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The Bachelorette: Jeremy Down, Two To Go!

June 30, 2008 07:15 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on The Bachelorette, DeAnna looks to fall in love on Grand Bahama Island! DeAnna says that her decision to let Graham go last week was a very difficult one – but he couldn’t fully give her what she wanted. She is confused going into the overnight dates with the remaining three men – Jeremy, Jessie, and Jason – and has no idea how it will all turn out!

DeAnna’s first date is with Jeremy! They greet one another with a big embrace on the beach. DeAnna notes that their previous dates have been fairly serious and she wants to see him cut loose and have fun! As they head out on a boat, they arrive at a romantic smaller island, which has a couple of jet skis waiting for them! Jeremy says that he is at the point that he has trouble imagining his life without her. As he struggles to tell DeAnna his feelings, she notes that he seems to be holding back! They do a little beachcombing for seashells and enjoy the sunset on the beach.

At dinnertime, they meet again and he says he feels the timing is right for a serious conversation, however, he stumbles over his words, and behaves dodgy and nervous. Finally, he tells her that his anxiety is because he has deep feelings for someone he is afraid to lose – and he doesn’t have her. He tells her that he has already fallen in love with her, but doesn’t expect her to say anything. She smiles, and says she is glad that he told her. DeAnna gives him a note from Chris saying that they can use the key to stay together in the Fantasy Suite. He eagerly takes her there right away! Once inside, DeAnna says she is on cloud nine and they begin to kiss in earnest. Jeremy then closes the door to the cameras!

On the second day, DeAnna is dating Jason. He runs to her on the beach, and she notes how excited he always is to see her! She asks about Ty, and he tells her that he told his son he was going to try and get another flower from DeAnna! She laughs, and then tells Jason that they will be going off-roading! They stop at one point and go out on a floating dock in a secluded area. A picnic is waiting for them, and Jason says he thinks they both feel like a couple today! DeAnna is pleased with the date, as they laughed a lot and the seriousness of previous dates was cast off. After the picnic they go kayaking and seem to have a great time getting to know each other better and doing some kissing!

That evening at dinner, DeAnna admits that she has always had feelings for Jason, but now they are more intense! She tells him that she liked the side of him she saw today. She asks about whether Ty likes the beach, and Jason tells her they can talk about Ty if she likes, but he’d like to talk about them. He then refers to DeAnna and Ty as the two most important things in his life – DeAnna is stunned. She gives him the note from Chris offering the key for the Fantasy Suite, and he doesn’t even read the entire note before enthusiastically agreeing. He says that walking into the room with her is like a fairytale. He says he snuck out and went shopping, and presents her with a little gift to remember their time together on the island – a sand dollar. He thanks her for teaching him that he can fall in love again – because he is falling in love with her! DeAnna says she is falling in love with Jason too, and that she can definitely see herself with him!

On the last day on Grand Bahama Island, DeAnna is meeting Jessie! He gives her a big hug and tells her how great she looks. Jessie tells her how lucky he feels to be there. DeAnna tells him that they are going horseback riding on the beach. Jessie says that it’s ‘rad’ and she always surprises him! DeAnna says that the experience was really cool and that she enjoyed the kiss they shared. Later, they have a picnic on the sand and he asks if she is nervous about getting married. DeAnna says that she isn’t at all, but Jessie admits that he really is nervous! They frolic in the waves and DeAnna notes that she was feeling giddy about Jessie. They make a little fire on the beach and share some more kisses.

Over dinner, Jessie asks DeAnna some questions, such as when she wants to have kids. She admits that she doesn’t want to wait long. He says he would like to be a young father as well. He then broaches the question of where they would live. She says she understands that snowboarding is his life, but she hopes that she fits in somewhere. He tells her that he doesn’t just go out and ‘shred’ everyday now. He confesses that he needs to get on with his life and find the woman of his dreams. Jessie admits that he is falling for her hard, but it scares the crap out of him too! DeAnna gives him the note from Chris inviting them to use the Fantasy Suite, but Jessie’s reaction isn’t what DeAnna had hoped – he says, “I don’t know if I can until I meet your dad!” As she asks in shock, “Are you for real?” He begins to laugh and says, “I’d love to!” DeAnna notes that she has really seen Jessie’s romantic side on this date as they share a champagne toast in the suite. DeAnna says she is into the date 100% in spite of the difficult decision she has to make soon.

DeAnna’s white limousine pulls up to the spot where the rose ceremony will be taking place. The guys, dressed in pastel colored dress shirts. She says she is falling in love with all three of these men, and that she is sick to her stomach to know that she is going to break one of their hearts. DeAnna hesitates, but gives the first rose to Jessie.

She fondles the second rose thoughtfully and takes a deep breath. “Jason. Will you accept this rose?” Jeremy looks out to sea as he realizes that this means he will be leaving. DeAnna takes Jeremy’s hand and walks him to the rattan settee. She tells him that he is perfect and that she may be stupid for sending him home, but she didn’t want to confuse the bond they share over losing their mothers, for love. Jeremy candidly tells her that he is hurt and that he is in love with her. DeAnna breaks down in tears, “I’m so sorry.” At the car, they embrace and he asks her not to cry. As Jeremy is driven away, he says he truly didn’t see that coming.

DeAnna returns to Jason and Jessie and holds hands with them both, telling them that they now get to meet her big, fat, Greek family. Back in the limo, Jeremy has asked the driver to stop the car. He gets out and walks on the grass to a tree, where he stands saying, “I just don’t want to lose another person I love,”

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