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Brianna Taylor Declares That She Is Gonna be Famous

June 26, 2008 11:55 AM by Michael Martin - MM Agency

Brianna Tayler performs at the Canal Room in NYC

On this week’s episode 11 of The Real World Hollywood Brianna gets her big break when Alex Band of The Calling contacts her to do vocals on his album and then has a music producer agree to record her demo.

Meanwhile Nick, Sarah, & Kimberly get internships at Movies.com as they interview on-camera moviegoers opinions. This is something Nick & Kimberly excel at while Sarah gets frustrated.

Sarah gets a second chance with an opportunity on Think MTVto do astory on an Eco-friendly gas station. Upon which she celebrates by getting extremely drunkas her roommatesfind theirony in her beingthe one out of control and then drunk dialing her boyfriend.

Also in this episode Brandon Schantz, the producer at Movies.com who worked with the cast,passed away fromhis battle with cancer. Nick was the hardest hit as he and Brandon formed a bond whereby posthumously Nick found out that Brandon saw a lot of potential in him.

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