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The Bachelorette Says Goodbye to Love!

June 23, 2008 07:12 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on The Bachelorette, DeAnna prepares to go home with each of the remaining four bachelors to meet their families. DeAnna says she is so excited and these dates are so important because when you’re getting serious about someone you want to make sure that you fit with their life and family.

First, DeAnna chats about Jeremy. She remembers how he opened up to her on the baseball date about his parents having both passed away. She says she knows her life would always be set with him!

Next, DeAnna talks about Jesse, whom she calls ‘that guy who has changed her mind’. She remembers how attracted she was to him on the four-wheeler date, but notes that she is worried he may not be ready for marriage.

Jason, she says, is there for the right reasons, and is a gorgeous guy. She remembers when he broke the news that he has a three-year old son. DeAnna says it’s comforting to know that he is able to love so unconditionally, but she also feels a certain pressure because of the child.

DeAnna calls Graham ‘smokin’ hot’! She says she has a very passionate feeling toward Graham – he makes her feel like a giddy schoolgirl. She is honest though, in saying that they have had a rocky relationship up to this point. DeAnna says that with Graham she feels something in her gut that she doesn’t feel with the other guys.

Jesse takes DeAnna home to Breckenridge, Colorado where he teaches snowboarding (and has for many years). He and DeAnna hit the slopes! She says Jesse is the first guy who didn’t jump at the chance to kiss her – she hopes it’s coming soon! They hold hands as the lesson gets underway. When he lets go she falls on her face. Jesse says she is a natural athlete, and she says that he is a wonderful teacher. Jesse describes how down-to-earth his parents are as they prepare to go and meet them. DeAnna squeals as Jesse snowboards down the hill with her riding on his back. “Oh Jesse! This is it!”

Next Jesse takes her home and tells her about JSAK (Just Snowboarding Ambitious Kids) his non-profit organization that he started seven years ago. She gets the tour of his home, where he keeps the first snowboard ever! The doorbell rings and his parents come in and give DeAnna a hug. Jesse’s dad wears a funny hat with long hair attached to break the ice. Over dinner his parents grill her a little, and she manages to convince them that she is very honest and down-to-earth. Jesse takes his father aside and describes how he gets sweaty palms when he’s around DeAnna! His father warns him he’ll have to take this seriously, but Jesse admits he doesn’t think he is ready for marriage! Meanwhile, Jesse’s mother tells DeAnna that whatever is meant to be will happen – and it’s been a pleasure to meet her. Later, Jesse’s dad tells DeAnna that he feels Jesse is ready for marriage, but is very afraid! DeAnna tells him that no matter what happens in the end, she feels very blessed to have met Jesse. DeAnna and Jesse end the evening with a horse and carriage ride – and some deep kisses!

DeAnna now heads to Dallas, Texas to see Jeremy and meet his family. She says she hopes Jeremy is more relaxed today. DeAnna is impressed when he shows up looking sexy and riding a motorcycle! She hops on and they go for a ride. Jeremy says he liked having her on behind him, and she says she thinks Jeremy was trying to sell her on Dallas. She loves his house, and his dog, Keemo. She is amazed by the breathtaking view of downtown Dallas from his balcony. DeAnna notes that he opens up more and more each time they are together. Back in the house, they look through family photo albums. Jeremy feels that he and DeAnna share a bond having both lost their mothers, and DeAnna feels the same way. Jeremy gets choked up as he reads from the journal he wrote when his mother was slipping away. He tells DeAnna that he wishes his mom could have met her. Jeremy says his walls are coming down and he is definitely falling in love with her!

DeAnna says she is nervous about meeting Jeremy’s brothers, Jason and Patrick and his sister-in-law, Meredith. They arrive and introductions are made. They sit down to dinner and share a toast. Meredith says her first impression of DeAnna was that she was very welcoming and genuine. DeAnna tells the brothers that she can relate to them having lost their mother. Meredith takes DeAnna for a private chat and DeAnna asks for some dirt on Jeremy – he seems too perfect! Meredith tells her that she is awed by the fact that Jeremy opened up to DeAnna. Back with Jeremy, the brothers worry that DeAnna is having a connection with other guys as well as with him. Jeremy states that he doesn’t think about that. When DeAnna has a private chat with Jason and Patrick, they warn her that they’re only on one side – and it’s not hers! They tell her that they she is not just committing to Jeremy – she’s committing to them as well! She assures the brothers that she is sincerely putting her whole heart into this process. After they’ve left, Jeremy and DeAnna sit in front of the fireplace and he tells her that he doesn’t just want her – he needs her. They kiss tenderly.

