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The Bachelorette: DeAnna’s Soul Mate!

July 07, 2008 08:12 PM by Candace Young

It’s the big night! The season finale. On tonight’s episode, Deanna will take Jason and Jesse home to meet her family, and then make her decision on which man will get the final rose!

The show begins with Jason reflecting back on the progression of his relationship with DeAnna. He remembers telling her about his three-year old son Ty, kissing her for the first time, and taking her home to meet Ty and his family. Jason says his mother encouraged him to open up to DeAnna. He says he would love to spend the rest of his life with her.

Jesse says he feels blessed just to be in the final two. He says initially he felt that DeAnna was way out of his league. He says his parents both saw what he sees in DeAnna. Jesse reflects on their horse and carriage ride, and notes that their first kiss was “ridiculous”. He says he is definitely falling in love with DeAnna.

Meeting the Big, Fat, Greek Family!

DeAnna is taking both of the guys home to Newnan, Georgia to see her house, and then to meet her family. She remembers back to being on the Bachelor and taking Brad home to meet her family. They were very accepting of him, but then he hurt DeAnna. The family is more skeptical this time after what happened previously.

Jason says he is excited to meet DeAnna’s family. He arrives first, bringing flowers for both DeAnna and her family. Her sister Chrissy explains to Jason that they are wary after the situation with Brad. Jason says he understands. He tells them about himself and his life, including his son. DeAnna’s father says he is a little worried about the prospect of DeAnna going into a ready-made family. Chrissy asks to speak to Jason one-on-one. She urges Jason not to break DeAnna’s heart, and asks why he thinks he is the best choice for DeAnna. Jason explains that he truly is in love with DeAnna. Chrissy says she feels a lot better. Jason talks to her father next. Jason tells him he is in love with his daughter, and they agree that she is an unbelievable person. Jason asks his permission to propose to DeAnna. Greg is impressed, and tells Jason that if DeAnna chooses him – he has his blessing!

DeAnna says goodbye to Jason and goes to hear what her family has to say. They tell her that he is a real catch and they think he’d fit in very well with the family. DeAnna beams – they love Jason!

Jesse arrives and DeAnna’s father has forewarned her that he is going to grill him. Thomas, DeAnna’s brother says he noticed how nervous Jesse was right off the bat. DeAnna’s father notes that Jesse is very different from the guys DeAnna normally dates. Greg asks Jesse about snowboarding and how he is going to make a living once he is older. The father asks about previous relationships and if he’s ready for a commitment. He also warns Jesse that if he took DeAnna away and didn’t bring her back to visit, they’d hunt him down! DeAnna’s sister asks her if she is really sure about Jesse. Chrissy says she doesn’t feel like she knows Jesse. By the time Jesse leaves, sure that he totally screwed up, DeAnna is also upset. She tells her family that she hasn’t decided between the two of them. Greg, her father, tells DeAnna that Jesse was very different from Jason in the way he described his feelings for her. It is brought up that Jesse did not ask for permission to propose. Greg tells DeAnna that the deciding factor will likely be which guy is more in the same place in life as she is right now.

The next day, the guys are going to meet DeAnna’s extended family and have a big, fat, Greek party! Jesse arrives and DeAnna is concerned about his nervousness. As Jesse sits down, and finds out that he is going to get grilled again, the doorbell rings. Surprise! It’s Jason. The guys hadn’t been told that they were going to be doing this at the same time. Jesse is worried, but Jason isn’t too bothered by it. DeAnna’s father seats the guys one on either side of her and the family gathers around. Greg asks them to summarize their own pros and cons. Jesse says he cares so much about her, it’s ‘rad’! Jason says he really is in love with DeAnna.

As they head outside to eat, Jesse teaches the elderly relatives cool handshakes, while Jason asks another senior relative what the secret is to a long, successful relationship. Chrissy and another female relative corner Jesse and grill him some more. Jesse says his feelings are so intense for DeAnna that he has even cried over her recently. Jason receives the stamp of approval from the elderly family members. Jesse takes Greg aside and tries again to explain his feelings for DeAnna. This time he asks for his blessing to propose to DeAnna. Greg hesitates, and then asks, “Are you ready?” Jesse says he knew after a talk with his own father that she was the one. Greg offers his blessing and wishes him good luck. He also warns Jesse that if he is with DeAnna, he must keep his hair short!

Soon they are all doing shots of Ouzo and laughing. Jason says the day would have been perfect if Ty had been there. Jesse remarks that he hated Jason being there. Holding hands with them both, DeAnna walks them out. They each say goodbye, and DeAnna returns to speak to her family. Her sister tells her that she isn’t sure that Jesse is as ready as DeAnna is for marriage. The other female relative tells her that Jesse is a free spirit and that might be a better fit. But Chrissy notes that DeAnna doesn’t seem as comfortable with Jesse as she does with Jason. At the end of the day, DeAnna says she still doesn’t know whose heart will be broken!

