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Should What Happens in Cancun Stay in Cancun?

July 03, 2008 12:12 PM by Michael Martin - MM Agency

the real cancun

In the 2nd to last episode of “The Real World: Hollywood” the cast goes on a trip to Cancun, but should the same rules from Spring Break apply where, “what happens in Cancun stays in Cancun?”

When in Cancun the cast goes to the Isla Mujeres where after drinking Will cheats on his girlfriend Janelle by making out with Brittini.

Isla Mujeres means The Island of Women, which is basically a party island off the coast of Cancun. When I was working with MTV during Spring Break 2001, this island was notorious for its wet t-shirt contests. The t-shirts rarely stayed on and was laugable to me as I saw the organizers we worked with defending and excusing what happens there on “60 Minutes“.

Will decides he needs to tell Janelle about what happens right away as Brittini decides to tell her boyfriend about it later.

Back in Hollywood Janelle states because of this indiscretion she not only breaks up with Will but they can no longer be friends, while Brittini continues to defer telling her boyfriend about what happens until after the show thus maintaining the status quo.

So the question remains, should what happens in Cancun stay in Cancun?

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