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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top Eighteen Perform

June 18, 2008 08:16 PM by DA Southern

Cat Deeley

So the nerves have been danced away and the remaining eighteen can now put their game faces on as the competition steps it up to a new level on So You Think You Can Dance.

Cat Deeley started us off by telling us that Rayven and Jamie were given their walking papers last week and that it was up to us to chose the next winner on SYTYCD. Well, no pressure,Thanks, Cat.

The top eighteen were paraded out once again and judges, Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Mia Michaels were introduced. Cat asked Mia what she thought of the talent and she said it was “Beenoodles”,I think. Anyway, it means, “Insane” and she then went on to explain that the talent truly was incredible this season.

Cat started the segments off by asking the couples what they thought of each other. The first dancers profiled were Thayne and Chelsea T and the dance style this week was Jazz with choreographer, Mandy Moore. The theme of the dance was about a king and his forbidden love. As Thayne and Chelsea danced, not once did I see any jazz hands, darn it. The dance wasn’t really all that moving compared with some we have seen so far and the judges pretty much echoed that sentiment. Mia Michaels savaged them as did Mary with Nigel adding that the performance “Wasn’t real.” The bad news; it was the first number. The worse news; they were not so good.

Next up was Mark and Chelsea H. who chatted about each other to the camera and then picked Argentine Tango for their dance. As they struggled in rehearsal, their nerves did not show on the dance floor as they looked fantastic and Cat got down and tied her shoe on. Mia loved the couple and said they were incredible. Mary said she loved “Everything” about the dance but Nigel acted like he was not going to like them, but he did indeed.


Next up were Will and Jessica with a Hip-Hop routine by choreographers, Olisa Thompson and Cecily Bradley. The dancing duo was a delight to watch with a stylized routine and the audience was thoroughly entertained. When it came to the judges, Mia was not so kind to Jessica but loved Will, even calling him a “Genius.” Mary echoed Mia’s thoughts but Nigel disagreed calling Jessica “Very good.”

Kourtni L. and Matt were next up to do the Fox Trot, which is always tricky for couples on the So You Think You Can Dance stage. The couple looked like they were having a time of it in rehearsals and vowed to stay out of the bottom three this week with their performance. The couple truly guided across the stage doing honor to the Fox Trot and looked as if they were connecting with each other on every cylinder. When it came to the judges, Mia loved the old Hollywood elegance that they brought to the stage. Mary loved the choreography but though it a mixed bag for her with several missed steps that she noticed. Nigel said he was not disappointed with the performance, but did think that there were elements of the performance that seemed a bit “Fake” but, overall, he enjoyed the routine.

Courtney and Gev were under the influence of Mandy Moore as they practiced a contemporary piece based on a love story between a couple and the couple seemed to hit every mark and truly seemed vested in each others passion during the dance. Mia was continuing the trend of being rough on the dancers tonight as she seemed to be especially harsh on the girls. Mary Murphy screamed that she loved it and loved the chemistry between Gev and Courtney. Nigel sided more with Mia, but too, loved the chemistry between the two.


Joshua and Katee dished on each other for a bit as we learned that they were on tap for a bit of Broadway with choreographer, Tyce Diorio. This might be a bit out of the ordinary for the pair as they seem to struggle during the rehearsal of the number. The couple was enthusiastic during the number and you could see that they were so in tune with each other that the audience could feel it and was yelling in approval. Nigel actually stood up and whooped it up at the end of the number saying that, “finally for the first time tonight there was true entertainment on the stage.” Mary said she loved every second of everything they did and Mia said that she “Thought it sucked” but the said that she was kidding and that it was “Amazing.”

Susie and Marquis were all shinny as they prepped for the Salsa courtesy of Alex Da Siva’s choreography who said that his dance was a Cuban and Puerto Rican mix. The couple truly did have a time of it during the rehearsal, even to the point of Susie crying that she might not get it and be sent home. Mia was back to being brutal saying that Marquis as too much like Jello,whatever that means. Mary didn’t like it either and said that she didn’t see the fire that the Salsa needs. Nigel continued the brutality by saying Marquis did not have the passion but loved Susie in general. Wow, will the brutality never end?

Kherington and Twitch were next up for a rather tricky dance, the Viennese Waltz, as we watched them flail around at the extremely tricky waltz style during the rehearsal. Man, these couples were having a time of it tonight, at least in rehearsals. The couple was stunning as they told a beautiful story with their dancing as they rhythmically swayed to a Celine Dion song. Mia again savaged Kherington, even to the point that Nigel broke in and disagreed making Mia back off a bit. Mary was moved to tears by their performance and Nigel expressed the same sentiment telling them that they were remarkable together.


The final couple, Comfort and Chris, was rehearsing the Krump routine while talking about what they liked and disliked about each other as partners. It was funny as we watched Comfort talk about how much Chris sweats and Chris telling how fast Comfort talks, almost to the point of talking in another language. Chris was having a hard time being “Krumpy”, which is mean looking, I guess, or maybe tough, I am not sure and I am not sure I would know it if I saw it. Hey, you kids get off my lawn…

At least Mia was not dissing on the girl, for once, and actually complemented the couple for their performance. Mary was being the harsh one this time on poor Comfort and Chris as she said she thought their performance lost energy towards the end. Nigel finally said that “His granny was more gangster than Chris” and said that he even expected more from Comfort as well.

Tomorrow the results will be in and two will be going home but we will have it right here for you on RTVM.

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