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Hell’s Kitchen Contestants Take Charge!

June 24, 2008 08:49 PM by Lisa Stauber

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, Jen was finally voted off. Christina, Corey, and Petrozza are the final three, and one must go home tonight, leaving the cream of the crop to battle it out for a position in Ramsay’s new Los Angeles kitchen. That dream job is worth $250,000!

The three are relieved. “Winning is so close. I definitely can taste it now!” Corey says, glad she’s not going home. The girls are a little surprised that they are finalists, but they’re ready to win!

The First Challenge
“I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate you being the final three, than having a chance to cook for you personally,” Ramsay tells the contestants. First, though, Ramsay introduces some special guests. The contestants’ family members arrive to sample Ramsay’s cooking, too.

Chef Ramsay has whipped up something special, and when the final three are done eating, they’ll have to recreate it. I hope they pay attention to the food! Christina gets her mom’s help to deconstruct the dish, but Petrozza can barely eat.

Corey and Petrozza guess that the meat was buffalo, and Christina picks venison. Petrozza rethinks his choices and picks venison too. Christina can’t find the white beans she’s sure is in the recipe, and Corey thinks it’s parsnips. Petrozza missed the puree altogether. Ramsay’s ready to taste, so the chefs better be right!

Corey has a perfect sauce, but the wrong meat. Ramsay declares Christina the winner, again. She’s on a roll! “I’m always close but no cigar,” Petrozza says. The losers have to hand crush blocks of ice, while Christina goes out for a three course meal across the city.

Christina gets her new clothes on, and her parents get to join her. That’s the icing on the cake for Christina, and they get a sightseeing tour on the way to dinner. “I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone who has won so many challenges back to back,” Ramsay tells her folks. A compliment from Ramsay – in front of the public? That’s a true reward. Meanwhile, Corey and Petrozza are pretending the ice is Jen as they crunch and stab it.

Christina arrives refreshed and ready to prep. It’s the last dinner service before the final, and it’s going to be tough. Ramsay is requiring each of them to run the hot plate, essentially running the kitchen and approving every dish before it goes out.

Chef Ramsay makes a point to teach Petrozza how to be aggressive, and Petrozza jumps right with the yelling. Christina’s up next for a little coaching. She’s having trouble getting mean, but gets better after pulling out the f-bomb and copying Ramsay’s foul mouth. Corey is too nice, and Ramsay resorts to breaking dishes.

The Service
“I’ve never had a service where I haven’t made one mistake,” Christina says, and she’s getting nervous. The chefs make it through the appetizers and break out the entrees. Ramsay’s conspired with Sous Chefs Scott and Gloria to make “mistakes” for the contestants to catch.

Petrozza’s up front first. Scott serves up a risotto missing the peas, and Petrozza misses it. “When will I ever learn?” Petrozza wasn’t expecting to be tricked. Christina overcooks the scallops – not on purpose – and Petrozza catches it. The kitchen grinds to a halt due to Christina messing up the fish station, and Petrozza’s getting frustrated. He gets a “well done” from Ramsay, though.

Corey’s up next. “It’s time to show Chef Ramsay that I do have a voice,” Corey says, but she can’t even read the ticket correctly. She gets her act together just in time for Scott to test her. He puts the wrong sauce on the lamb, and Corey catches it too late.

Christina’s turn starts with Ramsay yelling at her, of course. She’s having fun yelling at the team, even though Corey gets a compliment on the meat. She’s proven her leadership abilities so far, but Gloria sends up mashed potatoes garnished with the wrong herb. Christina gets it right away, and makes the Sous Chef fix it. She’s the only one to find the mistake.

The Elimination
“Honestly, I don’t know who should be in the final,” Ramsay tells them. “I am not going to make it easy for you.” He’s decided that each of them has to nominate one person for elimination. “We knew this was gonna suck, this part,” Petrozza says. The contestants are torn, and no one is safe.

“This is the moment that I dread,” Ramsay says. “I’m so proud of all three of you.” Corey nominates Christina, because she freezes up when criticized. Christina nominates Corey, because she is not a good leader. Petrozza nominates Christina, because she had so many problems getting out the food.

“The first person that will be heading into the final of Hell’s Kitchen is Petrozza,” Chef Ramsay says. Now he has to send one of the ladies home, and he decides to get rid of Corey. Christina will be going head to head with Petrozza next week, as they give Hell’s Kitchen a total makeover and have to cook with Jen and the other eliminated contestants again.

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Photos courtesy Fox.

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