with one! I hoped that the “going back to the city girl” didn’t decide to reload her gun!

They load and shoot the guns at the target. Christa and Brooke shoot their guns and see that they are safe and Amanda realizes when she sees her target that she is going home. Poor Kanisha missed her target and after seeing that Amanda was the one going home she runs up and knocks down the cans only to realize she too is going home tonight! A double elimination!

The two girls say good-bye to Matt and later for the date night, he decides to take both Christa and Brooke out, which causes some raised hairs amongst them! Matt meets them at the door and tells them to put on their bathing suits. They walk around to the side of the barn where Matt has set up a hot tub.

The three of them enter the water and immediately Christa takes charge, going for the cherries and feeding Matt, while Brooke looks on uncomfortably. As Brooke tries to move in, Christalets Matt know that the threesome dating isn’t going to work for her because she wants him all to herself and the two ladies don’t like each other much, which causes an argument right there in the hot tub. Matt sits back and listens, hoping they could work things out, but eventually he realizes that the date is over.

Both women feel that they will win Matt’s heart as Christa doesn’tthink that Brooke knows who she is and Brookeknows that Christa is raunchy and vulgar and won’t be able to hide it much longer.

Next week the girls shift it into overdrive with one more chance to win over the man of their dreams! Who will be the farmer’s wife?

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One Response to “Farmer Wants a Wife: First Comes Love!”

  1. Paulene Hinds Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 8:14 am

    Next week there will be a cat fight for sure! I wouldn’t want to be left alone in a room with these two ladies, or should I say, one lady and one panther! Watch out for the claws!!!


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