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America’s Got Talent Finds Some Great Talent in Atlanta and New York

July 08, 2008 07:54 PM by DA Southern


America’s Got Talent was winding down during the audition stage of this season’s trip across America as we search for this year’s newest sensation. Jerry Springer greeted us in the heart of the south in Atlanta, GA. as thousands lined up to become the next big star. With the talent overflowing the Atlanta convention center, the judges, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and, “The Hoff,” David Hasselhoff, made grand entrances to start one of the final legs of auditions for some of the best talent seen we have seen on any season of America’s Got Talent.

With the tune from Rocky playing, we had our first glimpse of a contestant who did not look freaky, so we could actually have a decent audition for a change to start the show. OK, so I was wrong. 29 year-old health inspector, Billy Dodson, who looked like he could be “The Hoff’s” bodyguard, sang like a woman opera singer,OK, it was just freaky and all three of the judges did not let him finish with the sweet, sweet sound of the buzzer ending our pain. Sharon was so funny when she told him to sing like a man that I thought the big bury guy was going to cry.


Our next profile was of a young girl, Alexandria Pyles, who did a karate routine that was fun but certainly did not garner any love from the judge, Piers Morgan, but did get a lot of love from “The Hoff” and Sharon, which got her a golden ticket to Vegas.

The camera panned across some wild-looking talent as they prepped for their big audition until we saw a beautiful young 19-year old singer, Sarah Lenore. Sarah who played the guitar and sang a Carry Underwood song like a seasoned veteran, endeared herself to the judges who all seemed to enjoy her as did the audience, the ever-important fourth judge as they jumped from their seats in approval. The judges were all complimentary and sent her to Vegas, our second winner in a row.

We next saw a brief audition from performance artist, Flambeaux, as we watched a bunch of fire erupt form his mouth and other parts of his body, and he was summarily sent to Vegas. Nichole Romana did a stunning pole dance audition that had David and Piers very happy lloking,and off to Vegas she went as did dance troupe, Giwayen Mata.

With several quick Vegas awards given out, we next saw a large family of brothers and cousins calling themselves, SQ Entertainment, perform a group Hip-Hop routine making “Hotlanta” live up to its name, especially when it came to talent. The judges loved it and another group was headed to Vegas.


Jerry Springer welcomed us back to the city that never sleeps, New York City, as we had another glimpse at the talent pool in the Big Apple. David Hasselhoff was seen greeting all of his peeps as we were excited to see if New York was going to produce as much as did Atlanta in the way of talent. The first Profile from the Big Apple was of a group calling themselves, The James Gang, a group that had overcome a rough upbringing to find their inspiration in music. The James Gang was a fun group that blended and thirty’s style of dancing and won the hearts and minds of the judges and as they picked up their tickets to Vegas.

Now it was cute-little-girl time in the show again as eleven year-old, Victoria Jacoby, an adopted girl from China who was a little contortionist who twisted and turned her body every which way but loose. The judges were amazed at the way she twisted and turned and you could see the audience react as well as the judges thought she was great. Little Victoria had a funny line when asked from “The Hoff” when she started twisting herself around and she said, “My mom said I did splits when I was young and I guess I’ve really improved,” which got a huge laugh from the judges and a golden ticket to Vegas.

agt singer we think

Another sweet couple dressed in yellow were the next to be profiled by the AGT producers as someone who would win the hearts and minds of America with their audacious polka dancing,and they were dead serious. They called themselves, Polka Today, and, if nothing else, they had the energy, but no love from the fourth judge and were immediately buzzed out of the competition by the remaining three along with about the next twenty acts in a row buzzed off as well,even to the point of “The Hoff” physically carrying a very bad singer off of the stage.

In the last segment, we know this one will be the performance we have been waiting for, well, because it is the last segment of the night and we know Jerry Springer cries. An R&B singer, Kyle Rifkin, from Harlem who extolled the virtues of a tough upbringing, told how music was his life and how he used it to feed his family in his mother’s absence. Kyle broke out into a Temptations song and brought the house down as he worked the crowd like a pro and had “The Hoff’ giving him a standing “O” as Kyle’s mom came out on stage to join him. Even Piers said that he was right up there with the best he had seen as Kyle was headed to Vegas as we closed out this week’s auditions.

Next week looks like it is another round of crazy acts with a few inspirational acts thrown in as America’s Got Talent continues their search for the one talent that can go all the way.

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