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Nashville Star Results: Tommy Stanley And Pearl Heart Eliminated

July 07, 2008 07:17 PM by Joe Reality

Tommy Stanley Eliminated

On the fifth episode of Nashville Star 6, host Billy Ray Cyrus shook things up by opening the show by calling Melissa Lawson and Tommy Stanley to center stage. Billy Ray told Melissa and Tommy that one of them was the top vote getter and the other was the bottom vote getter from last week’s show. Billy Ray said, “The contestant whose Nashville Star dream ends right now is Tommy Stanley.”

Melissa Lawson sang “Danny’s Song.” Jewel said, “I thought that song, it was hard for me to catch up at the beginning of that song, it started so low.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I just love hearing you sing every night.” John Rich said, “If you are not the best, you are at the very top of the heap in this show right now.”

Laura & Sophie

Laura & Sophie sang “Walkin’ After Midnight.” John Rich said, “If I was your big brother, I would load up your bags myself and take you back home.” Jewel said, “I think you guys need to go home personally and develop a little bit more.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I believe in you guys. I think there’s something there.”

Gabe Garcia sang “Somebody Like You.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I wondered if you had this in you. You’re a ten tonight, man.” John Rich said, “You are a true Texican.” Jewels said, “Gabe, good job.”

Shawn Mayer sang “The First Cut Is The Deepest.” Jewel said, “It was nice to see some restraint.” John Rich said, “A one to ten, that was a five.” Jeffrey Steele said, “You brought a little bit of it out tonight, but you’ve got a long way to go.”

Coffey sang “Proud Mary.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I still think we’ve got a lot of hype coming from those pipes, but you stepped it up tonight.” John Rich said, “I ain’t buying it still. You’re going to have to compete at the highest levels.” Jewel told John Rich, “Apparently America disagrees with you.”

Ashlee Hewitt sang “Take The Money And Run.” Jewel said, “You’re one of the only artists that feels like an artist to me.” Jeffrey Steele said, “I didn’t like this performance.” John Rich said, “I think you just pulled it off wonderfully.”

Pearl Heart Eliminated

Pearl Heart sang “Ain’t Going Down ‘Till The Sun Comes Up.” John Rich said, “You’re in the bottom two, and I just saw the best performance of this entire season from you girls.” Jewel said, “It kills me that you’re in the bottom two and not Laura & Sophie.” Jeffrey Steel said, “Great job, you really stepped it up.”

As Ashlee Hewitt and Pearl Heart waited on center stage, Bill Ray Cyrus announced, “The finalist receiving the fewest votes and whose Nashville Star journey is coming to an end right now is Pearl Heart.”

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Photo Credit: Reality TV Magazine

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