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Greg Part 2 The Real World Electric Boogaloo

June 19, 2008 10:11 AM by Michael Martin - MM Agency

real world electric boogaloo

This week on The Real World Hollywood two new cast members, Nick & Brittinientered as Greg and Joeyboth recentlydeparted.

Nick seems to mirror Greg in that they have a similar personality, extreme self confidence, went to college in Florida, and both want to model.

Nick knew during casting that once Greg was selected via the open online casting that he would not be on the show since they were too similar.

Ironically if the runner up in the online poll leapfrogged Greg to be the winner than Dave would most likely not be on the show due to their similarities- but this worked out for the best asboth Dave and Nick became best friends.

Brittini herself was initially flirting with Will upon entering the house but since he was dating Janelle (who was on a previous season of the Real World in Key West) the other girls in the house convinced Will to distance himself romantically from Brittini.

Also on the show Dave ends up drinking with several past Real World & Road Rules cast members (since about 50% of theformer cast ends up living in the Hollywood area) and performs poorly at his IOWest performance later.

Dave sobered up and later performed much better and to this day he continues toperform hosting eventswith IOWest, except that for now he is away in Panama for a month which will be explained in a post next week.

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