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So You Think You Can Dance; The Top Sixteen Thrill Us

June 25, 2008 07:52 PM by DA Southern


So, will the So You Think You Can Dance shows will get any shorter as the dancers are eliminated? No, they will just add more dances, and boy, are we glad. You have to admit how thrilling it is watching these couples bring a new excitement to some intriguing choreography. We are down to sixteen now and will be excited to see what the dancers do and how brutal the judges may or may not be on So You Think You Can Dance.

Cat Deeley announced that the eight couples needed your votes as we get ever so close to America’s next great dancer and then the remaining sixteen did a little bit of solo dancing as we prepared for the evenings festivities. Cat introduced the judges, Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and guest judge, Adam Shankman, legendary director of Hairspray. Cat asked Mary how the Season was shaking out and Murphy easily exclaimed that “this was the best season ever.”

During the weeks we always get a chance to learn a bit about the contestants which really humanizes the show quite a bit. Tonight Cat announced that we will learn a bit about the dancers from their partners, as they have been learning about each other by the sheer force of the time spent together preparing for their dance routines.

Kherington and Twitch were the unfortunate ones to grab the top spot for the evening as they performed a Hip-Hop routine from Tabitha and Napoleon and we had a chance to hear what they each said about each other. So what did we learn? Twitch, a bear laugh; Kherington, a shoe fetish. Kherington was worried that the Hip-Hop routine they were doing this week was not her forte, but Twitch though she had it. She looked totally comfortable and she certainly kept up with Twitch, who is a Hip-Hop master. Nigel said they were brilliant dancers and teased them with the negatives saying that there were none. Mary screamed and Adam said that it was awesome and said their pacing was excellent.

the dancers

Next up were Courtney G and Gev and we learned that Gev looked like a little girl when he was a baby. OK,insert your own joke here,and Courtney is going to school to be a Special Ed teacher, in case the dancing gig doesn’t work out. The couple is doing the Rumba this week and will have a chance to go all Spanish on us,At least I think that is the plan. Man, just the rehearsal was sexy looking enough, so it should be great. The couple was truly sexy in their stylized choreography as they softly moved about the dance floor but was it enough dancing to please the judges? Nigel was very, very happy with the passion that Gev had tonight and Mary, too, thought it was great and thought Courtney’s twirls were flawless. Adam is always so fun as a judge and was very pleased with the duo. Adam told the couple to watch the hand placement and gave a couple of other tips before sending them happily to the dressing room.

Comfort and Chris were ready for a Jazz routine after surviving the bottom three last week. We learned that Chris is a “Big moocher” when it comes to food and that Comfort was a child beauty-queen contestant. Choreographer Tyce Diorio put the couple through their paces as he readied them for some Jazz-Hands this week, even though Comfort said it was not all Jazz-Hands. The routine was loud, I mean Marilyn Manson loud, and we were unsure through the noise of the couple was hitting their marks. Nigel was not sure either as he was expecting more use of some sheets that were previewed in the rehearsal film. Mary agreed with Nigel and added that it needed to be more “Wild,” but was not. Adam then said that the couple was not really moving to the music as well as he would have liked. Poor Chris could never be as wild as what they wanted, no matter what he did. He is just too nice.


Jessica and Will were next to spill their guts about their partners and Will said that Jessica’s nickname is “Ariel” because she looked like the Little Mermaid when she was younger and Will is a “True gentleman” as he evidently was raised right by his mamma. This week the couple was all decked out in true Disco garb as we watched them twirl and dip their way to Disco stardom, or maybe not. The judges were once again not as kind to the duo but Nigel was encouraged that the partnering was very good. Mary was kind to Will saying that he really turned the corner with this routine this week. Adam thought the routine was fantastic and was worried that Jessica did not realize how beautiful and great she was and that Will was “So, so great!”

Kourtni Lind and Matt were ready to tear up the floor but not before we learned that Kourtni had a tattoo on her neck that says, “,and so she would dance” and Matt likes to wear a Ninja mask from time to time. The couple drew Contemporary Style tonight, which made Matt nervous as he is a Contemporary Dancer by trade. First time guest choreographer, Sonya Tayeh, put the duo through their paces to get them ready for the big stage in a comic book character routine. The routine was playful and the couple had a great rapport on stage, but would the judges see the same routine as me? Nigel was enthralled with the routine and the way the couple moved but wanted Matt to relax a bit. Mary said that “Something weird was for sale on that stage but that she was buying it!” Adam was blown away at the control that Kourtni was incredible and that the couple did a fantastic job.

Chelsea Traille and Thayne were next to dance for America but we first learned that Thayne wanted to be a fashion designer,I guess his next stop is Project Runway if SYTYCD doesn’t work out. Chelsea, on the other hand, s a flower maniac and will “Borrow” flowers where ever she can. The duo survived the bottom three and this week will be dancing the Quick Step courtesy of choreographer, Heather Smith. The couple really seemed to nail the technical aspects of the dance and seemed to be having a good time doing so as they seemed to have great control. Nigel thought it was too bouncy in places and that the couple seemed almost too fake looking with their continual smiles. Nigel even told them to get ready with their solos. Mary was fairly brutal as well saying they had fallen off the “Hot Tamale Train” and even Adam said that they looked as if they were struggling.


Chelsea Hightower and Mark were the next-to-last dancing couple for the night and we found out that Mark’s pinkies were crooked and that Chelsie is a tomboy when she is not on stage “Being sexy.” This week the couple was doing a bit of Hip-Hop for us from Napoleon and Tabitha, once again, and it was a story using Hip-Hop. The couple easily portrayed a beautiful story with some pretty decent Hip-Hop moves and seemed to have the audience loving their style. The judges were very kind with Nigel saying that he was in love with the couple’s performance. Marty gave them a scream of delight saying she totally agreed with Nigel saying that she believed the emotional struggle of the routine. Adam finished off by giving a huge yell of approval saying that they “Had it in there eyes.”

The final couple of Katee and Joshua were left to thrill us with a Samba. Katee told us that Joshua was very sweet and we found out that that Katee “Screams like a boy.” Samba was the final number to be performed this week as Katee and Joshua were seen struggling with being “Sexy,” according to Joshua, during the rehearsal. Katee nailed sexy as soon as the number started and even Joshua embraced the Samba as he put all of the sex he had into selling the number. They were incredible and Nigel said they were natural in every movement of their routine and that the chemistry was exceptional. Mary said that the number was “Hot” and that screamed that they were on the “Hot Tamale Train” tonight. Adam finished it off by saying that they were true competitors and set the bar for the others to beat.

It was a pretty good night for dance with Nigel saying that there were four “Outstanding” performances and it will be interesting to see who we lose tomorrow night.

Discuss your thoughts about the Top 16 on our So You Think You Can Dance message boards.

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