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So You Think You Can Dance Top 12 Perform

July 09, 2008 08:05 PM by DA Southern


The So You Think You Can Dance dancers can only do one thing this week and that is to leave it all out on the dance floor as after tonight’s show, America takes over completely as we look for the Top 10 to be crowned tomorrow night. After a quick dancing intro of the Top 12, Cat introduced the judges, Mia Michaels, which means no extreme contemporary routine will be on tap tonight; Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe as the dancers readied themselves for the double dancing that they would be doing tonight.

Chelsie and Mark were first tonight with a Salsa for their first dance, which the judges are always seem to be brutal in their critique. Chelsie continues to be a firecracker on the dance floor as she gets better every week. Even Mark seemed to be in fine form tonight as he seemed to match Chelsie’s every move. As expected, they did think they were great and Nigel did pick on Mark a bit. Mary loved it as well saying that the couple was a “Power Couple” and Mia said that Chelsie was “So gorgeous that she wanted to stab her.” OK, let’s tone it down there, Mia.

Comfort and Thayne were doing a Hip-Hop routine and Comfort was happy to finally get in her genre and Thayne was afraid of “Looking like this major white boy trying to do Hip-Hop.” Comfort was spectacular in the routine and even Thayne did manage to keep up with her, but could never match her performance. Nigel was brutal to Thayne and even said that Comfort was not as good as she should have been. Both Mia and Mary said it was good but not great.


Jessica and Will took the floor next with A Tyce Diorio routine that would be a story-based routine that the duo has done well with before. Will said that it is definitely a “50-50″ dance tonight and that if both are not in tune with each other; they had better prepare their solos. The couple moved flawlessly on the dance floor and really is a terrific couple, especially for this type of dance. Nigel thought it “An extraordinary piece of work” and Mary said she was blushing as she said that it was “One of the most amazing pieces she has ever seen on the show.” Mia too thought it was amazing and thought Tyce’s choreography was incredible and that Will and Jessica were extraordinary.

Courtney and Gev were ready to Cha-Cha into our hearts as they practice with some old SYTYCD contestants who were expert in the Cha-Cha. Wow,it is definitely not your daddy’s Cha-Cha as they were sexy and confident as they owned the stage. The judges were very kind to the couple and Nigel said it was great fun to watch. Mary said it was magic in her typical Mary-style; loud and boisterous and putting them on her “Hot Tamale Train.” Mia said it was “Fabulosity” at its best. Oh great, another made-up word from Mia.

Next up was Kherington and Twitch as we watched them practice a Krump routine from Lil’C. Lil’C was worried about Kherington’s inner gangsta and Twitch was confident she would find it. Nigel said that Kherington did a “Damn good job” and that Twitch was in his element. Mary said it was first time on the show that she has believed in the Krump stuff. Mia said it was “Buck”..which is good, I think. Boy she needs to cut that out.

Katee and Joshua, probably one of the strongest couples in the competition, were next up to do a Waltz from choreographer Jean-Marc Genereu. The couple looked as if they were struggling in rehearsals but, as always, were dynamic on stage together. Nigel said that it was too fancy, which I think is bad. What is it with the judges tonight? Mary thought the execution from Joshua was not that great and Mia, too, thought that Joshua was a little pensive but that Katee was “Meant to dance.”

The second set of dances began with the top of the batting order with Chelsie and Mark once again, this time out they were doing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine that he called sexy and sultry. Come on, I love Broadway routines, don’t you? These two had another strong performance with Chelsie, once again, burning up the stage with her hotness. Nigel said that Vegas was 110 degrees but nothing was as hot as that routine. Mary, too, said it was everything Tyce wanted and Mia,wait for the made up word,there was none, because she was not as thrilled with Mark and Chelsie’s performance.


Comfort and Thayne had a second chance to impress with a Contemporary routine from choreographer, Mandy Moore, who said she was not going to go easy on Comfort. The couple rebounded a bit, but really can’t compare with some of the other talent in the competition. The judges HATED it,just thought you should know. Nigel even wished he could have seen another couple do it. Mary thought it was weak as well and Mia thought the choreography was so beautiful, but not the connection between the couple. Mia, however, did complement Thayne on his dancing and wanted to work with him in the future.

Jessica and Will drew what Cat Deeley said was “The short straw” of routines, the dreaded Quick-Step from choreographers, Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin. Will started by doing about ix flips in a row to start the routine. If nothing else, the couple certainly looked as if they were having a good time and the judges were mixed on the execution. Mary was concerned that Will’s suit did not help him and Mia said that the Will has been carrying Jessica and that he needs a new partner. Wow…Mia is cold tonight.

Courtney and Gev had a Jazz routine on tap tonight for their second dance with choreographer, Mandy Moore. The story was about a couple who was lost and, man, oh, man, I never remember my mom and dad ever having so much fun being lost. Nigel said it was like cotton candy but Mary disagreed saying it was great. Mia, the swing vote here, said that both of their pieces were great tonight and they were one of her top couples in the competition.


A Tango for Kherington and Twitch will give them another opportunity to get America’s vote and move to the Top 10 with choreographer Jean-Marc Genereu. Kherington and Twitch are a good pairing and it will be too bad to see some of these couples be paired with others starting next week. Nigel said that Twitch wasn’t honest looking in his performance and that they murdered the dance routine. Mary said that she liked the beginning and the ending but not the middle. Now, that hurt! Mia was no kinder sating that there was no commitment between the couple.

For a SYTYCD first, Katee and Joshua will be doing a Bollywood routine,Yeah, I know, I haven’t got a clue either and neither did Katee and Joshua. OK, it’s a dance from India that choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan dreamed up and we will see if the pair can pull it off. After watching the dance I couldn’t tell you if it was good or bad, but it was definitely unique. Nigel thought it was great to see on the show and that Katee and Joshua did a great job. Mary said Katee and Joshua were stars tonight and put them on the “Hot Tamale Train.” Mia finished it off by saying they were great as well finishing off the night on a definite high note.

Tomorrow night is the dreaded “Kick-off” show and, not in a good way, but we have a pretty good idea who may go home and you can discuss it too on the RTVM message boards.

Discuss your thoughts about the Top 12 on our So You Think You Can Dance message boards.

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