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Hell’s Kitchen Christina Gets Cooking!

July 08, 2008 08:23 PM by Lisa Stauber

This week, we’ll finally learn who wins the big prize on Hell’s Kitchen, including a position at Ramsay’s new restaurant.  Petrozza picks Jen, which is a huge relief to Christina.  Jen knows why she was among the last to be chosen.  “It’s because they know how strong of a leader I am,” she says.

Matt doesn’t like Christina, but she knows how to work him and he decides to be a part of the team.  She’ll be cooking with Louross, Matt, and Corey.  Petrozza’s got Jen, Bobby, and Ben on his crew.

The restaurant’s not ready yet, even though the chefs have started prep.  Christina still has stripes, but Petrozza doesn’t even have his seats upholstered yet.  Meanwhile, Jen is grabbing every chance she can to get ahead, begging Chef Ramsay to write her a letter of recommendation – leaving out the big mouth part.

Matt and Corey start going at each other, and Christina tries to manage their attitudes.  Jen is touchy, snapping at everyone in the kitchen.  Matt and Jen are definitely liabilities, but which chef will be able to cook despite their staff?

The New Hell’s Kitchens
Chef Ramsay is finally ready to taste the chef’s menu.  He thinks Christina’s sliders are delicious, but boring.  He faults her steak presentation, and encourages her to go the extra mile to pretty the dishes up.

offers up a lobster strudel, and Chef thinks it’s overcooked.  His filet mignon is okay, but Ramsay’s got some tips for plating it up.  Ramsay loves Petrozza’s dessert soufflé, however.

Christina gives Chef Ramsay a tour of her dining room, which she wanted to be elegant and comfortable.  Ramsay loves the elegant, summery feel, and thinks she did a great job for an LA restaurant.

Petrozza’s is warm and rustic.  “I feel comfortable,” Ramsay says.  He loves the fireplace that Christina let him have.

The competition’s just beginning, however.  “I’ll be watching very carefully how you handle your brigade,” Ramsay tells them.  “Every ticket.”

Chef’s arranged for each kitchen to serve an unlucky 13 tables.  He’s not trying to make things harder, is he?  The kitchens must be perfect and work together for three hours, but Matt and Jen are having a hard time being nice for even five minutes.

The Service
First order’s up, and Christina’s red kitchen starts smoothly.  Petrozza’s team jumps right in, as well.  Ramsay’s watching to see who can keep up the momentum.  Christina gets a rare compliment on her slider presentation, but Bobby sends up cold appetizers and has to reheat them.   “Check everything before it comes to me!” Petrozza instructs them.

The red kitchen is falling behind, and Louross is getting backed up.  Christina tells Matt to help him out, but he can barely serve up a salad.  Petrozza’s appetizers are rolling off the line over in the blue kitchen, until Jen discovers they are out of cheese.  Then they run out of lobster strudel, as well.  “We can’t take two appetizers off,” Ramsay tells him.  “What are you going to do?”

Bobby saves the day by making a lobster risotto that the diners love.  Christina’s have challenges of her own.  Two plates are served lukewarm, and Jean-Philippe brings them back to the kitchen.  Corey tells Matt what to do, over and over again, but Matt’s having trouble keeping up with the garnishes.  “The red team,” Ramsay says, “seems to be on top of their game now.”

Petrozza’s customers are waiting for food, though.  “You can’t do it all on your own,” Ramsay tells him, as Petrozza’s trying to plate everything by himself.  Petrozza calls Ben up to help him and the diners are finally eating.

Attitude Problems
Matt serves up raw fish on the red side, and Christina sends it back to him.  Matt’s attitude is sliding, and he tells Ramsay to shut up.  Chef happens to hear him and lets loose with a stream of f-bombs.  No one can out gripe The Chef!

Petrozza’s being held up waiting for an onion ring, and Jen just can’t seem to cook one.  Ramsay gets in her face, and Jen just gets more and more bitter.  Matt serves up raw fish, again, and Christina makes him refire it, again.  “Shape up or get the f* out of my kitchen!” she tells him.  “It was not a raw piece of fish,” he protests.  “Technically, it was just a little piece.”

“Perfect food!  Most important!” Christina tries to inspire her crew.  Petrozza’s serving up his desserts and makes it to the last table.  Everyone is served, and it’s decision time for Chef Ramsay.

Hell\'s Kitchen 4 Final Two

The Winner
“Job well done!” Chef tells them.  “One of you will become the executive chef of my new restaurant.”  He sends Christina and Petrozza upstairs while he decides their fate.  They are tortured, waiting.

Ramsay had a tough time deciding.  “Two very worthy finalists,” he says.  “Put your hand on the door, but do not turn the handle.”

Finally it’s time to see who will open the door to a new career worth a quarter of a million dollars.  It’s Christina!  Ramsay saw potential and drive in her, and Chef thinks long term.  “I definitely made the right choice!” he says.

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