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Chelsea Traille Talks About So You Think You Can Dance Elimination

June 29, 2008 03:00 PM by Joe Reality

Chelsea Traille

Chelsea Traille recently became the third female dancer eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance 4. In a conference call with media, Chelsea talked about her experience on the show and revealed the details behind why her dance partner joked that she was a flower thief.

When asked to explain stealing flowers, Chelsea Traille said, “Well, I’m Jamaican and I just love beautiful flowers and it kind of just started. Basically it was kind of a joke. But I love having fresh flowers and like being away from home, the apartment just was kind of dull. So, one day we all went on a walk to the grocery store and we passed all these beautiful flowers and I said, let’s take some flowers.

Chelsea continued, “So we picked some flowers and we had some pretty flowers in the living room and then it just became like this thing; you know, once you start seeing flowers along the sidewalk or something you just kind of want to pick them. And I was just the one that always wanted to have flowers and so I loved color and I always wanted to have flowers at the apartment.”

When asked what she learned from her experience on the show, Chelsea said, “I think the overall experience was how to go about working with people. It wasn’t all about dance. It was working with different types of people and it was a humbling experience being around so much talent and so many different genres. I think those were the two main things that I’m going to take away from this, work ethic and working with different personalities.”

When asked if she was surprised to be eliminated, Chelsea said, “Well, I mean I think, obviously, it’s disappointing because no one wants to not succeed at something. But I mean, obviously, dancing on television it’s not all about dance. There’s popularity involved and there is a cast involved and there is a flavor that they look for the overall cast that remains each week. And I was up against a lot of different talent and diversity. I don’t feel like, even though a lot of us were contemporary, none of us had a similar style.”

Chelsea added, “And the thing is contemporary is called the same thing, but it is such an open category and the thing is that Kourtni Lind is such an amazing and a beautiful dancer and Comfort is so different in her style and really stood out on the show for that. So I knew; you come to peace with it, you get to peace with it because we were all friends on there and I felt that they were talented and, of course, I would have wanted to stay, but it’s not even about them as much as it is about what you draw out of the hat and how you perform what you draw. And the jazz second week didn’t really go over well. I don’t think the concept was really everyone’s favorite and then the third week quick step was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever learned in my life. So, I’m just blessed that I got to even do as much as I did.”

When asked about future plans, Chelsea said, “Well, I had auditioned maybe a couple of years ago for an agency in L.A. and I had an audition with them, they were interested. And I said, ‘well, I’m not going to be moving to L.A. right away. I wanted to finish college.’ So that was my main goal and then I graduated with a Business/Marketing degree in December. So, I have a degree in Marketing and then I made it on the show in January. I started the show process in January. Now, I think I’m going to follow up. They’ve already contacted me and so I’m going to see what can come from that, what auditions to go to. Just Adam Shankman had pulled some of the dancers aside and just kind of off the cuff said, ‘You know, you guys are going to be at the top of the interest now as far as auditions go. People are going to be looking for you.’ So, I’m going to use that momentum from the show and I feel like I’ve got a lot to give to the dance world and it’s nowhere near even over just because the show is over for me.”

When asked about advice for future contestants, Chelsea said, “This competition is not all about ability. It’s actually in my opinion a very small percentage about ability because, obviously, once we get to the top 20 it is such an obvious thing that everyone is talented, do you know what I mean? Everyone is talented so at that point it becomes a mental battle. When people start to crack is when people start to not perform well so if you stay engaged mentally and try to keep the emotions on a minimal level and I think pretty much everyone there is going to leave, because everyone will eventually leave, but they won’t leave with any regrets.”

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Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/FOX

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