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The Farmer Takes a Wife!

June 25, 2008 09:27 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight’s show begins by showing us what has taken place over the past weeks, including the dramatic double elimination last week. Now we are down to two women and this week Matt faces the ultimate decision, the big city sex kitten or the wholesome girl next door! Who has won his heart and will become the farmer’s wife?

As the girls get ready, Brooke comments on how different she and Christa are from each other while Christa lets us know that she is in it to win it, so bring it on!

Matt drives into the driveway, feeling lucky to have two beautiful women waiting on him in the farmhouse. He walks in and explains to the ladies that he haswork to do today. Since one of them is going to be his wife, he gives them the opportunity to have a run through. This morning each girl will be given the chance to actually live the life of a farm wife. They will each be given a list of tasks to complete for him by lunch time.

Christa’s list is to pick up a rebuilt carburetor, to pay Matt’s bill at the store, to take a deer head that is in the freezer to the taxidermist and to pick up four bags of horse feed.

Brooke’s list is to gather three chickens out of the coop and drop them off to a neighbour, for which she will collect two pies in payment, pick up a starter for a forty-four thirty; whatever that is, to pick up some buffalo fish fillets, and twenty crickets.

He assures the gals that they will do well and he should be done his work by one o’clock and will be back to have lunch.

The ladies say their good-bye’s and Brooke goes to work catching her chickens, hoping to do whatever it takes to show her love for Matt and Christa takes off in the truck, hoping the same thing.

Christa proceeds to the garage and meets up with the Mayor, who is also a mechanic; we really are in the boonies aren’t we? She asks him for the carburetor and off she goes.

Brooke takes her chickens to the neighbour and now she has to run them down and let them go…she sure has a harder go at this run through than Christa so far. She manages to get them down there and is given a big hug along with the pies and off she goes. I think that neighbour likes her.

Christa thentravels to pay Matt’s tab and while she does that sheenquires whether she can get some extra stuff, add it to the tab and pay it right away. The store keeper agrees as long as she pays it….no trust there! She picks out some sunglasses, beef jerky and then asks the guy if he has condoms! You have to love her spunk. He lets her know he doesn’t have any and then she even goes as far to ask him if there are any sex shops around the area…the poor guy! Of course there aren’t sex shopsin this town!

Brooke arrives at the garage for the starter and the guy there shows her a 6 volt one and a 12 volt one and then mentions that he has to charge her for both of them if she doesn’t know which one Matt needs and he will only get fifty percent of his money back for the wrong one? Huh? Is it just me or are they sabotaging her efforts here? She knows Matt isn’t going to like that much and is one smart cookie deciding that she is going with only one and it will be the 12 volt! Don’t try to screw the country girl!

Christa arrives at the Co-op and asks the owner for the horse feed. He asks her what kind of horses she needs the food for; young, old or pleasure. Wrong thing to ask her, because she comes back with pleasure horses sounds nice, who doesn’t like pleasure. She knows she will bring a little spice with her to this town and hopes that the country can handle that.

Brookeproceeds to get the Buffalo fish fillets at the store and is requested to come around the back and see what kind of fillets she needs. Now she is hit in the eye with fish meat. Come on now, this girl better win after all the crap she is putting up with for this challenge, let me tell you!

Christa is now at the house and opens up the freezer seeing the deer head inside. She freaks out, only doing this for Matt. When she takes it into the taxidermy shop she is required to sign the forms for Matt as his wife and she corrects the woman that she is his future wife, well hopefully!

Poor Brooke…now I am getting a little ticked off as I watch her collect crickets from a bin. The store clerk laughs at her when shementions that his crickets are getting out and he jokes that she has to pay for the ones that get away.With all of her tasks complete, Brooke gets into her truck just wanting to get to the farm to show Matt that she is number one, but who does she see? Christa!

Christareminds her that they have to get back to the farm right away and they both take off. Christa drives one way and Brooke the other,the WRONG WAY! Brooke then ends up waiting for the longest train in history, while Christa makes it to the farm where Matt has arrived early with lunch. She sweetly meets him and gives him his gifts, I don’t think that she found that sex shop so we are safe for now, but Matt may not be!

Matt checks out her items and he then inquires as to what she thought of the taxidermy shop? She scratches her head and struggles to get out “interesting” and a conversation takes place involving a house full of heads and animal blankets to keep them warm.

Brooke finally arrives and although she is late, she picks up pointswhen she has the right starter.

