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America’s Got Talent Goes to Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta

July 01, 2008 09:01 PM by DA Southern

Jerry Talks to his peeps

America’s Got Talent was involved with another round of auditions as we started our journey in Dallas, Texas, to see if the talent pool was deep enough to fill the casinos in Las Vegas. As the “Dallas” theme invaded our senses, we got a chance to become reacquainted with last year’s winner from Dallas and everyone in Dallas was confident that Dallas would, yet again yield the AGT winner. Judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff were seated after grand entrances and the carnage began.

So we know that we always start off with a goofy act to get the show started and this week was no different with Corky Duke line dancing his way to stardom…or so he thought. Piers immediately buzzed him off as did The Hoff. Sharon allowed him to go a bit longer but finally put us all out of our misery. Lot of country-fied acts were buzzed off the stage as it looked as Dallas would not give us a winner this year. But alas, the night was young.

Finally, we got to see a bit of talent in Holly Hardin, a country music singer from Georgia. She finally sparked the crowd with a pretty good rendition of “These Boots are Made for Walking” and managed to not get buzzed by any of the judges. Sharon was not so pleased with her but Piers decided that she was unique enough for the show. The Hoff finally relented after hearing her belt out a Dolly Parton song as did Sharon and she was headed to Vegas.

Circus Artists, Duo Genesis, strode out in some circus clothes, which meant skimpy outfits, and immediately got themselves some golden tickets to Vegas which is where they should probably belong anyway as a lot of acts are just like them in Vegas. Lewis Warren Jr. a young man who played the piano like it was nobody’s business and got himself a ticket as well and a group of street performers, Shaolin Warriors, who beat themselves up with sticks enough to impress the judges were the next quick snippet that we got to see headed to Vegas.

Next up, a Dance Troupe of twenty-two kids called, Beyond Belief, performed for the judges with The Hoff saying that it was a lot of tickets to go to Vegas if they were good enough. Piers didn’t like the makeup or outfits but loved their act and all of the judges sent them packing,but in a good way,to Vegas.

More crazy acts from the Dallas auditions, and we mean crazy, were paraded across the stage as we saw a big pig,a real live pig,come out to paint. The funny line of the night came when The Hoff said to turn the pig around as it reminded him of Piers Morgan from the rear. The comment even managed a wry smile from Piers as all of the judges buzzed the poor pig off the stage and it looked as if the pig was headed for the farm and soon we were serenaded with one animal act after another that were summarily buzzed from the stage.

dancing hip-hop

We knew that we had to see a winning animal act at some point and we were happy to see Tucker the dog perform some Frisbee tricks that had the audience cheering and even had The Hoff buzzed him off by accident because he was so excited by the act that he hit his buzzer in excitement. The judges were pretty crazy about the act and gave Tucker a trip to Sin City to chase some tourists.

In one of the final acts from the day of auditions, 72 year-old Frank Sinatra stylist, Paul Salos, belted out a fantastic rendition of “Fly Me To The Moon” that had the audience eating out of his hands as The Hoff and Sharon danced in the aisle together. All of the judges voted “Yes” and sent Frank Sinatra back to Vegas to perform once again. At a judge’s break, the judges were pleased with the talent that they had seen in Texas, even though the day started out slow as Sharon said that everything was indeed bigger in Texas.

brother and sister dancers

Chicago was once again the place for more auditions this season as we saw another batch of wacky contestants grace the Chicago Stage. A brother and sister dance team act, Junior and Emily, sashayed on to the Chicago stage with very colorful outfits to kick off the auditions and wowed the judges enough to have Piers saying that they had a good chance to go all the way.

Now comes the kooky acts as a husband and wife act, Zane and Stephanie, who were all dressed in yellow, came out to face the judges to sing a pretty rough rendition of,oh heck, we didn’t really know what it was, like it mattered. The audience hated them as did the judges as they all said that it was just “Too nice” and not right for this competition.

A giant man named George the Giant, lumbered out onto the stage, all 7′ 3″ inches of him, and went on to perform a crazy straw thing where he stuck a straw up his nose and grossed out Sharon in the process. He then set himself on fire with a bunch of firecrackers and had Piers giving the big guy the thumbs up. The Hoff said “Yes,” as well, and sent the giant guy to Vegas.

Jessica Price was next to perform and the AGT producers felt compelled to do a quick showcase on her as a child from a broken home to give her story a bit of punch, so we knew she would probably be going to Vegas. Jessica came out with a very soft demeanor and just stood up before the AGT judges and the toughest judge, the audience, and knocked it out of the park and got herself a ticket to Vegas as we thought. The decision was not a hard one though as Jessica had a terrific voice to go along with her humble spirit.

singing lady

Atlanta was the next stop on the audition train and we were back to kicking-off the auditions with a weird act, Alistair McQueen, who stripped. OK, now I’ve seen it all. Even The Hoff could not stand it as he hid under the table until the end of the routine. Act after act of strippers and contortionist of some kind then stripped,I mean,performed for the judges and were immediately shown the dressing rooms to get dressed. Finally a decent act, Busty Heart, came out and crushed stuff with her Busty Heart,OK, she wasn’t at all decent in any way and was buzzed off of the stage before she crushed David Hasselhoff with her Busty Heart.

The clogging group, The Southern Belles, were next to give Atlanta something to cheer about as they clogged their way into the hearts and minds of the judges and America. It was not you daddy’s clogging routine as the girls rocked the house down and were clogging their way to Vegas in a very short time.

Dan Meyer was a sword swallowing master who grossed everybody out with an amazing routine that had all of the judges squirming in their seats. The panel was mixed with the Hoff saying “No” and Sharon and Piers voting “Yes” and sending the sword master to Vegas to see if we could swallow his act in the next round.

As is the case in AGT, we have a cute or very great act to finish things off for the show. In this case it was a great, cute act, 9 year-old David Militello, who ended the show with a Michael Jackson song, “Ben” and got the final golden ticket of the night to Vegas to see if he can make it through to the big time.

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