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The Mole: Gets Burned!

June 23, 2008 09:33 PM by Paulene Hinds

After last weeksdouble execution, the players begin tonightshowing their shock at what took place, especially the loss of Bobby. Nicole commented that she thought for sure he was the Mole and now she had to start looking elsewhere, whereas Victoria and Craig both were going to miss him.

Tonight the players live the life ofthe Incas, learn what everyone “really”thinksabout them and oneperson plays with fire!

The players travel to the Andes Mountain in Argentina at seventy-two hundred feet altitude and are met by the host, Jon Kelley. The pot currently stands at one hundred and twenty-nine thousand dollars. He explains the history of the Incas and their forced trek through the mountains carrying gold barsso that the Spaniards would be able to sail them back to Spain. The players are going to be able to experience that trek as their first Mission is called, “Midas rush.” In front of him he has two hundred gold bricks, weighing five pounds each. The players have fifty minutes to carry as many of the bricks to the top of the mountain at ten thousand feet altitude.

The players mustbreak up into two groups; the selfish and the selfless. Nicole, Kirsten, Victoria and Clay are in the selfish group, while Paul, Craig, Mark and Alex are in the selfless group. The players must collect the gold bricks and carry them up to the top of the mountain. For each gold brick that they get to the top, they will earn two hundred and fifty dollars. If they were to carry up all the bricks, the mission would be worth fifty thousand dollars. You would have to have seen the mountain to know that getting them all up to the top would be a miracle! The first group to the top as a team also receives exemption.

The players begin the mission and the selfless group take as many bricks as they can while the selfish group, wanting to get to the top first, take as few as they can.Kristen carries the most fortheir team even though they have Clay on it?

The players start out fairly quickly, but after a few minutes Nicole begins to complain and tell her group that she cannot do it. She complains that the only place she hikes is to Bloomingdales! She wants to make everyone think she is the Mole, but her dragging ends as she is finally convinced to move onwardand the team makes their way up the mountain. The selfless group struggle a lot, especially Craig, but the group vows to stay together.

Half way up the mountain, the selfish team encounters Jon sitting on a bench. He informs them that they also must carry a scale to the top, as the Incas had to in order to weigh their gold. Because they have made it to the half-way point first, they are allowed to pick which scale they would like to carry. One weighs ten pounds and the other twenty. Just add a little more weight there Jon! The team is allowed to pick one without picking them up and Kristen luckily guesses the lighter scale. Off they go again trekking to the top.

The selfless team approaches Jon and are given the same spiel and the fact that the other team chose the lighter scale. Paul feels that it can’t get any worse! Mark lays down four bricks and leaves them behind as he grabs the scale to carry with them. Could this be a Moley move?

The first team to the top is the selfish team and they unloadtwenty-three bricks wondering if they will have to give them up for exemption. They add five thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars to the pot.
Poor Craig really suffers as he climbs to the top, but the selfless group finally make it with only thirty seconds to spare and they lay out their thirty-four bricks. They add eight thousand andfive hundred dollars to the pot. The total for this mission is fourteen thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.

Jon explains to the selfish group that there is only one exemption available to them and that the only way they can have it is to choose who on their team should be exempt. If they cannot do that they would not only lose the exemption, but all of the money that was to go into the pot. They reluctantly choose Clay after he whines about not having an exemption before(Victoria has never had one either). He must be a great lawyer as he sure was able to debate well here! Kristen felt that she earned it and offered the exemption to Clay if he promised to help her out later in the game. So Clay ends up with an exemption and the players end up with One hundred and forty-three thousand, two hundred and fifty dollars grand total.

Soon after the players reach the bottom of the mountain Craig hits “rock bottom” himself.He has a difficult time breathing, is in and out of consciousness and is taken away by ambulance. The group is very solemn and are worried for his welfare. Later he returns to the cabin and cites hypothermia for his condition.

In the afternoon, Victoria tries to make a coalition with Alex and he toys with her a little bit, but as the players study each other, Mark’s strategy is to focus on the information in his journal.

Later that evening, the group met Jon at a restaurant minus Craig who is still too fragile to come out. Jon asks the players how important their journals are to them and then takes them away from the group. They are a little freaked by it and discuss what might be going on.

Jon returns, hands back their journals and tells the group that he has written down comments out of everyone’s journal and that he would be playing, “Who said that” with them. First he bumps the pot up to one hundred and forty-four thousand dollars. He then asks the players a question about themselves and if they guess correctly who in the group said it they would earn two thousand dollars. There would be no signalling to each other or cheating allowed.

He went around the group saying the comments to the players. Victoria and Clay get their comment correct, but Paul doesn’t. On the next question, he asks Kristen who made the comment and across the table sat Nicole, Batting her eyes and coughing… it is me, it is me! Kristen guesses the correct person as NICOLE…no kidding!!!

Jon then asks Alex his question and he doesn’t get the answer, but Mark did especially since the person who made the comment couldn’t spell…Paul! When Nicole is asked a question, she acts like she doesn’t even want to participate, but Jon makes her take a guess…which is wrong! Herequests thatthe person who said it to fess up and he will still add two thousand dollars to the pot, so Victoria does, apologizing. Jon adds up the teams scorewith five out of seven correct, but they are deducted the money from Kristen’s question due to the fact that Nicole was sabotaging it.

After dessert he takes the players for a drive to a wooded area around a fire pit and Nicole is wondering if she is going rafting in the dark with her heels on. Joninforms the group that taking risks is a huge part of the game and sometimes you win andother timesyou lose. Jon asks the group how precious their journals are to them andif one person would be willing to give it up to be burned. Most of the group, especially Mark who is obsessive about his, declines, but Alex, Paul and Nicole decide that they could do it. Jonadvises them that only one player can give it up and Alex is chosen.

He theninstructs Alex to take all of the journals from the other players and place them on a table away from the fire. Heexplains that some consequences are good and some are bad as he proceeds to light a wick that carries a flame to the table burning all but Alex’s journal that is safe in Jon’s hand. Joncommunicates tothe group that the game is about taking risks and they are going to have to learn to do that.

The entire group look disappointed as Alex gets his journal back, but none are more upset than Mark, who disappears from the group. Later Alex and Paul find him and they return to their cabins in the Andes andexplain toCraigwhat transpired.

The players all go to dinner and Craig and Alex are happy that they get to keep their journal to Marks dismay. They are a little unsettled about taking the quiz without their journals to guide them.

After the quiz the players meet Jon and he lets them know that they have added twenty-three thousand dollars to the pot with a grand total of one hundred and fifty-two thousand dollars! There is a surprise tonight as there was a tie during the quiz and the person that will be executed finished the quiz slower than the other person who they tied withby five seconds. Paul, Alex and Mark are safe and tonight…Victoria is going home (who I thought was the Mole). Sheconfides toMark that it is her time to go and that she was headed in the wrong direction with her idea of who the Mole was. Sheexpresses that she will miss being with the team.

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  1. Paulene Hinds Says:
    June 25th, 2008 at 7:04 am

    Victoria isn’t the Mole?????? Must be Mark then!


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