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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top Seven Couples Each Dance Twice

July 02, 2008 07:39 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance promises to be even more audacious tonight as the routines become more and more difficult for the final fourteen as they seek their place in the Top 10. Cat Deeley, in a stylish black-and-white dress and with a new hair style, announced that the completion is getting changed up for the remaining seven couples and that the completion now gets a little tougher tonight.

After the individual dancers quickly strutted their stuff, Cat Deeley strutted to center stage and announced that each couple would be dancing twice tonight and then focused her attention to the judges table with, Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and guest judges, Napoleon and Tabitha.

Cat got us right into the dancing as the little bits about the contestants would be shorter due to the extra dancing. Jessica and Will drew the first dance spot tonight as we watched them prepare for the Jive. Will did not realize the Jive was so difficult as we saw a brief snippet of their rehearsal time before they were seen dancing for America. With all of Will’s talk of difficulty, it looked as he picked it up fairly well. Napoleon and Tabitha though as much but Mary was not as sure, but thought it a solid performance. Nigel was mixed sending the couple to the dressing room with room for improvement for their second dance.


Newly paired couple, Comfort and Thayne were seen for the first time rehearsing a Broadway routine as they were taking some time to get acclimated to each other. You could tell that they were not as comfortable with each other as they did not have the advantage of being paired before tonight. They did move well together and judges Napoleon and Tabitha really liked them as a couple. Mary enjoyed the partnership as well and Nigel complimented the choreography but said the passion was not there between the couple.

Kourtni and Matt were next to be showcase as we got a glimpse the rehearsals for their Hip-Hop routine finding Matt not so confident, even to the point of him saying that was going to work on his solo. They seemed to be fairly confident in their Hip-Hop routine on stage, however, and the judges were not kind to them at all saying that there was not much feeling in the routine. Nigel was the most brutal, saying that he wanted to just get his boo from the audience out of the way early. In the end, Nigel called it Hip-Hop on sleeping pills.

Chelsie and Mark were up against the wall with choreographer Mandy Moore as we saw a Jazz routine come together. We were definitely hoping for something exciting tonight as the judges were not in a kind mood. The couple did have a raw sex appeal between them and looked to be having fun on stage and were the best of the night so far. The judges were ecstatic that they finally had a decent routine with Mary calling Chelsie exceptional and Nigel calling the couple “Hot.”

Kherington and Twitch had the difficult Salsa-type of dance that reminded us all of bullfighters. The couple was very convincing as they played the roles perfectly and the judges ate it up. Napoleon and Tabitha overall liked the routine, but Tabitha thought that Twitch was a little slow in building his character. Mary thought the routine was full of passion, but overall “Just OK.” Nigel said he was entertained and was fairly contained with his criticism of them.


Katee and Joshua were next to impress as they tackled an always difficult Mia Michaels Contemporary routine and Katee was thrilled to be working with her. This couple has always been solid as partners and tonight was no different as they are the couple to beat in this completion. They truly did Mia Michaels proud and the judges were very kind to them with Napoleon and Tabitha amazed at their performance. Mary thought the same, saying that the couple had been flawless in every routine this season. Nigel also added to the chorus by saying that it was very fancy dancing and that the couple will make this season outstanding.

Courtney and Gev were doing a Hip-Hop routine as well tonight and hopefully would entertain more than Kourtni and Matt did previously. Gev was more nervous that Courtney in rehearsals but seemed to step it up on stage. The Hip-Hop routine was some pretty standard Hip-Hop and they seemed to have a fairly good sense of the basic movements and we could see Gev struggle a bit. Judges Napoleon and Tabitha thought Courtney was the best of the duo and that Gev struggled as did Mary. Nigel thought it a little too funky than it was Hip-Hop.

Jessica and Will were hitting a Jazz routine for their second chance on stage tonight and Will showed some incredible movement as he and Jessica improved in their second attempt with some pretty tight partnering. The judges were kinder the second-go-round with Tabitha and Mary wanting Will to do more routines with out his shirt. Mary was much kinder saying that they were on fire and had the whole package putting them on the “Hot Tamale Train.” Nigel too was impressed with the pair and said that Jessica was better than she let herself be.

Comfort and Thane’s second attempt was a contemporary Waltz outing as the duo seemed to be a bit more comfortable with each other the second time around. Tabitha and Napoleon were mixed with them, mostly loving the dance and Mary was singing their praises as did Nigel. Nigel said that Comfort truly was a ballroom Queen tonight.

Kourtni and Matt were ready to strut their stuff with the Mambo for their second dance of the night and Matt was not so excited with the dance during rehearsals. Matt seemed fairly tentative tonight as he really struggled to deal with Kourtni as a partner. Tabitha didn’t like the routine saying that Matt was too smiley. Mary called Kourtni hot but Matt,not so much. Nigel finished the carnage on Matt saying that the routine was not as sharp as he would have hoped for saying that Matt was not so macho.


The fox trot was next for Chelsie and Mark and we could see Mark struggling during the rehearsal with Chelsie once again looking like one of the strongest girls in the completion. Tabitha and Napoleon said that they looked like they loved to dance and Mary said that they “Pulled it off.” Nigel was complimentary as well to Chelsie and said Mark looked a little sloppy in his technique.

Kherington and Twitch were next on board to face Mia Michaels for another Contemporary routine and it looked interesting with a mattress on the stage. If nothing else, it is always an interesting trip with Mia Michael’s routines. While it always difficult to judge a Contemporary routine because it is so subjective, Tabitha and Napoleon loved it saying the couple redeemed themselves. Mary was complementary to the pair as well saying that they were very passionate and called the performance, “Powerful.” Nigel said that he was sure that Mia Michaels was inspired by his relationship with her routine, which was the funny comment of the night, and Nigel said that the couple was in his top three couples tonight.

Katee and Joshua were inspired by second season winner Benji Schwimmer and his sister, Lacy as they practiced the West Coast Swing for their second dance of the evening. The couple once again stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park as these two just enjoy dancing together, even though their second outing may not have been as strong as their first. Napoleon and Tabitha did love the couple saying Katee was fantastic as Mary let out a scream of delight for their performance. Nigel was amazed at how well they couple adapts at the various styles and said that they would continue to do well in the show.

The final couple of the evening to do their second dance was Courtney and Gev and we watched as they rehearsed a Broadway routine to close out the show. Hey, who doesn’t love a great Broadway number? The couple looked better this go around and Gev really stepped it up and danced great with Courtney. Tabitha, Napoleon and Mary thought the couple was very believable and loved it but Nigel was a tad bit pickier with them saying it wasn’t quite as explosive as he would have liked to have seen.

The numbers flashed across the screen as we saw a brief bit of each of the couples dance routine and it will probably be a shock for at least one of the couples that will dance for their lives tomorrow night. Cat Deeley said it best when she said she was not fond of Thursday’s and with the talent this season, she is right.

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