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I Survived A Japanese Game Show, and Darcy’s Eliminated Again!

July 08, 2008 09:31 PM by Lisa Stauber

Japanese Game Show

So far on I Survived A Japanese Game show, Darcy got voted off, Ben got sick, Darcy came back, and Olga was eliminated in a surprise twist.

The week starts off with Mama-san promising to make them a Japanese ceremonial tea. Mary thinks it’s neat, but she’s not a big fan of the taste. Justin was born and bred on Southern sweet tea, and the bitter, gritty brew is too different for him.

Donnell is the only guy on the Green Monkey team, but he’s ready to take on the Yellow Penguins. “It’s almost like we’re an army,” Andrew says. The producers aren’t used to the noisy Americans, though!

The First Game
Pedal Fast or Big Splash is the name of the game. Two stationary bikes run a treadmill, and another teammember must ride a tricycle on the treadmill trying to go fast enough not to be knocked off into an icy pool of water. It’s complicated and crazy, and completely normal for a Japanese game show.

Darcy and Meaghan are elected to ride the tricycle for the Green Monkeys. Cathy and Bilenda will be riding for the Yellow Penguins. The Penguins are up first.

“I would never let my team down,” Cathy says, but she falls off and hits the water quickly. Bilenda takes over. “I haven’t ridden a tricycle since the seventies!” she says, but she takes right to it. She starts to lose ground, but recovers. She hits the pool after a good run. Yellow Penguin team finishes with 38 seconds of treadmill time.

The Green Monkey team is up, and Meaghan takes the wheels first. She’s holding her own, until the bikers start to get tired. She hits the water and Darcy is up next. She doing well, but loses ground with only five seconds left to go for the win. Her feet get tangled in the pedals and she hits the water.

The Yellow Penguins are the winners, and the Green Monkeys lose big, again.

Reward and Punishment
The Yellow Penguins get a VIP style tour of the largest fish market in the world, while the Green Monkeys must be rice farmers for a day. They also must select two contestants to play in an elimination game, and the loser will go home.

The Penguins are glad to have Bilenda on the team, as she saved them all. The Monkeys are in a pickle. “I have no idea how we’re going to pick,” Mary says. “I’m not gonna take the blame for this one,” Darcy says. “It’s gonna get ugly tomorrow,” Donnell says as he pours himself a drink.

Meaghan’s pushing to put Darcy up for elimination, again. Why do they hate her so much? Meaghan waltzes out of the bathroom half naked to declare she’ll put herself up for elimination, but she only wants to go up against Darcy and will be exempt the next time. The rest of the Monkeys agree.

The Penguins tour the market, where $20 million dollars of seafood is traded every day. All of the buckets of fish blow Andrew’s mind. “I know the ocean’s big, but,” Cathy wonders how there are any fish left in the sea. The Penguins eat some raw tuna, off a fish that costs 7,000 yen. “It was like butter melting in your mouth,” Andrew says.

Meanwhile the Monkeys have suited up in baggy blue outfits and set out in the mud to plant rice. Donnell takes one step before getting stuck in the mud. The rice boss keeps them in line with a whistle, demanding perfectly straight lines.

The Elimination Game
Meaghan and Darcy are up for elimination, and Darcy’s mad. “I didn’t screw up, and I shouldn’t be here.” Donnell’s having second thoughts about the immunity deal he gave Meaghan. “You’re a sad man,” Meaghan says.

The game is called You Look Funny Stuck On The Wall and Meaghan and Darcy suit up in Velcro. They’ll have to fling their bodies onto a sticky wall and try to hit the body outlines. Meaghan’s up first, and she hits the target perfectly. She’s stuck waiting for Darcy, who hits her mark, as well. Judge Bob calls the point for Meaghan.

Round 2, and Darcy is a little low. Meaghan hits her target perfectly again, and gets the point. Round 3, and Meaghan nails it again. Darcy must get the point to stay in the game, but she misses the mark and Meaghan gets the final point. Meaghan stays in and gets immunity, and Darcy is on her way out the door, again.

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Photos courtesy ABC/Craig Sjodin.

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One Response to “I Survived A Japanese Game Show, and Darcy’s Eliminated Again!”

  1. knighthawke2k Says:
    July 9th, 2008 at 5:35 am

    It will be interesting to see which of the 3 backstabbers get stabbed now that Darcy has finally left the show. She is a leader. She has character and self respect. The others were losers too blinded by greed to see it. I know they will lose this entire competition because they are not now and never were a team. The other group only wins because they have more guys. Darcy did not mess up the last competiton. The problem was the bicyclers could not slow the treadmill down because they were panzies, back stabbing, panzies


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