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I Survived A Japanese Game Show, And A Japanese Breakfast!

July 01, 2008 10:10 PM by Lisa Stauber

Last week on I Survived A Japanese Game Show, the contestants were flown to another continent and thrown in front of a live studio audience. After a “buzz off”, single mom Darcy went home. “She had to go,” Andrew says. “She sucked!” There’s not a lot of team spirit backstage!

Ben is feeling sick, and the producers send him to the hospital. Ben’s on the winning Green Monkey team, so both teams are a man down now.

Mama-san cooks breakfast for the contestants, but it’s nothing they recognize. It’s fish flakes, green onions, and sea weed wrappers. Quite a change from bacon and eggs! Most just pick at their food.

The contestants head to Toho studios, and Tony Sato reports that Ben is too ill to continue. He’s been sent home, and Darcy is brought in as his replacement – this time she’ll be on the Green Monkey team. She confronts Andrew about his mean words, but he won’t apologize. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, apparently,” he says of her team switch.

The First Game
The first game is Human Crane. One team member will fly through the air grabbing stuffed animals, while the remaining teammates control his movement. Darcy agrees to sit out to make even teams. Justin and Meaghan will be the human cranes, and Yellow Penguin team is up first. The Green Monkeys get to watch from the green room and plot their strategy.

Justin takes right to the giant claw and Penguins find their groove. They finish with 10 pandas in their chute.

Meaghan’s starting to get nervous as she watches the other team. She’s not sure she’ll be able to hold the pandas up. Darnell tries to give her a pep talk, but she’s still nervous. Meaghan gets one in, but drops the next two.

She starts yelling out directions and totally confuses the other teammates who don’t know if she wants to go right, left, up or down. The audience is laughing hysterically and Meaghan’s crying as the Green Monkeys finish with one bear.

The Yellow Penguins get to spend a peaceful day at Tokyo’s most famous massage parlor. The Green Monkeys must serve at a Japanese pachinko parlor, and they also have to choose two contestants to go head to head on the elimination round.

Olga starts trying to find out who picked Meaghan to be the crane, but Darcy, Mary, and Meaghan want the two loudmouths, Donnell and Olga, to go. Olga’s got Donnell’s back, because she doesn’t want to compete against him. The Yellow Penguins find the drama hilarious.

Rewards and Punishment
The Yellow Penguins are having a great time at the spa, starting off with a warm sand bath. Andrew gets a little freaked out about the Doctor Fish, which eat dead skin and smooth rough patches on feet.

The Green Monkeys are learning all about pachinko, which is like a pinball slot machine complete with bells and alarms. The team can’t even hear the manager to find out what he wants them to do. Meaghan is supposed to serve drinks but can’t keep her hands off the game and breaks a machine. She’s transferred to cleaning the little balls.

The Elimination Game
Donnell points out that if they get rid of him, there will be no guys to help out in physical challenges. Mary and Meaghan agree and put Olga and Darcy up. Donnell’s caught in the middle now. Will he stab Olga in the back, or go back on his word with Mary and Meaghan? He votes for Darcy and Olga.

The game is called “Fight On, Mailman Taro” and they have to deliver mail while battling a fierce wind from a giant fan. The opponent also gets to throw things at the competitor. It’s a crowd pleaser, and the audience is going wild!

Olga’s up first, and Darcy starts chucking pandas at her. Olga manages to deliver five packages, despite Darcy’s good aim. Donnell’s rooting for her to win, since they are so close. Wonder if Olga thinks they still have a good relationship?

Darcy takes to the wind tunnel, and she gets her first package delivered right away. She keeps falling down on though, and it’s putting her behind. She gets five packages done, with thirty seconds to spare. Darcy finishes with six packages, and Olga’s going home. The other Green Monkeys have to live with Darcy, and all of the mean things they said about her. She’s definitely going to hold it against them!

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Photos courtesy ABC/Craig Sjodin

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