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Eliminated So You Think You Can Dance Finalist Matt Dorame Plans To Do Lots Of Sleeping

July 09, 2008 07:00 PM by Joe Reality

Matt Dorame Eliminated

Last week, Matt Dorame became the fourth male dancer eliminated from So You Think You Dance 4. In a conference call with media, Matt Dorame talked about his experience on the show. Among other things, Dorame revealed that the best advice he received was “reality TV is not reality.” Who told Dorame this nugget of wisdom? Keep reading to find out.

When asked if he felt having so many contemporary male dancers made this year’s competition more difficult, Dorame said, “I do. I feel like each season has had great dancers, for sure. I don’t think you can say one season was better than the other. This season, they were looking for more of a hip-hop-type dancer, so I felt like that’s why it was harder for us, but I don’t think it was really any harder than any other season, it just seemed like they were harder on us because we knew what they were looking for from the beginning.”

When asked about the judges’ comment that his and Kourtni’s routine lacked chemistry, Dorame said, “I feel Kourtni and I have that really strong brother/sister relationship, but being a dancer, I’ve had that relationship with a lot of the girls I dance with. You just have to overcome it. I felt like we, you only know your partner for so long before you’re in that scenario, in that situation you have to be like, look like you’re intimate and stuff. That’s really hard to do right away because it’s so fast and you get thrown into it so fast. I think we did as good of a job as we could.”

When asked if he was ever nervous performing in the competition, Dorame said, “I always get really, really nervous about everything, but my personality is one that’s kind of like it’s not life or death. It’s life or death in the situation where you want to do the best you can, and I try as hard as I can, but I do what I’ve learned and I use the thing that’s been available to me and however it goes is just how it goes. You can’t go back and you can’t change it and you can’t try to persuade the judges, so I just try to relax by thinking all I can do is my very best. And getting up there, actually, Thursdays were kind of my favorite days because I did my solo so much that I love doing my solo and I love dancing my own style in front of America, letting them see who I was. So I was never nervous about Thursdays. Kind of, when they were like, ‘You’re in the bottom three,’ I was like, ‘Oh, okay, thank gosh, I can do my solo again.’”

When asked what he learned from the show, Matt Dorame said, “Oh my gosh. I learned that, I don’t know, I learned a lot, actually. I learned a lot about the different styles of dance, I think. Probably the biggest thing I learned was about adaption as a dancer. Like, you need to adapt to every single style and you need to do it at a really fast rate because that’s pretty much the only way I’ll make it in the dance world, and just about how to work with other dancers, not just contemporary dancers, or like work with hip-hop dancers and work with ballroom dancers. That was a really big learning lesson because everyone has a way different learning style than your genre.”

When asked about the best piece of advice he received, Dorame said, “I think it was from our seamstress, and she said, ‘Reality TV is not reality,’ and that was probably the best advice I got.”

When asked about his after show plans, Matt Dorame gave one of the best and most honest answers ever by a So You Think You Can Dance finalist. Dorame replied, “Sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping. Yes, I am just going to go and work on getting my agent, and I’m not going to move too fast because I don’t want to get into anything that I haven’t really thought through, so still working on getting an agent and talking with them and seeing what options are available to me and what career decisions I want to try to make.”

Be sure to check back to Reality TV Magazine tomorrow for highlights from an interview with fellow eliminated So You Think You Can Dance finalist Kourtni Lind.

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Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/FOX

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