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Eliminated So You Think Can Dance Finalist Chris Jarosz Talks About Judges Going Crazy

June 28, 2008 01:00 PM by Joe Reality

Chris Jarosz Eliminated

Chris Jarosz recently became the third male dancer eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance 4. In a conference call with media after his elimination, Chris discussed how he was hoping to see Mary Murphy go crazy in a good way and how he thought it was funny when Nigel Lythgoe went crazy and turned into the Hulk.

When asked if any aspects of the So You Think You Can Dance competition caught him off guard, Chris Jarosz said, “I don’t think I was ever ready for all the cameras, like all the interviewing and stuff like that. There wasn’t too much of a surprise. I think some of the judging might have been a little bit of a surprise.”

Chris continued, “Just because I was expecting to eventually get some better comments from the judges and kind of like these past three weeks there’s never been, I’ve never gotten a, ‘oh my gosh, awesome job.’ Like a scream, and not that I ever thought I would, but I was hoping to have some kind of Mary going crazy at one point. It was kind of a little bit of a bummer, but I’ve no regrets or anything.”

Even though judge Mary Murphy didn’t go crazy as Chris had hoped, judge Nigel Lythgoe did go crazy after Chris’ krumping performance. Unfortunately, Nigel said his granny was more gangster than Chris and then went crazy and turned into the Hulk (as a promotion for the Hulk movie).

When asked if he felt the judges’ comments were constructive, Chris said, “Yes, I feel like, especially this week the comments were very constructive, and even kind of the first week. I felt like the krumping, there were so many extremes because Mia loved it or Mia really, really liked it. And then Mary was iffy and then Nigel kind of went crazy and I mean that wasn’t really constructive, but I thought it was funny.”

Chris continued, “I didn’t take it to heart, like I wasn’t so upset that he did that. It was a kind of a funny thing. But I wouldn’t say that that was like a constructive thing. Like, I’m not going to go around grabbing my crotch now because they told me to or anything.”

When asked what he learned from his experience on the show, Chris Jarosz said, “I think what I learned from my experience, just kind of like dealing with being all of a sudden put together with 20 people, you know, different personalities, different ways of life and then just kind of coping with that and I think dancing with my partner, Comfort, we’re both two different styles and it was such a learning experience trying to use both of our styles to our best abilities to come together and kind of perform our best in a style that we weren’t familiar with.”

Chris added, “So, I think it’s just kind of like my dancing, I think, has grown just because you have to be open to different kinds of styles and stuff like that. And now I’m able to take a krumper and my contemporary style and come together and we’re able to perform on national television, so I think I’ve learned a lot dealing with that.”

When asked about future plans, Chris said, “I don’t know, we’ll see. I can’t wait to now go home and just be with my family and stuff and just, I mean I want to take as many dance classes as I can and hopefully teach some places if people want me to teach. I have school next year, my senior year of college so I need to get done with that and just kind of start my career and this has been such a great thing to just kind of poke my head in.”

When asked about advice for future contestants, Chris said, “I think the advice I could give to future contestants is just get ready to work your tail off. It has been; don’t expect to come out, I don’t think fun is the word for this competition. It’s amazing and it’s so exciting and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever been through, but it is the hardest work I’ve ever done and you have to be on your game and beyond super focused. You have to give your all into this show and so if you’re not willing to do that and if you have any sort of ego and you just think you’re above everyone else, then you’re not going to succeed on the show at all, or you’re not going to make it past the regional audition. So, just stay focused and get ready to work your butt off.”

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Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/FOX

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