Matt really does feel close to both the girls and he asks them if he can take them both on a date this evening…no more community dating though after the last fiasco. He explains that he will be taking Brooke on the first date which is casual and Christa’s would be more formal. Brooke has thirty minutes to get ready while Christa has four hours. That didn’t seem fair to me, but the whole show seems to be going this way!

Matt arrives and they head out four wheeling. Matt realizes that Brooke is more outdoorsy and wants to bring her out of her shell. They have an awesome time and sneak a few kisses now and then. After a double ride, they end up with a romantic picnic, but once again Brooke cannot express how she really feels for fear of rejection.

She does get a chance affirm that he needs someone that he can laugh with, he can come home to when he is tired and who has a positive outlook on life and that Matt needs someone like her.

Matt asks her if there is anything about her that he doesn’t know and she reveal her love for him. She looks very sad as she holds back.

They return and he kisses her good-bye. Brooke felt that she blew it by not opening up to him. She thenmentions toChrista that her date didn’t go well and Christa is pumped up by it.

Later, Matt arrives with a horse and carriage for Christa. Oh my heart sank for Brooke as he walked in and called Christa Princess wearing those shades she bought for him. Christa states how excited she is, just to rub it in some more.

As they leave, Brooke looks on and comments to herself that she is toast! She is so jealous of Christa and now realizes that Matt looks at her as a friend and Christa as someone he wants to treat special.

Christa and Matt arrive at Matt’s farmhouse. He gives her a tour and when they go upstairs she sees heads everywhere! She cannot even look up.

Christa is self-assured now as her date is perfect and when Matt and her talk outside on the porch over dinner, she asks him what she would do for work there in the country and that it would be a growing process for her. Matthasone concern about Christa; he hates being out fished by a girl. Matt likes that she is out there and lays it on the line. Christa pictures herself in the house with Matt and has a moment where she knows she is falling for him.

He takes her back to the farm and Brooke sits up waiting for them to arrive. Christa discloses the whole date, making sure thatBrooke knew about the house. Brookeinquires if Matt really, really kisses her and she confides to Christa that Matt hasn’t really done that with her. Christa thinks she has it in the bag now and Brookeknows her chances aren’t that great.

The next morning they prepare for the news of who will be chosen as Matt’s wife. Matt recalls how he felt about both of them right from the beginning and actually has learned a lot about their personalities over the past weeks calling Christa a spontaneous, outgoing person with a little bit of city in her. He notes that even though Brooke tries her best to tell him how she feels she gets tongue tied a lot.

The girls chat while they are getting in their best outfits. They are both nervous. Soon they hear a marching band outside and the whole town arrives for the big news. Christa uses her pleasant language to comment on it. The ladies are feeling sick now.

The mayor welcomes them and Matt thanks the town for coming and he thanks both of the girls for being there with him through the past weeks. He explains that he is staying tried and true to country so, a crop duster will pass by and it will display his wife’s name on it.

The ladies have a difficult time looking up, but as they do, they see the plane and on the back of it is a trailing sign; MATT LOVES BROOKE!!!!!!!! YEE HAW FOR BROOKE!

Matt explains that although he had a great time with Christa and learned a lot from her, hehas a stronger bond with Brooke. The ladies hug and ticker tape explodes in the air!

The town cheers and Matt then bidsfarewell to a tearful Christa andexpresses how wonderful she is once again. Matt and Brooke then ride off into the sunset on a Massey Ferguson tractor, tin cans clinking down the road behind them!

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3 Responses to “The Farmer Takes a Wife!”

  1. realitytvfan Says:
    June 26th, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    I am so thrilled that Brooke was chosen! She deserves this guy!
    Christa was too hard for him and he wouldnb’t have been able to keep up with her!

  2. terrirjss@aol.com Says:
    July 28th, 2008 at 9:47 am

    I watched the reality show and I found the people refreshing. I did not see alot of junk in this show. I felt from the beginning that Matt should pick Brooke. She was a refreshing lovely person. I felt Matt Would do well with Brooke. I was so glad he picked her. This show I truly loved and loved Matt and Brooke.

    I would love to know how they are doing? Is there any way to find out?

    Thank You
    Terri M.
    terrirjss@aol.com my email

  3. connie s Says:
    March 1st, 2012 at 10:58 am

    I watched the show, I knew Brook personaly, she is sweet in real life as she appeared n the show. But she never married him.


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