DeAnna is now off to Seattle, Washington where an eager Jason greets her! First up, he takes her to the top of the Space Needle, where she is stunned by the view. She is thrilled to share a romantic kiss with him, but says she is worried about meeting his little boy, Ty. She asks how many more kids he wants and they agree that three kids is perfect. They head to the park and Jason and Ty run to one another and embrace, rolling around on the grass! DeAnna says that she lost it at that moment! She says that seeing Jason with his son made everything suddenly so perfect – she felt like they were a family spending the day at the park!

When they arrive at Jason’s family’s house she meets his parents, brothers, and sister-in-law. DeAnna says she felt right at home sitting down to a huge spread of Greek food with them. They grill DeAnna over the meal, but also ask Jason where his feelings stand. He says DeAnna has that sparkle he was looking for. Jason’s father gets some one-on-one time with DeAnna, and asks her about Ty. She says she would be okay being a stepmother. Meanwhile, Jason’s mother tells him she is worried that he’ll get hurt and then be afraid to open himself to love again. Jason says he’s going to start shedding off the body armor when they are alone that night. When Ty gets upset that Jason has to leave, they all cry. Once alone, he says he is falling in love and they indulge in some kissing!

For the last of the hometown dates, DeAnna goes to Raleigh, North Carolina to see Graham. He meets her at his former high school and they hug endlessly. He takes her into the gymnasium and DeAnna notes that he seems very happy to be in his own element. They don specially made jerseys and play some one-on-one basketball. DeAnna says she feels something for him that she does not feel with the other three guys. As they sit in the bleachers, Graham tells her about his parents and how anxious he is for her to meet them. DeAnna notes that he is much more talkative and affectionate, and he expresses his relief at not having to be around the other guys that she dates.

When they arrive at his parents’ home, they all exchange hugs. His mother asks DeAnna which is harder – being one of 25 girls vying for one guy, or being the one girl choosing from 25 guys! She says this is definitely easier! Graham’s father asks if they can be friends – that’s the most important thing. DeAnna says she feels like she is getting to know him better. Graham’s mom takes her into Graham’s old bedroom, which still has all of his old trophies up! She tells his mom that she is worried that Graham is not ready for her, and for marriage. His mother admits that finding something that lasts longer than four weeks is hard for Graham. She also says he doesn’t open up all the way, which means he is sometimes lonely. DeAnna says she is worried that she is falling for Graham more than he is for her, and she might get hurt. Later, when they are alone, DeAnna tries to get him to talk and open up, but he won’t. She calls him ‘closed off’, and he says this is how he is! DeAnna expresses frustration that he is shutting her out, and yet she keeps falling for him more!

As DeAnna prepares for the rose ceremony, she calls the decision she has to make “an impossible one”. She says of all the relationships, the one with Jeremy has progressed the most normally. DeAnna says she needs to have that feeling in her gut of being in love. She wonders if Graham is actually in love with her, but doesn’t know how to express it.

As the four men assemble, DeAnna comes into the room. Very quickly she calls Jesse forward and gives him the first rose. Jeremy gets the second rose, and then the tension rises as Graham and Jason await her decision. Soon, DeAnna speaks Jason’s name and he accepts the third rose. As Graham approaches to say his goodbye, DeAnna tells him she’ll walk him out. Once outside, he notes that this is goodbye – forever! DeAnna says she opened up, and she needed him to open up and let down his guard, but she felt led on. He denies it’s true, but she asserts that she cannot be with someone who won’t open up to her. She tries to explain that she has deep feelings for him, and that this is very hard for her. She tells Graham that he is the one person she was falling in love with, but she couldn’t take the chance that at the end she would be standing there, and he wouldn’t choose her in return. Graham stands up and pulls out a letter he wrote. “I knew there were some things that I wouldn’t be able to say to you.” He says it is only for her, not the show, and that it would mean a lot if she would read it someday. DeAnna, still softly crying, sees Graham into the car and off into the night.

Next week on the Bachelorette: overnight dates on Grand Bahama Island!

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One Response to “The Bachelorette Says Goodbye to Love!”

  1. boop456 Says:
    June 24th, 2008 at 9:25 am

    I am happy that she moved on from Graham; for I really did not think that he was the one for her, he was just playing her and she could not see this, she was drawn to him but not in the right way, it is best that if someone like Graham could not open up with her for him to get a grip on his life and learn how to open up his heart and let others in and then he could meet the one for him, for if he keeps holding things in, he will be a hard one to live with.


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