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Therapy for Denise Richards’ Kids

June 26, 2008 09:00 AM by Amanda Christensen

Denise Richards, star of her own show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated,recently announced that her kids are are undergoing therapy. Do you think it is a good idea for kids who are so young to be in therapy?

Denise Richards says her two girls,Sam is4 and Lola is3, are both intherapy to handle the divorce betweenherself and her ex-husband Charlie Sheen. Richards has said that she wants the girls to have an outlet to express their feelingsand someone to be their own advocate, which is a wonderful thing. I am someone who personally believes therapy can do wonderful things.

My confusion is that on Denise Richards’ show, DeniseRichards: It’s Complicated, she often expresses anger and concern over the lack of privacy she has in her life when it comes to her family and her two little girls. She has lashed out at the media for not respecting the privacy of her family and children and has cried out in anger, “When is it going to end?”. Now she is publicly telling people that her children are in therapy, a very private matter for the girls and the Richards family. Denise said, “If I can help anyone feel better about their kids being in therapy, then something else good has come of this.”That truly makes me wonder, as a Mother of two young children,whose best interest she is looking out for? Betraying her children’s privacy to make other parents think it’s okay to put their kids in therapy? As a mom, I would be more concerned over protecting the privacy of my children (especially when none of their family life as been private thus far – most definitely one of the reasons they needed therapy I am sure).

Mythought to Denise’s “When is it going to end?” A good start would be when you keep yourprivate life out of the media. Worry more about your kids and less about your image.

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