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Big Brother 10 Premieres Full Force!

July 13, 2008 07:40 PM by Ryan Haidet

It seems just like yesterday Big Brother 9 closed its doors on the first-ever winter season. Summer’s guiltiest pleasure just turned double digits as 13 new houseguests stepped inside seclusion ready to compete for the $500,000 prize.

And the start of Big Brother’s 10th season kicked off with a bang. For the first time in seven seasons, there are no contestants with previous relationships — thankfully that means no exes, dads or couples living together in a game meant for strangers. They all have to fare for themselves as millions watch.

Getting the key…

Each contestant was introduced as they were given their key to the house. Jerry, the oldest player in the house and instantly likeable, said that he’s prepared to compete because he’s never missed a Big Brother episode. Libra says she doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her, except her family. She also said she’s an Obama supporter in “Bush Land.” Cut to Dan, a catholic school teacher who is definitely a Bush supporter. On his CBS.com bio, Dan says he would have moved out of the country if Hillary Clinton was elected as president. Do I smell conflict between the two?

Then there’s Steven, the much talked about gay rodeo star and Renny, a New Orleans native who has a huge personality. Rounding out the cast is Keesha, a Hooters girl, Michelle, who says she’s a loud person just like her whole family. Memphis is a bartender, excuse me, “mixologist,” which he describes as being a chef for alcholics. Ollie is introduced praying with his family and reveals that he’s a very religious person who doesn’t drink and has never done any drugs. Brian sells cell phones, Jessie is a natural body builder and April is a financial manager. Oh yeah, then there’s Angie, who was barely shown at all. Viewers did get to see her soft side as she parted her family and left for the house, but that seems about it. Apparently she’s a pharmeceutical sales representative.

Picking the first HOH

All 13, seven men and six women, gathered in front of the house when host Julie Chen threw the first twist of the season at them. They were forced to pick the first Head Of Household before going inside based on first impressions alone. Each walked up to a voting station, and picked the one person they wanted with the responsibilities of HOH. The results of the vote were kept secret for later.

The first five people were then unleashed and allowed to enter the house. Renny, Dan, Angie, Jessie and April rushed in first searching for the room they wanted most. Then Libra, Brian, Keesha and Memphis were next in followed by Steven, Jerry, Michelle and Ollie. Jerry was the last to walk inside and said, “They put this old man in here with you guys. What did they do to me?” Everybody was excited to be there. That is until they realized Renny was going to be staying, too. She was trying to be friendly giving hugs, but her huge personality was already rubbing folks the wrong way.


During the traditional Big Brother introductions, the cast sat down and shared some bubbly while telling all about themselves. Well not all. Steven decided to keep the fact that he’s gay a secret because he wants everybody to get to know him for who he is. April, on the other hand, spilled the beans on a private matter and said that her chest was real. And to prove it, she let her housemates feel just to be sure — even Jerry. Ollie said that “God has really blessed her and I’m not talking about her sneezing either.”

The most important thing that came from the introductions is that Dan liked Brian immediately and thought he would be the perfect person to be in an alliance with. This was the start of a power team that is already thinking about the finals.

First challenge

Chen asked the players to separate themselves into two teams and choose one person to sit out. Jessie completely volunteered, which Memphis thought was weird because he said he would fight to stay in any competition. After dividing, they all got dressed in their team colors (white or red) and went into the backyard. It was time for “Buggin’ Out,” the first challenge of the summer. And it was for a huge reward. One person would take home a classic car, but the whole winning team would get full food privileges. You guessed it — the losers already put on slop. Jessie would get to eat food with the winners since he sat out.

The concept was simple. Every player had to get inside a car suspended upside down on a track. Then they had to pull on a rope to get to the other side so they could retrieve a gas can off the ground. Then the team would go back and drop off the gas can and one player. This would happen until all the cans were transported. But there was a catch. Each player dropped off with a can was then eliminated from the chance of winning the car.

The white team (Libra, Keesha, Dan, Ollie, Steve and Memphis) crushed the red team (Renny, Michelle, Angie, Jerry, April and Brian) and got the full food privileges. But before they won, Steven and Mempis had both shared with the group how badly they needed cars — Steven claimed his had just blown up. But after starting to play rock, paper, scissors for it, Steven dropped out and gave the classic car to Memphis. Out of a ’66 Mustang or a ’69 Camaro, Memphis chose the latter.

HOH revealed and strategies unveil

After the car competition, the houseguests gathered to hear who had been voted as the first HOH. With three votes, Renny came in second place. With four votes, it was Jerry who won and forced with the duties of nominating two people for eviction.

After that announcement, Dan went to Brian and offered to be in alliance with him and they both agreed on going to the end of the game together. But they felt they needed another person to bring along for the ride. So they chose Ollie. Dan and Ollie gave each other their word to be loyal. An apparent solid, three-way alliance had formed.

After that strategy session, some decided to go to bed, but Renny made it hard for them to get any sleep. She came into one of the bedrooms and suddenly flicked the light on and then made a ton of noise. She started ranting that the door was locked and couldn’t get out. Steven got out of bed and proved she was wrong and that’s when the sound came. Renny laughed in a way like no human being on earth. Jessie compared it to a jackal. Frustrated, he went and sat outside of the bedroom and told Renny that he didn’t appreciate all the noise when he was trying to sleep. She apologized for it but in a confessional she called him a baby.

Back in the storage room, Dan and Brian decided they wanted to suggest Jessie and Renny to be the first two nominees for eviction. In a clever manner, Brian went upstairs to the HOH bedroom and chatted about the military with Jerry, who is a former marine. Before making any suggestions, Brian agreed to being in an alliance at Jerry’s request. “When the ship starts to sink, the rats are the first to bail,” Brian said of that alliance in a confessional. That’s when Brian planted the seed — he told Jerry the best two to nominate would be Renny and Jessie.

Up on the chopping block

After Jerry gave a short speech, he pulled the first key and revealed that Michelle was safe. Then the other keys were pulled out of the nomination box until it came down to three contestants and just one key. Dan, Jessie and Renny. When the last key was yanked, Dan was safe meaning Jessie and Renny are the first two up for eviction. Brian and Dan are obviously the early masterminds of the game having pulled the strings and controlling Jerry’s decision. WIll it stay that way?

Find out Tuesday night to see who wins the Power Of Veto and if they decide to save Jessie or Renny from eviction.

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