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Graham Bunn Has His Say

June 29, 2008 12:00 PM by Amanda Christensen

As you know,Graham Bunn was sent home on the most recent episode of The Bachelorette. On June 26th he did a Disney Teleconference and we will share with you part of the transcript! What did Graham have to say?

Operator: Welcome to Disney’s “The Bachelorette” call with Cathy Rehl as the leader. This call is being recorded. By staying on this call you are confirming that you consent to this recording. If you do not wish to be recorded please disconnect from the call at this time.

Thank you. Ms. Rehl, you may begin your call.

Cathy Rehl:Hi everybody. And we apologize; we’re a little late today. But Graham is here and his last name, by the way, is Bunn: B-U-N-N. He’s on the phone from New York City where he works in a bar.

And I know that a lot of you have a lot of questions for him given the way he left the show this past Monday. So I’m going to get right to the questions.

Operator:If you would like to ask a question press star, one. And your first question’s from Monica Sotomayer with Flash News.

Monica Sotomayer: Hi, Graham. Thanks for your time today.

Graham Bunn: Good, thank you.

Monica Sotomayer: So DeAnna mentioned several times in the last episode that she felt like she liked you more than you liked her; that her feelings weren’t being reciprocated. Was that the case at all or was it just, like, a miscommunication between you guys?

Graham Bunn: Yes, I think that she and I suffered from a severe case of miscommunication. You know, I don’t question that her feelings were very strong for me. And I also shared some strong feelings for her, you know?

Where we were in the process may have been different. Because obviously as much as she wanted me to open up and say that, you know, I was falling in love or that I was ready for marriage, you know, I never heard those things directed towards me in an individual, you know, setting.

As far as her being ready, I’m sure she is. And, you know, I hope that she finds someone that she can be there with. But in regards to she and I, we were definitely more on the same level than she knows.

Monica Sotomayer:Okay; perfect. Now, were your parents at all surprised, like, when you didn’t come home, you know, with DeAnna as your fiancà or girlfriend?

Graham Bunn:No my parents were not surprised that I didn’t come home with DeAnna as my fiancà or girlfriend.

Monica Sotomayer:Okay. And I know that you have a history of basketball – pro basketball playing and everything. Was there any point when you were able to, like, show that side of yourself to DeAnna? Like, when the cameras were off did you guys play any, like, one-on-one games or anything like that?

Graham Bunn:Yes, you know, DeAnna and I were fortunate in that we got to share quite a bit of off-camera time during the hometown date. And we got to know each other in a different setting and a different light. And I think she had a better feel for who I was.

And I think that was reflected, then, in some of her private interviews during the hometown date. So, yes, that was very beneficial. And it was nice because it was about as close to the norm as we got.

Monica Sotomayer: Okay so you showed her some of your moves…

Graham Bunn: Yes.

Monica Sotomayer: …on the court?

Graham Bunn:Yes, I showed DeAnna some of my best moves on the hometown date.

Monica Sotomayer: Did you school her or did she school you?

Graham Bunn: It was mutual. There was schooling going on both sides.

Monica Sotomayer: All right, Graham. Well thanks so much; best of luck to you.

Graham Bunn: Yes, thank you so much.

Operator: Your next question is from Ashley Davis of Us Weekly.

Ashley Davis: Hi, Graham. How are you?

Graham Bunn: Hey, how are you?

Ashley Davis: I’m good; just have a couple questions for you.

Graham Bunn: Okay.

Ashley Davis:First, do you think if DeAnna had kept you for a few more weeks that you would have been able to open up more? Would that have made a difference?

Graham Bunn: Yes, I believe, you know, I believe that the more time that she and I spent together the further along in the process of getting to know each other and the way we reacted to different circumstances and situations, of course.

You know, the better you get to know someone, the easier it is to open up. And we were moving along in that direction. It just wasn’t at the speed that we both agreed upon so…

Ashley Davis: Right.

Graham Bunn: But definitely, you know, the longer that you get to know someone, you know – the natural evolution of a relationship. So yes, I believe I would have opened up and she would have opened up more with each passing day.

Ashley Davis:Okay. And I know you talked about your parents briefly before. What did they think of DeAnna and you two together?

Graham Bunn:My parents thought that DeAnna was a beautiful girl and that, you know, she has a lot to offer some very lucky gentleman. And, you know, their time with her was very brief.

Ashley Davis: Right.

Graham Bunn: And, you know, they were definitely cautious, for me, because they love me very much and, you know, they thought highly of her in the time that they got to spend.

Ashley Davis: Okay. And then, lastly, do you get recognized now more from the show? And do you get more dates?

Graham Bunn: Well it hasn’t been long enough for me…

Ashley Davis: Right.

Graham Bunn: …to really venture into the dating aspect of that. But yes, I do get recognized and I have been received very well and very kindly by the people that watch the show. And it’s very flattering and I’m, you know – it’s just nice that people have received me so well.

Ashley Davis: Okay. And then, finally, what were the best and worst parts of the show, if you could narrow it down?

Graham Bunn: The best parts of the show were definitely just times with her where we didn’t have to talk about marriage; we could just kind of hang out together. And there were times where we laughed and we joked and we definitely shared a certain look that she didn’t share with anyone else.

And the worst part about the show is I know that both sides felt pain the night that I left. And causing her pain was something that I never wanted to do. And obviously it was a painful thing for me to leave her knowing that, you know, we wouldn’t be hanging out anymore and we wouldn’t be spending time.

So leaving the show was difficult. But being there and being in an atmosphere where it wasn’t always about marriage was probably the best part.

Ashley Davis: Okay, thank you very much.

Graham Bunn:

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