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Hell’s Kitchen: Fired Up and Flying East!

July 01, 2008 09:10 PM by Lisa Stauber

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, the two finalists were selected. Petrozza and Christina will be competing for a job of a lifetime, cooking in Ramsay’s new Hollywood restaurant.

The First Challenge
“We’re now going to divide the restaurant in half,” Ramsay says. Petrozza’s overwhelmed. “It’s my dream come true,” he says tearfully. “Start creating your perfect restaurant,” Ramsay tells them before sending them off to bed.

Christina has no trouble coming up with a winning menu, but Petrozza’s too nervous to think. She pulls an all-nighter, but Petrozza has barely started. The doors open in 36 hours, and they’ve got to decorate the entire space as well as plan what to cook.

The designer wants to see the menu, so he can decorate the space appropriately. Petrozza fakes it. Christina knows exactly what she wants. She thinks florals are too busy, but Petrozza is dreaming of flowers everywhere, at every place setting. She hates all of the wait staff uniforms, especially the green jacket. She makes Jean-Philippe create a new one. Petrozza loves the chef’s jacket, and JP loves him!

The Reward
The chefs are called into Ramsay’s office. “I’m nervous,” he says. “I’ve some serious concerns about your restaurant.”

It’s just a joke. Petrozza’s old,” Christina says. “His heart can’t take it!” Ramsay reveals that he’s whisking them off to New York City while the restaurant is being worked on.

Chef Ramsay’s chartered a private jet, and he’s full of praise for the two finalists. “You’re one of the bravest chefs I’ve ever met,” he tells Petrozza. He remembers when Christina almost got eliminated on the second episode, and how Bobby had to talk Petrozza out of quitting.

Ramsay takes them to Times Square, and their faces are on a TV – on the side of a building! He awards them a 5 day trip to Dubai to eat at Ramsay’s restaurant. “Where’s Dubai?” Christina asks. It’s in the Middle East, dear!

They get a grand tour of the London New York, another Ramsay restaurant, and given the challenge of cooking their signature dish. Petrozza chooses filet mignon, and Christina cooks up a strip steak. “Cooking is what I love,” he sighs. “I’m gonna wipe the floor with him,” she says.

Ramsay’s five executive chefs step up to judge the dishes. The winner’s future boss is the last to vote, and he chooses Petrozza. His prize is b

eing the first to choose his cooking team from the past contestants.

First, a very special guest stops by. It’s Whoopi! She wishes them luck, and then the contestants fly back to check on their new restaurants.

The New Hell’s Kitchens
Christina walks into stripes and white windows, which she hates. Petrozza has a wonderful fireplace, but it’s too big. She agrees to let Petrozza move it into her space.

She’s more worried about the wallpaper. “It makes me want to vomit!” she says. “They need to fix it.” The designer is going to paint it for her.

Ramsay rings them up early to choose their team. Some favorites are back, and Jen returns, as well. Petrozza takes Bobby right off, and Christina is glad to get Corey. Ben goes to Petrozza, and Christina takes Louross for energy. The next choice is Matt, or Jen. Petrozza doesn’t like Matt at all but can’t work with Jen either. “It’s like the lesser of two evils,” he says. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

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Photos courtesy Fox.

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