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The Mole: Paul Gets Juiced!

June 30, 2008 09:42 PM by Paulene Hinds

The Mole, opens with Craig discussing how sick he got last week, Nicole complaining that everyone she picks to be the Mole gets executed, Clay thanking God for getting him this far in the game and Paul promising that he is working on ticking people off and will make the game evenmore brutal. Tonight the players must trust each other in order to be rescued from the freezing cold and the most loved player becomes the most hated.

The host, Jon Kelley met the players at Uspallada, Argentina outside of an old run down train station. He explains that a century ago this area was a holding place for prisoners being transported. They were chained together in the building behind him. He advises the group that this mission is all about trust. The first challenge is called, “All For One” and the object is to free yourself from the chains that bind you.

The players are chained together by their ankles. Only one player at a time can reach the cellwith the key to set them free and they must work “all for one” to do it. Every ten minutes thecell would open up and they had one minute reach the key inside. The player that gets the key can free only themselves and join Jon by awarm fire,eat a meal andsleep inside. If everyone escapes before sunrise,they will add 25,000 to the pot.

The catch is that he places an exemption card next to the key. If a player decides to get the exemption, they are freed, no money goes into the pot and the remaining players not unchained would have to sleep outside in the cold.

Craig was not well and convinced the players right off that he would not take the exemption, and the team let him go. He proved trustworthy and headed inside with Jon.

After much convincing, Kristen was also released to go inside and left the exemption behind.

The game began to become more tricky at this time as Clay, Mark, Paul, Nicole and Alex then began to quarrel about who should go next. Paul somehow convinced the group that he could be trusted as he swore on his daughter’s soul. He actually surprised them and took the key, but not before he passed his hand a number of times over the exemption card.

Clay, Mark, Nicole and Alex begin to fight over the exemption. Mark is so disgruntled over the journal burning,none of the other three trust him to leave the exemption behind. Clay tries to get Mark to go next, but Mark refuses. Mark lets Clay know that he doesn’t even trust himself and that worries Clay. Clay is able to leave and when he enters the dining area he expresses that he is very unsure as to what Markwill do.

Nicole convinces the two that she just wants to get out of the cold and they let her leave. She enters the dining area and shocks Paul when she doesn’t reveal an exemption.

Out in the cold, Mark and Alex discuss the situation. Mark can not assure Alex that he will not take the exemption, so Alex decides to leave next.

Now, by himself, Mark debates and struggles with his feelings as the cell door begins to open. Inside, the group discuss what they think that Mark will do. Most of the group think that Mark would feel very guilty losing 25,000 for an exemption.

As Mark enters they ask him if he has the exemption, but he wonders what they have been saying. Paul discloses that they all think that he would not take the exemption. Mark reveals to the group that he has something green in his pocket andthrows out a package of green mints, surprising everyone.

Jon gave the group all new journals and although Mark said that he didn’t care about the new one, he asked for the same number he had before. The total pot is now 177,000 dollars. Clay speculates that maybe Mark is the Mole and doesn’t need the exemption.

Jon informs the group that they are heading to Mendoza, Argentina. Paul drove one van with Clay, Craig and Mark as the passengers while behind them travelled Kristen and Nicole with Alex driving.

Clay began to ask the guys questions so that he could start a new journal. When he asked Paul for his birth date, Paul didn’t want to tell him and began to argue with him. The argument turned nasty with Paul throwing out some mean comments to Clay. He makes comments about Clay defending criminals and that it isn’t biblical. Clay then calls Paul uneducated, incompetent and a moron.

Craig can’t take it anymore, so he moves into the other van. Clay treats Paul like a chauffeur and passes him money and then all of a sudden Clay moves up and grabs Paul’s lemon (a friend he made last week) and whips it at his head hitting him and sending rotten juice into the air! Clay finally leaves the van and asks Kristen if she would ride with Paul.The group continued on to their next destination.

While Paul’s’ van was relatively quiet, Alex and Craig brokeinto song about trekking through the Andes on a mission with their van being Paul free. It was quite funny!

The next morning Paul is still upset, but Clay has forgiven him and moves on. Jon asks Craig if he notices a difference in the climate and is feeling better and Craig begins to cough and ask if his health problems may be exemption worthy. Jon announces to the group that their next mission will help them let off some steam.

Because the game has been nothing short of a journey, the next mission is called “The Travellers.” The player’s are to get into groups of two and using various forms of transportation, they would travel 5.5 miles to a statue that celebrated Argentina’s freedom from the Spanish empire.

They have 45 minutes to make it to the statue and for every team that makes it Jon would add 10,000 dollars to the pot making the total mission worth 30,000 dollars, pushing them over the 200,000 dollar mark!

One player was designated to be the transportation captain and since Craig said the magic word, “exemption” at breakfast he was chosen. Jon gave him the role of splitting the players up into groups and their mode of transportation. If none of the players make it to the statue on time, Craig will receive an exemption, but no money would be added to the pot.

Craig chooses Alex to be a Conquistador with a donkey, and his partner Mark is to wear scuba gear. Kristenis to use a pair of stilts and her partner Clay a unicycle, while Nicoleheads up aLlama suit and Paul is the rear end! The group is disgusted as they know that Craig is in it for the exemption.

Mark convinces the group that the mission was impossible to do and not worth the money and they all decide that they were not going to humiliate themselves by going through with what Craig wanted.

At the half-way point Jon and Craig waited. Craig wondered if there would be some sort of bribe by Jon and that he would lose his exemption to the group when they reached that point, but they never did.

The team decided that they were going to travel by van to the designated site and when they reached it Jon inquired if their decision to opt out was a led decision or a consensus among the group. The team told him they all decided, but really it was led by Mark. No money went into the pot and Craig was given an exemption much to the groups disappointment.

At dinner Craig apologizes to the group for taking the exemption and thanks the group for letting him get out of the cold. He feels that he has dropped from being the most trustworthy to the least and maybe even is being considered the Mole.

Jon asks the players how hard this game has gotten and if the players are having a hard time reaching out and being with their family. Everyone agrees, and once again, the lemon makes an appearance from Paul, who comments on how this thing is his best friend now!

After the quiz, Jon met the players at the old Mendoza Train Station and explained that tonight is the fifth execution with a pot of 177,000 dollars. Again this week there was another tie for last place and this time by only one second!

He went through the screens of Alex, Paul and Kristen. Kristen is going home. She is disappointed, but realized that the strategy was to focus on one person and knew her time would be coming up fairly soon. Kristen felt lucky to make it as far as she did and that she has taken risks and it caught up with her!

Nicole is surprised atKristen’s execution and comments on how ironic it is that she is the only woman amongst all the men leftas she is a gynaecologist and works all day with only women!

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