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Janet Evans Waves Goodbye to Celebrity Circus!

June 25, 2008 08:20 PM by Candace Young

Viewers are welcomed to Celebrity Circus with a fancy-footed tightrope display tonight! Ringmaster Joey Fatone reminds the audience that the viewers’ votes are in and the results have been tallied. Rachel Hunter, Christopher Knight, and Stacey Dash are informed right away that they are all safe! The fourth star that is moving on is,Wee Man! That means either Janet Evans or Antonio Sabato Jr. will be going home tonight.

Christopher Knight is up first. Hot on the heels of his fiery clown performance last week, Chris will be doing the Trapeze Bungee! As he is shown in practice, Christopher laments how technical and precise the act is! Set to “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas, Christopher performs a very elastic and head-over-heels thrilling act – not perfect, but entertaining! The judges weigh in with Mitch giving him a standing ‘o’! Aurelia says she is impressed, although it’s not as sexy and fluid as Stacey Dash! Louie tells Chris he looked like a baby in a bouncer and the audience boos! The scores are 9 (Aurelia), 9 (Mitch), and 6 (Louie) – for an average of 8!

Stacey Dash, who Joey Fatone refers to as the established leader of the troupe, is next in line to perform! She is going to be attempting the Spanish Web tonight. As “Bad to the Bone” plays, Stacey appears in a lilac-colored bodysuit and promptly begins an amazing performance, spinning crazily on the rope high in the air! As she finishes and joins Joey, the judges give their take on her act. Aurelia and Mitch both feel that Stacey wasn’t as comfortable on the Spanish Web as she has been with previous disciplines. Louie, once again, disagrees with the others, even jumping out of his seat to give a rousing, finger-snapping, big thumbs up to Stacey! Aurelia and Mitch each give Stacey a 7, and Louie surprises everyone by giving her a perfect 10! This gives her an average score of 8!

Wee Man is up next on the Flying Straps! Last week he was given the lowest scores from the judges, but promises to prove himself this week – even promising to be graceful! He laments that they’ve added a ‘chick’ to his act (in order to tell a story), but later on admits that the girl helped him perform better! Joey introduces Wee Man and Lilia. Dressed in a tiny tuxedo, with the tune “Everybody Wants You” blaring, Wee Man spins and hangs in great form high above the stage! With a bit of a stumble on the landing, Wee Man finishes up and faces the judges. Aurelia says he did a good job! Mitch tells him he did fantastic, and Louie says he really enjoyed the theatricality of it, and this really proved that Wee Man can do this if he puts in the work! The scores are 7 (Aurelia), 8 (Mitch), and 8 (Louie) – for an average of 7.7!

Now it’s Rachel Hunter’s turn! This week she is tackling the Hire Wire, even though she claims to be very afraid of heights. The trainers decide to incorporate dancing, and the pyramid into Rachel’s act when she has difficulty with just walking across the high wire. Viewers are reminded that when the pyramid was attempted in the past, people died! Joey introduces a visibly tense Rachel doing the tango to “Hernando’s Hideaway”. She receives applause as she makes it to the other side! The audience is asked to hold their applause until the end of the act as the performers prepare to attempt the pyramid. Finally, with Rachel perched on a wire suspended between two circus performers, they begin their trip to the other side. The audience erupts as Rachel and her carriers safely arrive on the platform! The judges speak to Rachel, with Aurelia saying she is impressed that Rachel did the hire wire even with a fear of heights. Mitch says he admired her concentration, and Louie compliments her rhythm and says she did a really good job! The scores are 7 (Aurelia), 7 (Mitch), and 8 (Louie) – for an average of 7.3!

Janet Evans and Antonio Sabato Jr. are now prepared to find out who is leaving. It’s Janet Evans! Which means Antonio Sabato Jr. is staying and will be performing again tonight!

Following his impressive acrobatic act last week, Antonio will attempt the Chinese Poles this week. He says it will ruin your skin, sliding down the pole. He announces that it is the hardest thing he has ever done – you have to become a monkey to do the Chinese Poles! Saying he wants to be number one, Antonio begins his act to the song “Pon de Replay” by Rhianna! Showing incredible strength and prowess, Antonio seems to absolutely dominated the night doing his acrobatics on the poles! Time for the judges to weigh in – Aurelia complains that she misses the sexy guy from previous weeks. Mitch tells Antonio that he has done the most challenging event thus far and showed great athletic ability. Louie says he did a fabulous job! The scores are 7 (Aurelia), 8 (Mitch), and 9 (Louie) – for an average score of 8!

Chris, Stacey and Antonio are in a three-way tie for the lead as the show ends!

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Photos Courtesy: NBC

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  1. Candace_Young Says:
    June 27th, 2008 at 8:43 am

    This show is getting really good – the celebrities are amazing!!


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