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So You Think You Can Dance: Two More Go Home

June 19, 2008 08:05 PM by DA Southern


This is the night we love to hate on So You Think You Can Dance. This is the day that we thin out the herd a bit to get to the top of the pile,Dance pile, that is.

As usual, we start out with a group dance number and, sadly, it will be the last for two of the dancers. A Hip-Hop routine by choreographer, Shane Sparks, started off the night before the lovely Cat Deeley strode to center stage to announce that two would be gone and then introduced the judges once again.

Cat quickly got into action to find out who the bottom three couples would be by calling the first three couples to the center stage. The three couples were, Katee and Joshua, who were immediately declared “Safe,” as if there was any doubt. Leaving two couples, Kherington and Twitch, who Mia savaged, and, Chelsea Traille and Thayne, who were savaged by all of the judges. Cat quickly announced that Chelsea and Thayne were in the bottom three once again and would be dancing for their ever lovin’ lives later.

The next three couples were brought out to see who would join Thayne and Chelsea. Chelsea H. and Mark were showcased with their performance from last night with a performance that even mean Mia seemed to like. Cat announced the couple safe and sent them on their way to the safe zone.

Cat then turned her attention to Matt and Kourtni, who had mixed reviews from the judges for their previous night’s performance and then Will and Jessica’s performance was showcased to mixed reviews as well. Cat announced, with a bit of tomfoolery, that neither couple was to be in the bottom three, meaning that two of the final three couples would be.

The final three couples were lead to slaughter,I mean,showed how they landed in the not-so-enviable position of possibly being in the bottom three. Marquis and Susie were showed doing the Salsa, which did not impress the judges and Cat announced that they would, indeed, be in the bottom three.

Cat turned to the final couples, Courtney and Gev and Chris and Comfort and then showed the dance performance from each. First up was the “Krump” from Chris and Comfort and then the jazz styling from Gev and Courtney. Chris and Comfort were sent to the bottom three from Cat and all three couples were sent off to get in their solo garb on.

The special dance entertainment for the evening was an actual flamenco dancer who auditioned for SYTYCD in Seasons 1 and 2, but could not cut the mustard, but he did cut a mean flamenco swatch on the SYTYCD stage for our viewing pleasure. The performance was shorter than last week’s Pussycat Girls and I actually enjoyed it much more, but it seemed like it did not give the bottom six enough time to change for their solos. It was, especially with a barrage of well place commercials and FOX advertisements.

Cat announced the bottom six as they danced for their lives in this order; Chelsea Traille, Thayne, Susie, Marquis, Comfort and Chris. Cat announced that it was now up to the judges and sent the judges off the stage to deliberate as we were entertained by a rapper to thrill and excite us with the typical “Raise the roof” type of stuff,you know,time filler stuff before the final axe is dropped on two of our dancers.


Nigel used a basketball analogy on how graceful the LA Lakers lost to the Boston Celtics to tell the dancers that they can lose tonight but not fail as dancers and continue on with their heads held high. Actually it was a very touching statement from Nigel and it was in keeping in the spirit of what SYTYCD has become…A Reality show with a heart.


Now, on to the brutality,the girl headed home tonight is Susie. In a side note, Comfort was actually kept because of her performance in the opening Shane Sparks group number, according to Nigel.

When it came to the guys, the judge’s decision was unanimous. After Nigel went through each one of the guy’s weaknesses and why they were probably in the bottom three, he got down to business.

Marquis was sent to the SYTYCD graveyard of dreams dashed and it was not a popular decision based on the audience reaction but one that Nigel said was based on because they thought he just used “Tricks” to try to impress tonight. Which meant that for the second week in a row, the couple that was paired together, went home together,well, not together,but at the same time,together. Oh, never mind.

Cat invited us all back next Wednesday as the Top 16 would do it all again as we trudged towards our Top 10, when the dancers are then picked off one-by-one.

Discuss your thoughts about the Top 16 on our So You Think You Can Dance message boards.

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  1. lunarpixie Says:
    June 25th, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    Uhh.. it’s FLAMENCO not FLAMINGO


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