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So You Think You Can Dance Sends Two More Home Leaving Twelve

July 03, 2008 07:22 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance and the dreaded Thursday night results show was once again about to claim two more dancers as we would be left with only twelve to go forward. Why it seems like only yesterday that we had fourteen dancers. Welcome to, So You Think You Can Dance.

Cat looking dashing in a bright red dress announced that after the toughest show yet that the results were in and sent us to a group number, a Broadway number to “Money, Money.” As usual, the group looked great together as we knew two of them were headed home after the show this evening.

Cat came out and immediately introduced the judges and gave us a quick look back to the journey the judges take and showed Tyce Diorio and how nasty he had been during the auditions. Cat immediately got into the results bringing out Kherington and Twitch and Katee and Joshua to find out their fate and it would be hard to believe that either of these couples could have fallen into the bottom three couples. Cat announced that Katee and Joshua were safe as were Kherington and Twitch, pulling a fast one on us.

With five couples left to glean the three bottom-feeders from, we knew that the bottom three would come from Kourtni and Matt, Chelsie and Mark, Comfort and Thayne, Courtney and Gev and Jessica and Will.

Kourtni and Matt

Kourtni and Matt were seen getting savaged by the judges and we then saw Cat announce that they were in danger tonight according to the votes. Courtney and Gev were the next to be showcased with the judges loving Courtney in their first number and the judges loving their second number. Chelsie and Mark were called magic by Nigel and Cat announced that Courtney and Gev were to be dancing for their lives after the vote. Nigel said that it must be because America doesn’t like little dancers as the two are the smallest in the competition, as a couple.

courtni G and Gev

With just Comfort and Thayne and Jessica and Will left to be told their fate, we knew that only one of the two would be safe to dance on another day. Cat showed each couples routines from the previous night, starting with Comfort and Thayne. It was a mix night for the pair as they spent their first night together as partners. Jessica and Will were next to seen to a rousing score from the judges. Cat announced that Comfort and Thayne would be dancing for their solos tonight and then had a popper perform that amazed the judges during the auditions.

Comfort and Thayne

The order of the solos were: Kourtni Lind, Matt, Courtney G, Gev, Comfort and Thayne. Now it would be up to the judges to take the collective work of each of the dancers and apply it to the dancers who they best feel should continue on. It looked to be a tough decision tonight but the judges probably would probably not have to deliberate too hard.

As the couples readied themselves for their fate to be announced, we had a performance from OneRepublic to thrill and entertain us and maybe we would watch as they would do a little dancing,but probably not.

The judges called the girls out first as Nigel delivered the sad results to one of them, saying that the decision was really tough and that they were not unanimous in their decision. Nigel quickly announced Courtney G as safe and thought Comfort was not so strong but decided to ask her to stay sending Kourtni home, which was very sad because she was one of the strongest girls on the stage.


The guys were next to find out their fate and Nigel quickly announced Gev as safe because of his solo. Nigel quickly called Matt out and told him that he came into the completion at a really high level but had not grown as they had hoped, leaving Thayne safe for another week.


It was another week that we saw a couple go home together as has been the trend this season as Cat announced that the top twelve would be back at it next Wednesday once again.

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