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Celebrity Circus: Wee Man on Cloud Nine!

July 02, 2008 08:15 PM by Candace Young

Ringmaster Joey Fatone opens the show, by telling the audience that there is very important news that’s going to reshape the face of the Celebrity Circus competition. Joey calls Christopher Knight over. Chris explains that he took a fall from a trapeze during practice and re-broke his arm. The doctor has advised him that he must withdraw from the competition! The audience and judges give Chris a standing ovation! Aurelia tells him that she’ll miss him very much, Mitch compliments his ability to overcome obstacles, and Louie says he is an inspiration – “fabulous at fifty!” Chris thanks the judges and Joey turns his attention back to the remaining contestants. He tells them one of them has benefited from Christopher’s withdrawal, because he wouldn’t have been eliminated tonight.

Performance-wise, Wee Man is up first tonight. He will do a balancing act with Vlad. Wee Man explains that they are supposed to be a similar weight and size for this act – they aren’t even close! Joey introduces them and the audience is mesmerized as each balancing pose is slowly and methodically carried out – including an unbelievable final pose where Wee Man holds the weight of Vlad! When the judges give their opinions, Aurelia says it was Wee Man’s best so far, Louie says he loved it, and Mitch calls it intense and focused – fantastic! The scores are 10 (Aurelia), 10 (Mitch), and 10 (Louie) – for an average of 10! Wee Man is on cloud nine!

Stacey Dash is up next! She didn’t have a great performance last week, but this week she will try to turn things around on the Flying Cradle, which is all about timing – if you are one second off from your partner, you fall! Ringmaster Joey introduces Stacey and her partner Sebastian. High above the floor, they swing fearlessly with Sebastian seemingly catching Stacey by the ankles just in the nick of time! Incredible dare devilish acts follow, amazing the audience. Stacey’s teenage son can be seen cheering her on in the crowd as she finishes. The judges weigh in. Aurelia tells her it was very good, but she is losing her contact with the public. Mitch says it was very good and he would love to see what she could do with more training on the apparatus! Louie echoes what Aurelia says – she is a soloist and a diva and in this case it seems as though she let her partner take too much control. Aurelia and Louie both urge her to relax. Each judge gives her an 8 – for an overall average of 8, which disappoints Stacey!

Next up is Antonio Sabato Jr. who will be performing in the Wheel of Death after only 4 days of training! He explains that he was training for eight weeks on the trapeze, but it wasn’t happening. During practice, Antonio says he is an adrenaline junkie and he can conquer it, but his trainers are worried. Ringmaster Joey Fatone introduces Antonio and he whips off his shirt to some funky James Brown music and hops into the Wheel of Death! He seems to handle himself very well in the perpetually moving wheel, and amazes the audience when he gets on the outside of the wheel and does a headstand on it high in the air! He finishes with an attitude of confidence and prepares to hear the judges’ comments. Aurelia wasn’t thrilled, saying it seemed like he did the same trick three times in the wheel, Mitch says it wasn’t his strongest event, but what he did he sold well, and Louie says it was a great feat, especially considering four days of training. Antonio reminds Aurelia that he is a human being and tells her that he wasn’t about to bang his head and make it bleed again to achieve a different trick just to please her – he is doing this for his family and his fans – not for her! The scores are 7 (Aurelia), 7 (Mitch), and 8 (Louie) – for an average of 7.3.

The celebrities are all showing signs of fatigue and mental exhaustion at this, the halfway point. They all comment on how difficult and intense it is – especially right before you go on. Wee Man notes that many of them have walked off the set in frustration and exasperation during rehearsals!

Ringmaster Joey next announces that Rachel Hunter will be taking on a raging bull this week! She had to learn to become a Matador in five days! Joey Fatone warns the audience to stay in their seats no matter what happens and introduces Rachel, who proceeds with her Matador act – but not with a bull – with a little doggie wearing bullhorns! The audience roars with laughter. As Rachel encourages the dog to do tricks, things become slightly hit and miss as the animal ignores her some of the time! For the finale, the dog jumps up and tears away part of Rachel’s outfit to reveal her bodysuit! Aurelia tells her it was entertaining, and Mitch agrees that it was funny and he’s sort of at a loss for words. Louie says it tickled his fancy and the public will love it! Rachel says she knew it was a risk, but she really wanted to do it! The scores are 6 (Aurelia), 6 (Mitch), and 7 (Louie) – for an average of 6.3. Rachel jokes that they were higher than she expected!

Wee Man is at the top of the leader board, and Rachel Hunter is at the bottom going into viewer voting and next week’s episode!

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