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Celebrity Circus: Antonio Sabato Jr.’s Perfect 10!

July 09, 2008 08:12 PM by Candace Young

This week things get down to the crunch, with the last performances from three finalists! From the four remaining celebrities, Rachel Hunter, Wee Man, Stacey Dash and Antonio Sabato Jr., the first finalist is revealed – it’s Stacey Dash!

Stacey reviews her previous acts on the show. She watches her portion of the last episode with her best friend, who suggests that this week she smile and look a little less intense. Tonight, Stacey is doing the Bungee. In a bright yellow bejeweled costume she tackles the bungee high above the floor to the tune “Coming Clean” by Hilary Duff. Stacey makes the bungee look fun and almost effortless! The judges weigh in with their opinions next. Louie tells Stacey she is hot, hot, hot! He further tells her that she has been the spirit of the circus because she has never given up! Aurelia says she proved she was a real artist – she kept her smile on when she had difficulties. Mitch says for her to come this far in this period of time is nothing short of remarkable. The scores are 8 (Aurelia), 8 (Mitch), and 8 (Louie), for an average of 8!

The second finalist is now revealed – it’s Wee Man! After his phenomenal balancing act with Vlad last week, which got a perfect 10 from every judge, he will finish with a trio Flying Strap act. Wee Man promises lots of “wow” moments in the act. Ringmaster Joey Fatone introduces Wee Man, who comes out on the stage attached to the Flying Straps and on a skateboard! Soon he is turning and revolving above the stage. Suspended upside down, Wee Man has the crowd going wild as he transitions to a rise high in the air suspended by his neck! He finishes with a flourish! Aurelia tells him it was original and he did a very good job. Mitch says he has grown from someone who wasn’t taking things too seriously, to someone who is hard-working and disciplined! Louie says he has shown over the journey that he has grown, and the performance was really good! The scores are 8 (Aurelia), 8 (Mitch), and 8 (Louie), for an average score of 8!

Joey Fatone now introduces the Celebrity Circus pros, who have been training the celebrities, and who will now perform as a group for the first time on the show! The pros, who have performed in the Moscow Circus and Cirque de Soleil, stun and amaze the crowd with their perfection and daring in a variety of circus acts. As they complete their showcase, the audience gives them a standing ovation!

With only two remaining celebrities, Rachel Hunter and Antonio Sabato Jr., it is time to announce the last finalist – it’s Antonio Sabato Jr.! Joey takes a moment to speak with Rachel who will be going home. She says she enjoyed herself on the show and wouldn’t do anything differently. The judges rate the three finalists, saying Antonio is technically strong, Stacey has the showmanship, and Wee Man brings the personality, and has now proven he is a focused performer. May the best man, or woman, win!

Antonio Sabato Jr., the third finalist will now perform. For his final act, he will do the Flying Silks. The trainers thought that it was his best act, and best chance to win the competition. Antonio is announced and is in pristine white silks with pale blue costume pants. He performs flawlessly, trying to bring the romance and intensity to his act that may have been missing previously. Things get steamy as Antonio and the female performer spin and wrap themselves in the Silks. Aurelia says the performance had it all! Mitch calls it the ‘complete performance’, and says he is the man to beat tonight! Louie says they’re looking for perfection – and Antonio nailed it! As Louie does his crazy, happy dance, Antonio rushes over and embraces him! The judges’ scores are 10 (Aurelia), 10 (Mitch), and 10 (Louie), for an average score of 10! Antonio jumps up and down and says he’s speechless!

Antonio is at the top of the leader board, and Stacey and Wee Man are tied, both with an average score of eight, as the voting opens to the public. Next week will be the Grand Finale! Don’t miss it!

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