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Last Comic Standing: Seven Lucky Finalists Chosen!

July 03, 2008 10:08 PM by Lisa Stauber

Tonight on Last Comic Standing, we’ll find out who will continue on to Hollywood. Bill Bellamy hosts the semifinals in true Las Vegas style, complete with dwarf impersonators (I though Elvis was taller!) and show girls. Talent scouts Richard Belzer and Steve Schirippa are on hand to judge the 16 remaining comics, and the audience gives them a standing ovation. They’re ready to laugh!

The Showcase

First up is Marcus, from Salt Lake City, Utah. He does impersonations and his schtick is entertainment. He rags on Willy Wonka, complete with singing. Steve’s disappointed he didn’t do any impersonations, so he gives him a personalized threat a la Christopher Walken. It’s hilarious!

Dan Cummins talks about email and segues into griping about his wife. Nothing new in his act. He’s followed by Iliza Shlesinger, whose goal is to be the first girl winner of Last Comic Standing. She talks about why getting drunk is a bad idea, and she seems to be a crowd pleaser.

Loudmouth grump Eddie Pepitone takes the stage, talking about eating too much and heckling himself. Indian Papa CJ jokes about outsourcing the comedy and makes fun of Americans. He’s politically incorrect, but funny and the audience seems to like him.

Last Comic Driving

It’s Audience Participation time, and Fearne Cotton drives a Honda Pilot with a comedian. Viewers can go to the NBC website to vote on their favorites, and enter to win a Honda Pilot.

Erik Griffin is riding shotgun, and complaining about his girlfriend at the beauty parlor. Fearne manages to keep smiling for the drive.

Back to the Showcase

Stone and Stone compete next. They’re identical twins, and they play a game called Notice the Differences. They are very practiced, but it’s hard to follow as they talk over each other. Richard likes them, though. “You’ve got the whole package,” he tells the brothers.

Mary Mack and her tiny voice are on next. “I have a real dry humor,” she says, but the audience is loving her. “You’ve got some good material,” Steve tells her, but feels she starts out too slowly. Bob Biggerstaff from Houston is up next. He can’t figure out where to keep his cell phone and jokes about being fat. “I killed it!” he says as he walks off stage.

Louis Ramey is desperate to win. He likes being tall and the women in Vegas. The audience loves him and he gets a standing ovation. It’s a tough act to follow, but Sean Cullen is going to try. He sings and dances, Broadway style, about porn. He’s got a great voice and he’s funny.

John Evans comes out, making fun of the way he looks. Nice guy Heath Hyche is up, with a sketch comedy act. He’s got props and he knows how to use them, but Richard and Steve aren’t even smiling. His 1940′s Japanese pilot goes too far, in Richard’s opinion. “If I had to watch that for 45 minutes, I’d commit hari-kari,” Steve says, and the audience boos him. They liked Heath!

Esther Ku is on, and she has more ethnic humor. Hers is actually funny, though, as she talks about visiting Korea and being a dumb Asian. “I think this crowd loves you,” Steve says. Jackie Kashian is on, joking about having funny parents.

Pete Lee talks about driving without pants. He moves on to baseball and annoying other people. He’s funny, but Steve and Richard aren’t laughing, again. Jim Tavare flew in from London to compete, and he brought his cello with him. He uses it to break up a bunch of one-liners. Bill seemed to like him, and Richard liked him, too. “I think you’ve got a future in this country,” he says.

The Finalists

The sixteen semifinalists are competing for a Honda pilot and a quarter of a million dollars, plus an appearance in Vegas. Only 7 will get the final spots and move on to the Hollywood Showcase. Marcus is in, and so is Jim Tavare. Esther Ku, Papa CJ, and Sean Cullen will all be heading west. Iliza Shlesinger and Louis Ramey will also be competing.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Last Comic Standing news and information. Who did you think was funniest? Tell us on our message boards! For more on Last Comic Standing, check out SirLinksALot: Last Comic Standing.

Photos courtesy NBC.

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