Jeremy Returns!

DeAnna returns to Grand Bahama Island, and finds out that Jeremy wants to talk to her. She agrees, because she says she remembers what it feels like to be in his position. Jeremy says he feels like he didn’t have time to tell her everything he felt. He tells her that he really does think that she is making a mistake where he is concerned. He explains that he is used to being an emotional rock since his mother died, and that maybe he didn’t do his part. DeAnna cries and says she has been in his position and she knows how it feels. She confirms that she has feelings for the other two guys. She tells him that she has too much respect for him to lead him on. DeAnna says at that moment she is not in love with him. She says if he were to propose she couldn’t say ‘yes’, so she feels like she is making the right decision. He hugs her and says, “Thanks.”

The Final Two Dates!

DeAnna will spend the day with Jesse as she prepares to make her final decision. The meet and take off in a prop plane! She is taking Jesse to a secluded island to hang out all day. Jesse says the day couldn’t have been any better, and notes that this is his last chance to get serious. That night he tells her he has a surprise for her. A “Book of Thoughts”, in which he has chronicled their journey, which he says he hopes they will continue. They go through the book together and he tells her he has never been so sure of anything in his life as he is of her.

On the second date, she meets up with Jason. She tells him that they are going scuba-diving, and when they get out in the boat on the water, she drops a bomb – they’re going diving with sharks! DeAnna notes that the more she gets to know Jason, the more she loves how adventurous he is! As they get underwater and become surrounded by sharks, they hold hands tightly. Jason feels that the experience brought them closer together. Later, Jason tells DeAnna again how he feels about her, before pulling out a surprise for her – a board game that he had made himself. DeAnna is blown away, saying it is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for her. They play the game, during which they reenact all of their moments throughout the show. At the end, he tells her, “I love you DeAnna. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” DeAnna says that Jason makes her feel a way that no one else does. Jason says that in his heart of hearts, he believes that he will be engaged to DeAnna.

After the two dates, DeAnna proclaims that she is in love with two totally different guys, and she doesn’t know how she is supposed to let go of one of them!

The Last Day

DeAnna wakes up and goes over her feelings for both of the men. Jason, she says, is safe and loving, and she already knows he’s a great father! Jesse, she says, is the one who changed her mind. It was his heart and personality that got her. She says it is strange to be in the same position as Brad was when he broke her heart. She says the decision is extremely difficult, but she knows who she is going to choose, and she hopes he feels the same way about her.

Meanwhile, Jason prepares to propose to DeAnna by picking out an engagement ring. He is nervous, but excited. It’s a huge day! Jason says DeAnna showed him that she can love again. He feels DeAnna is the one that can complete his family.

Jesse is also picking out a ring for DeAnna. He likens the feeling to looking over the edge of a fifty-story building, yet says he knows she is the one for him! Jesse admits that he is very frightened – he can’t have gone through all of this only to go home alone. Jesse feels that DeAnna is his soulmate.

The Final Rose

Chris walks DeAnna out to where the final rose ceremony will take place. She is in a gorgeous turquoise gown. She says she is going to be the happiest and the saddest woman in the world, but she is sure of her choice. After this evening, she hopes to be engaged to a man who loves her as much as she loves him!

Jason arrives and walks up to DeAnna. He tells her he is wearing an orange tie for his “Georgia Peach”. He gets down on one knee to propose, and she blurts, “No! I can’t!” She pulls Jason back to his feet and tells him that she would be the luckiest person in the world to be with him, but she’s in love with someone else. Jason is stunned. She assures him that she meant everything she said to him. They embrace and DeAnna cries. When they part, she says she has to walk him out. At the limo, she kisses him one more time and he gets inside. Jason is flabbergasted, he holds the unused ring in its box, and says he is shocked. “It hurts.” Jason feels she chose an alternative lifestyle – on the edge – as opposed to safety and security. With tears in his eyes, Jason remarks, “The only sure thing I have is my little boy.”

DeAnna returns from walking Jason out and says she is extremely confident about choosing Jesse. She believes they will have a great future together. She calls Jesse her soulmate and the man of her dreams.

Jesse arrives and is very nervous, but says that at the same time he is confident in wanting to start his life with Dee. They embrace and share a kiss. Jesse looks into her eyes and tells her that when he looks at her he sees forever. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and that she is his soul mate. He gets down on one knee and says, “DeAnna Marie Pappas will you spend forever with me?” She beams, “Yes!” She then tells him, “I love you! I have waited so long to say that!” They kiss some more, and she asks him to accept the final rose. He replies, “I would love to!” Laughing, DeAnna shouts, “I can’t believe I’m going to marry the guy with the pink shoelaces!”

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