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Nashville Star Results: Alyson Gilbert Eliminated

June 30, 2008 08:35 PM by Joe Reality

Alyson Gilbert Eliminated

For family night on Nashville Star, Billy Ray Cryrus’ daughter Noah Cyrus introduced her father. Each of nine remaining finalists performed two songs each. For her first song, Ashlee Hewitt sang “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Jewel said, “I really liked watching you go from the piano to the guitar, but it still looks a little bit clinical.” Jeffrey Steele said, “The Barbara Mandrell Show, you did every thing but play the steel guitar.” John Rich said, “Your vocals are starting off weak every time and ending strong. You’ve got to start strong and finish strong.”

For her second song, Ashlee Hewitt sang “Help Me Make It Through The Night.” John Rich said, “I don’t think you’re the biggest powerhouse singer on this show. I think there is a certain quality about your voice though that I hear more and more every week.”

Coffey Reacts To John Rich

For his first song, Coffey sang “Hey Good Lookin’.” Jeffrey Steele said, “Too little, too late.” John Rich said, “I think you got confused. First of all, a cowboy hat don’t make you country. You can’t fake your way through country music. Every song up until now has been Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop. I think you got confused when you came to the auditions. There’s a show called American Idol that they break Pop stars. I say you go to that show. You’re not a country singer, brother.” Jewel said, “That’s a hard song to win a singing competition on.”

For his second song, Coffey sang “Take Me Home Country Roads.” Jewel said, “Coffey, I do think that you’re a mixture. You are half Pop, but I know that you have great country roots.”

For his first song, Tommy Stanley sang “God Bless The Broken Road.” John Rich said, “I think you and Coffey have the exact same problem. You have to concentrate on trying to sing country music. It seems like you’re concentrating on trying to go there.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I’ve been hanging my hat on Gave as our country guy. I saw something tonight.” Jewel said, “Tommy, I’m really pulling for you. You seemed a little bit self-conscious tonight.”

Tommy Stanley Navy Friends

For his second song, Tommy Stanley sang “Tiny Dancer.” Jewel said, “I think you’re a unique performer. I’m not sure if you’re uniquely country.”

For their first song, Pearl Heart sang, “I’ll Still Be Loving You.” Jeffrey Steele said, “You did a fine job on it tonight.” John Rich said, “When you really got it right, it was really, really good. Now, what you’ve got to work on is getting it right top to bottom.” Jewel said, “One of the nice little tricks that you employed was when you guys started sitting down and then you stood. That was a really easy mechanical thing that you can do to bring up emotion.”

For their second song, Pearl Heart sang “One Way Ticket.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I can’t have 100% from three girls. I need three girls giving 100% in order to make this one.”

For her first song, Melissa Lawson sang “This One’s For The Girls.” Jewel said, “You did a great job tonight having a really warm, fat tone on the bottom, and you sang the high notes great, and you look cute.” Jeffrey Steele said, “That was my same comment about when I saw you in the hallway to make sure you got the low stuff just as important as you got the big stuff.” John Rich said, “If Nashville Star was over tonight, you would be the undisputed winner of this show.”

For her second song, Melissa Lawson sang “Landslide.” John Rich said, “I want you to concentrate on getting your nerves under control. Whatever that has to be in your head, go there, because you are by far and away the greatest singer on this show right now.”

For her first song, Shawn Mayer sang “Breathe.” Jewel said, “I thought this song was a good choice for you. It shows powerful vocals.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I like when your voice gets a little bit smaller and less ambitious.” John Rich said, “I was impressed with that. I think that was some of the best singing you’ve done so far.”

For her second song, Shawn Mayer sang “Forever And Ever Amen.” John Rich said, “It’s the most aggravating thing in the world to see you nail one and not nail the other one, back to back like that.”

Special guest Blake Shelton sang “Home.” For his first song, Gabe Garcia sang “Wanted Dead Or Alive.” Jeffrey Steele said, “What are all the hardcore country fans going to think when they hear you rocking like that.” John Rich said, “You’re the best male singer on the show.” Jewel said, “I think it’s exciting for everybody to get to see you sing up high.”

For his second song, Gabe Garcia sang “The Fireman.” Jewel said, “The reason I think America should vote for you and keep you around is because you are country. It’s authentic to who you are.”

Alyson Gilbert And John Rich

For her first song, Alyson Gilbert sang “She’s In Love With The Boy.” Jewel said, “I need you to go for a little while. I need you to find some soul and some hurt.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I felt you went against what you were being told to do.” John Rich said, “I think you had moments of brilliance,moments, but moments don’t make it at this point.”

For their first song, Laura & Sophie sang “Walking On Sunshine.” Jewel said, “Gosh, that really should have been great. I like the arrangement starting slow, it should have been slinky, it should have been a lot of things that it wasn’t.” John Rich said, “I think that you come off like high school girls at a high school talent show, which is not a good thing on this show.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I was proud of your work tonight.”

As Alyson Gilbert and Laura & Sophie waited on stage, Billy Ray Cyrus announced, “The finalist receiving the least amount of votes last week, who America has decided to eliminate from the competition right now is,Alyson, I’m afraid your Nashville Star dream has come to an end, which means congratulations to Laura & Sophie.”

For their second song, Laura & Sophie sang “Because Of You.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I think you two here have the least to lose in this game. You’re young, you’ve got your family, a lot of these people have given up everything to be here. I’m not saying your story’s not any different from their’s, but I think you guys are really,you’re hanging by a thread. We’ve got to find a way to get you to the next level.

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