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The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose

July 07, 2008 08:17 PM by Candace Young

Chris introduces Jason, who has come back to talk about what happened with DeAnna. They go through a montage of Jason and DeAnna’s dates throughout the show. Jason obviously has a difficult time watching. After the montage, Jason says he didn’t know how he’d feel sitting there, but it hurts. He reiterates that she was everything he was looking for, and then some. Chris asks what he thinks happened. Jason says he doesn’t know – everything on the Bahamas seemed like it was just the two of them! He says when he pulled up in the limo, he was so sure it was him! He tells Chris he wishes that she hadn’t let him get down on one knee. Jason describes how great she was with Ty, and admits that he still has feelings for DeAnna – she’s one in a million! Chris tells him that in a moment, he will get to speak to DeAnna.

DeAnna Answers Jason’s Questions

DeAnna is welcomed into the studio and Jason rises to give her a hug in greeting. As they sit down, she tells Jason she is just as nervous as he is! She begins to cry as she tells him that she never wanted to make anyone feel like she felt after Brad. She tells him that she never, ever wanted to hurt him. Jason asks when she knew. She says each time she was with one of them she made the day about them. She says she only made her choice that morning. Jason then asks her if she thinks that what she wanted changed throughout the process. She agrees that it did – she had all of these things on paper, but it turns out she didn’t know herself all that well. Jason asks how she could let him get down on one knee and propose. She says when she saw him coming the feelings were immense, and then he was there and got down on one knee so fast, that it took her a moment to realize that she was doing to him what Brad did to her. Jason notes that he would’ve given anything for her to look at him the way she did at Graham and Jesse. She assures him that Graham couldn’t hold a candle to him or Jesse. DeAnna admits that she was never in love with Jason, and he tells her that he is glad that she chose someone she loved. Jason says DeAnna helped him to see that he can love again. The women in the audience sigh.

Matt and Shayne!

Chris announces next, that they are going to bring out Matt and Shayne for an update on the Bachelor couple! They come out and sit down and the video of their journey and the marriage proposal is played. Shayne tears up watching the proposal. Chris asks if he can empathize with DeAnna in finding love with someone who is completely different than he thought he would be finding. He agrees and Shayne laughs out loud. Matt tells Chris it has been difficult adjusting to life away from England, and they address rumors that they have split up. Matt and Shayne confirm that they are still engaged and happy.

DeAnna Speaks!

DeAnna comes out again, and says that it was difficult to see Jason, but that he is a wonderful man, and she and Jesse will be friends with him for a long time! DeAnna says that she is so happy to be there and be wearing her ring and saying she is in love and engaged! The audience cheers! She tells Chris that she was guilty of judging Jesse by his outer appearance in the beginning – his crazy clothes etc. She admits that through the whole process, Jesse was the only one that she ever felt like she couldn’t live without. DeAnna raves about Jesse and how romantic he is, and what a great outlook on life he has.

Reunited for the First Time!

Chris calls out Jesse so that the couple can be reunited in public for the first time. They have had to keep this a secret from their family and friends as well. Jesse comes out and leaps into DeAnna’s arms. Chris has to remind them that it’s only an hour-long show. As they continue their lovefest, Chris jokes that they’ll have to be hosed down long enough to answer some questions! They look at a video montage of how their relationship progressed on the show and the final rose ceremony and proposal. Chris asks Jesse what he was thinking when he got out of the limo, and he admits that it is so nerve-wracking, you’re just sure you are going home. Jesse says he really knew that DeAnna was the one when his parents were so stoked on her! Chris notes that their families have just found out DeAnna’s choice on television, and they are there in the audience. DeAnna’s father says that he ‘knew’ that Jesse was his daughter’s choice after the family visit. Jesse’s dad remembers telling Jesse that he would know inside if it was love. The couple gets up and embraces their family members.

Big Announcement!

DeAnna tells Chris that they have set a date to be married – May 9th, 2009! They say it will be a big wedding, probably in the Bahamas where they fell in love and got engaged. DeAnna says things turned out better than she could have ever hoped. Chris says he has a surprise for them too – the show is sending them to Greece for their honeymoon! Chris offers them very sincere congratulations and says goodnight!

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