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Nashville Star Results: Laura And Sophie Eliminated

July 14, 2008 07:33 PM by Joe Reality

Laura And Sophie Eliminated

The theme for the sixth episode of Nashville Star 6 was love songs. As the remaining six finalists waited, host Billy Ray Cyrus called them forward one by one to perform. The first finalist to learn she was safe for another week was Ashlee Hewitt.

Ashlee Hewitt sang “Cowboy Take Me Away.” Jewell said, “One thing that I like is you have more of an understated style.” Jeffrey Steele said, “This is the Ashlee that I really love and that I’ve been hoping to see every week.” John Rich said, “You are constantly growing every week. I think America’s watching it happen right in front of their eyes.”

Gabe Garcia

Gabe Garcia sang “Must Be Doing Something Right.” Jeffrey Steele said, “If America is really going to vote for the next great American country singer, then you’ve got a pretty good chance of winning this thing.” John Rich said, “When I learned that NBC was going to be picking the talent ultimately for Nashville Star, I’ve got to tell you I was very, very concerned about that, and to be perfectly honest with you, I think some very questionable choices were made for this year’s season. However, when I see a performance like that, you know what it tells me, it tells me that even the big wigs up in New York City are starting to get a clue as to what makes great country music.” Jewel said, “Thank you for bringing something new.”


Coffey sang “It’s Your Love.” Jeffrey Steele said, “That’s the best I’ve heard so far, you’ve got a long way to go though.” John Rich said, “I haven’t still seen the performance that I think makes you the frontrunner of Nashville Star or anything like that yet, but you just proved that you’re a real human being, man, up there on the stage.” Jewel said, “To see you get up there and allow the audience to an authentic, real emotional experience means the world.”

Melissa Lawson sang “My Baby Loves Me.” Jewel said, “You did a great job with a song that I was a little bit worried about.” Jeffrey Steele said, “It was a little bit over the top for me.” John Rich said, “I think you over sang it.”

Laura & Sophie sang “Picture To Burn.” John Rich said, “It’s hard for me to even comment on this performance, because I’m so upset about last week, and I think I would like an explanation, as would millions of people that saw what happened last week. First of all, I would like an explanation, why do you think it’s ok to roll your eyes and disrespect Jewel on national television?” Sophie responded, “Perfectly honest, I didn’t even know I was doing it. Someone told me later.” Jewel said, “You had a seizure.” Jeffrey Steele said, “Girls, you look really grown up, I hope that can carry your through to the end.”

Shawn Mayer

Shawn Mayer sang “Before He Cheats.” Jewel said, “You really seemed comfortable tonight.” John Rich said, “This is the performance that I’ve been wanting to see out of you this entire season.” Jeffrey Steele said, “You killed it, way to go.”

As Laura & Sophie and Shawn Mayer waited on stage, Billy Ray Cyrus announced, “The finalist who received the least amount of votes and whose Nashville Star dream is coming to an end right now is Laura & Sophie.” Laura said, “This was a great opportunity. I love everyone in the cast. I’m going to miss you all so much.”

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Photo Credit: Reality TV Magazine

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