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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 10 Are Chosen

July 10, 2008 07:31 PM by DA Southern


Finally, we get to the Top 10 on So You Think You Can Dance as we lose the final two dancers that will get us there and America will take over the reigns from the judges, but the judges will have their standard input week after week. Welcome to So You Think You Can Dance.

A Hip-Hop group number from choreographers, Tabitha and Napoleon, greeted us as the dancers had cool outfits that glowed in the dark and we are sad because we know that Comfort and Thayne,I mean,two of our dancers will have their last group numbers as Cat greeted the judges and Nigel talked of a “Dance-off” that will happen during the final show.


Cat got right into it by bringing out the first two couples, Comfort and Thayne and Katee and Joshua. A real no-brainer here, right? Cat showed us the dances that both couples did last night and it was clear to see that Joshua and Katee were by far the better couple. Cat announced that Comfort and Thayne were indeed dancing for their lives and Mia said that America “Got it right.”

The next two couples to come out were Jessica and Will and Chelsie and Mark. This is a bit tougher as both couples did well, but Chelsie and Mark were extraordinary in both dances. Jessica and Will were the second couple to go into the bottom three, but it is doubtful that either will leave us tonight as Mary said she will be fighting for them both to stay.

The final couples were out to find out their fate and Cat Deeley showed us the dance routines from Courtney and Gev and Twitch and Kherington that put one of the couples dancing for their lives. Mia said that Courtney and Gev were not the best dancers on the show but that they had great chemistry together. Nigel was complementary of Kherington’s job in the first number but all of the judges savaged the couple in their second time out. Cat opened the envelope and announced that Twitch and Kherington were sent into the bottom three and Nigel said it was all about “Consistency.”

Cat sent the dancers off to prepare as we were delighted to see three members of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre perform. It was impressive to watch and boy did they put on a dance clinic for all America to see.

The six soloists danced across the stage in the order that they were announced; Comfort, she was predictable, Thayne, trying not to get cut, Jessica, very impressive, Will, flat out impressive, Kherington, pretty decent solo, and Twitch, same style as Comfort but ten times better. Comfort can only Hip-Hop so long and we can’t imagine her going through but the guy going home may be a bit tougher, but Thayne is definitely on the short list to go.


Katy Perry came on to sing her breakout single, “I Kissed A Girl” (and I liked it) wearing a very short tiny weenie polka dot bikini,not really, but it was a short dress that looked like a bathing suit as the judges were back stage deciding to get rid of Comfort and Thayne,I mean..two more dancers.


Nigel started with the girls and told Kherington that she danced brilliantly tonight and was safe. Although I thought Nigel was going to keep Comfort at first, it was not to be and she was sent dancing into the sunset. The boys were brought forth and Twitch was called forth and told by Nigel that he was “Outstanding.” Will was told that he was safe, leaving Thayne going home, but had Nigel actually saying that this was a week that he wished he could have sent two girls home and kept all of the guys, which was very understandable.

For the final time, a couple that was paired together goes home together and starting next week on Wednesday the couples get mixed up and, if nothing else, all of the remaining dancers get to go on tour in the fall, which is a nice perk for being in the Top 10.

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